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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - March 13, 1929, Victoria, Texas "White Gold Frames" Not only the latest, but comfortable, strong and stylish. They are wearing them now, Exclusive Eyesight Specialist and Optometrist VICTORIA ADVOCATE -AFTERNOON EDITION. FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDUR Easy Terms Phone 159 Gco. H. French, Publisher, FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHVYL3 T IN GENERAL. Subscription Per Annum VOLUME 31 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 13, 1929. NUMBER 209 Timely Topics KEEP A WATCH tin your my friend, Fur words m-.' vi.nderlul tli Tln'.v arc- sweet [lie lice's NATIONAL BANK VICTORIA IS BANNER T 1U T J' POULTRY COUNTY OF i Victoria lo Lose 1 wo More Leading GULF COAST And IjiiKlileu a lo They can cut in tile strife of j I FIVE NEW INVENTIONS Who eali say thai hi.s jolj j ii safe? can he sure that hi- j Tile (Jnlf Coast Poultry ami 1'et i 1 it; pcrm.-nionl1.' The Association held its first j veloiimenis of eseli ilny op.-n fresh mcmlicrHhin meeliiiK last nislit liiillis to travel. T'lin unexpected Hie election of its new offi- ilioinvcry of c, new niiik-ria] mayicurs ami directors, President II. E. 1111.1111 Ihe passing of an old Indus-; Hunim, leading poultry raiser of -try and the rn-iition of a new one, ithis section, Too many of the UBlu- I Die nlnK Hint ha, a on Hie I alul most educational program wan carried IIUII.-IIHVUIK to do for (he most part the eare. of foahy chicks. Bloody Fighting On The Outskirts Of Torreon' IflBFf] w rear end. lie can svo where he has. hcen tut net v.-liiM-e lie xoi DISSATISFACTION is ;v sign ty Aqricultural Agent H. Itos3 ui j the siihstiiulrnn uf our (u-.-si chine era tor yesterday's opportunity. Most oi the people who now cry Hie ol espec- (.'outitv. program cotiunitlce ,1. A. of Cucro. cotiiily asri- ultnral agent of DeVVitt land 11. Young of Edna, county I I acrkullnra! afient of Jackson j GOJnCJ to FO. t Coming Back c Colo., and Lander to Waxahachie, Tex. FAREWELL RECEPTION v.'oukl in- i lit- laM to rouira i J i s ti and remain in nu-di-; I ii is gononilly (oni-eiltnl llul Vic- j i Uivia County in the banner county i canse ,o ,ivi. the (if f cn.Ml o[ j Retjrjng President of C. of C. i t tie t.-tnno of -need t i Last year J.lnO.ODO was derived FaiT ASS'll. tO b6 I fmm [lie esss trj.ei... Honored Friday Wight. THE FIRST STATE tn hear n i ami from the sivle of tur-i _______. Spanish name U 1'loridii. I'once. keys, or a tolal of ST'JD.OOU. In i j, on (in I.eon Florida citing these filiurei. County husim-ss men wi In- Sunday in ir.12. 'I'he Sininlili Hoss stated that this county liad j nlosl public-spirited and prnBrc- term for Kiisicr Sunday is "I'liscuu jiisorc and lietter standard poultry sjvc t.uiMlls bj. removal of j l-'loriila" ineiiniiiK, or the flocks tliatl any two adjolnhl-r Mm R president uf the Flov.-crs." It ha. reference to the counties. j ConlmelCr flowers wilii wliU-li tlin clitirches interesiinK addresses were KLVCII Spain deturaied on., tlii'it liy i.olli Messrs. YniniK and Oswulf, day. WhcOier Hie slate nain-! told of Ihe etjuallr splendid 0.- i-d Kloi-ida from its heini; discov-1 develoiiment of Hie poultry Indus- j ered on this day or simply from iry in their respective counties and' Ihe '-ilov.ery" aspect of the conn- j praised Hie local association and try it is liunlly to say. HOSS for the leadership aUain- to Fort Collins, Colo, j !-'lni-iihi Invi ihe longest const ed in the industry hy Victoria j m .....ii any saiate. One-third of it-i [Cnunly. .Mr. Phillips has heen a vesideii; ria for nearly seven years, or since- Ihc opetiing in AUf Ifi23. .of tlie .1. C. Penney Company store :here. lie has, been the mnii- of the store since its establish- and has made it one of Hie i hading hnsiness institutions, of 1 IBEBEL GIL Cashier, Last to be Impris- oned, Releases Employees Soon After Robb'pry. ROBBERS TAKE Worked So Quietly Robbery Unknown Until Released Employees Give Alarm. Tex., -----T..VO unmasked haudiis. held up and r.iiiijeil the First National Itallk nl today and escaped w i 111 Th- haudits worked smoothly, iorliinj, tlie seven employes of tile