Thursday, March 7, 1929


Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - March 7, 1929, Victoria, Texas Good Lycsiglil Necessary For Good Work in School DR.JACKKAHN Optometrist Permanent, Safe, Reliable 509-10 Welder Bldg. Phone 233 VICTORIA -AFTERNOON EDITION. GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDUR FOR FURNITURE, AND Easy Terms Phone 159 Gco. H. French, Publisher. VOLUME 31 FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWC3F IN GENERAL. Subscription Per Annum VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 7, 1929. NUMBER 204 Timely Topics MEXICA YOUR HOME means mint- to Vfnj almrist iiliy oilier place. Von are, proud of the things thai help mute il homo. YUII like luuu guests come. friends stay, (u share In iho.-e pleasures, Adi'citiseim ids vim a new pride uf home. They IH-II> you init hu.idc il nelicr Miiims In live I'oJax 111, listen to. enjoy. They de- scribe these li.-Ucr tilings, It'll' i win-re ymi can HUTU. the iilil advcrlisemcnls YOU can 1-fC'ii your home in excellent lasti.1. 1 Von ran mi your lalilo Ihe; _ wi.ild's fines, fnods. U. prominent retired) lulilc sellings, Yon provide of Victoria, dleil ai Iliej soup, towel.-'. linr-iis--a joy lo use. thome of his, .Mrs. j You can entertain v.illi music Ilia', i William .1. ill .North comes as a sift. You can know varru Street In this city at of new things that v.-ill d-scrvc this innrumx alter an ex- your ni 'cater iiride. anil uhluin tcnib-d illness following a stroke V. iiii'tn with purest ease, paralysis more thai, two years! THE CONSTRUCTION of fif- Kiel, aril rower Meld was liui 11 in s tern criii.scrs. for the v'ctoi ia County September 1SSI. 1 American Xavy. has. been approv- i w'ls Alllcn j by bnth bouses <if Ccm-j" of Kentucky, and j cress, and will probably In: I l''k'1'1' ;1 llllllu- "f ill Hie xl years Comity. Trans, boll, deceased. Al-j There are some who ,-onsi VVils il Ihis huihiins !14 family and: in a naval rivalrv with "-inch. DIED TODAY AFTER iHooverTo Call CongressInto SpecialSession April 15 ;S U P PRES EXTENDED x ss K x x x xi Lateral Road Work Now in Thrp'p 191 H III UV i, i I isocium a e.. nenns war r prominently identifi When the Elements Conspire i These Subjects too Na- tional Lawmakers. .ns; inli-spc'iikniK pnoples would hr-; associated with his father in' lenrld, calamity for the world. ranch bnsinoss, in which hejCOLQUITT MAY GET JOB cj who miKht win. We [was makimc notable success! would much prefer an opc-n pan- i when his health failed him. lie; ncrsiiip will, creut Rriiah, n, man-jalso was cuKaKed in road bnildiiii; j the world, as hill of danger1, for several years and assisted in' as such an .alliance would offer. I'lie conslrnclion <if a number of Dnl, does ihr- bnildini; up j highways hull! in this county and j American Xavy mean I'cWilt County. He. was one oft WASIIl.VflTOX. Man h war? First Lord of the Admiralty I this city's most popular and worthy i I'restdent Hoover today decided to UridKcman. last week in citizens, always sivins freely of his' llllj 71rt[ CMiiRi'ess in special London before bill; tinu' talent in every public af- session April 15. the. session he passed, declared that what c-nlei prise. He achieved i dnrin.L- ihe campaign. distinction as a Domncratie leader 'rlK: session will deal with farm Af TOP Appointment tO Job Held Neff. to since tho lllil1 l sc-rre'l as rrer recemly ratiim at Torreon wliere it i- ;SHQT" FOB Vlc-toria-Salem road and also ;l ItntisS, ships te j .1. rormer Southern any n.acbini; I 1'acifie official and mayor Vic many and how our ships and veteran ot the Confoiler. KViik hy Cerman snhmariues tojacy. and a niece of the lale I.ieu-- AFTER OPERATION f -l.-ff: Mel.emore. ,'onner con ie mayor of and oilier Victoria. The funeral witl be from th Americans n-siclence tomorroM- morning stern liiiilonuilic protests "'clock will, burial in Ihe I (roni the United states Cemeteiy. Uev. assistant pastor..: Si. 'll.-ill ________ If and Ain.'iit.i lon'i.l selves in for in asc nf says I' luuiii s onlrol system Signals me sen! can be a ;iL.r.e ins liiis the n-iate-i irouhle with a third puny boll, iniiov.nion to a ( poin, and dnpli, iim ibisliii.i- in, IMI e to tlc'tr pea, e would he wan: to i-so (heir superior ihe time he on dials ami in leconls. lie- read Wi-' r. Inn h Sfir as a-- ues-, ,1 In aid llu hesilate lo Ijind i.ll.-Jll-isible. i'.i> Adcock. the weekot d.nul.t- r of Mr. and Mi> A. Adi funiih horn -in tile pollHM, of the ,it DIED LAST WEATHER REPORT

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