han.'c in Hie Viinlt. .Millard Jtomiii- ABANDONED cashier, the last man placed in i Ihe vault, unlocked il alier a few i Many Killed and Wounded and Federal General Re- ported Among Dead. SALTILLO Rebels Evacuate City During 1 Night, Enabling Federal u> ,i i driven awav in a small coupe. They Armies to Unite. Wlirlicil V.M Iwt knmvil MKXICO March -ilKS) ri'ik-ntl iimlt-i1 .limn Aiub'cu Alanjazaii rii capilul ui Itu- SUii> 01 at dnybreak. sitiit iui of- em ihe ularm. lru-i'is surrouiuhiii; towns IllVi1 lM'L'1) lltjtlllL'll. i -r IIIOTUl ft tlio pDiiulaliou of Victoria. tm i iind liis I'.slinjiibU' will Ipavtf i fos1 ihM point Monti ay. Mrs FWHIE'-WEAVERiTAX ON HOME BREW iHOOSTON EXCURSION UID TO REST TODAY; PLAN FOR s, p. SUNDAY; AT CRESCENT VAUEY: Hu.. MJfOR BASEBALL DRAPER WILL Tile rehels evacuated HnllUio: Hie The necirpal ion; of the ihe -vay tor a i jjllnctioil of the armies oi former! President Calles andCeneial Abna-. for a eonlldned assaitll aiiains, jticiieral Kscohar's ,eln-l troops, re-. dnughter I ported slroiiKly eutrenciicd a, p. of lloon- liiiii i.ity and a former Yieloruvi; and lirice Draper, former principal FEDERALS AND REBELS ljf ,h.. Ward School j IN BLOODY ENGAGEMENT ,v al Mia.i, -JL w hallle IS kilomvlers in the Slate-of Cnaliiliia h.r, in Austin sundny. accord- and Jlr. llniper are belli din.'clins heads nj girl and in iian Slandard avtiile ,oy scouts eil Tlie folluw.--: Annoiuii'-meiit of (he approach of ,i'Hive of (he l-'iiv and llrke Diaper, Uoy BEGINS TONIGHT AT TUCftTRP s I v ,hv I HtA tit p and 1.. In, l.( .naile b> Jli..utd sale hi-ior ht'.iiKin achievement. You may lake, for i an record or sentenced to life Ilirmerlv in connection with tla- i Weaver w.v ,ho wuhnv nl Haviim of Mariana in Wils bv read Hiai ..sli-uoriiinary of in and ornnlly trom i produce Sii.UOft.OOU. IINUMOU ismiaiues. The hill to ;i I Tliis is the exhiiiilion lUcIate A. O. Weaver, j.-iiliunl five ,-MIIS lh-r pound upoii all ol Hi, season Md HIIW wlm ifedera.e soldier and well known malt compnnnds and would j attend will see- Ihe world Anllllr- ls <lm- November S. Siitnrday. The xvas a- o n jn tlll. ,lulil. in j iira. e xvas .cries of adveiti-ments in the ;il" llf IVl1' and with Jlr. fiks <lf wm which will he increased of io" I'l'OSruRi that luovides for the years a.uo they sctHed j sIo.-iIH out of Hoston for IMiihulel- ases of flarley i of 51.11) stole.-; Victoria Coniily. I pliia in tin: il.ijs of KranUlin, lo llollanil and .1. fieri e. f" lo Surviving arc five sons and fonr, of :iir m.ii! frotii Mitchell-in life imprisonineiit. i liilion. daughters of this comity, as ful-1 Id to San l-'i-iiiKiscn i.i oar own T'lie court reversed Hie case of Iirsl annouiu emenl lows: .1. II.. .1. A.. 1.. .1.. A. 11. i'.nd day. :.Inaie.: Kiiiott. convicted of Jlr- J'liiliips' early deparlure II. Weaver. Mrs. .1. F. You may Hie -lory Connie and selilcnced tn i at yesterday's Inncheon Mrs. I.- Knssell, Mrs. l.ynn I'l-wi-, of the i-ei-idnlion in I'cnitenliiiry in I IK- Violorhv Uot.iry Club, o! Sen and Miss Sarah Weaver. AIR SECRETARY IF HE WANTS POSITION j VCTIIN: u 1 n n j iCknils anil islai-s prrfonn. j Mr. Lynch tluit intt-roHt: j liii? slat'.1 i.-i at ;L ftjvor- ;int! ri't-ovil ci'Dwils jiific's cxiremely "round" trip of r.-.-l- V.--'.d hefore a iitnit'-ii a'-iiiirui e. in- a in. tin a-ei a i.- roscnl alive o! ihe I-i Tile play llii- :i I lie- Lur ijiv Kov.-li-r. at Victoria. Texas.' N'othin.L; ijllite it has .u-r Til" i- lo take at shown in Victoria h.-lore: i' 'iie of Mi-s I'o'vler'.s iiroih- most unusual piiinrc ever er. .M. Fo'.vler. al Austin, next ;F.nima Klein.'cke and inany-h.nd, widely known "110 "f "ll' wovld's ;l Midden visit ,o hi- I In- Si.vie! ,ind I niiioitiniaie erios ,.s er and former Victorian Sli.- :nd lylil' ri' edition the Wl11 held their l.vm- .iHMicn will This is tie' first edition in Hi. TURK OFFICIALS TO WED NATIVE WOMEN CONST AN'TlXtin.K. Titrk.'y. I'. iWSi- I'M., ice A BIBLE issil! .1 ,o RFPORT The voltime Iti-v. l-'.ln-rliardl. paslor fi.ine-e and the first edition MUftSIIUl IIL.I UU I an.l Ml.-, Tal .In-.. Hi.- of th- ill i liili for will mi-s if Coniiniied on page two) the of China's L-v 'pud.

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