Thursday, February 28, 1929


Location: Victoria, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Advocate on Thursday, February 28, 1929

Advocate (Newspaper) - February 28, 1929, Victoria, Texas WTTTJ Wllrl Good Eyesight Necessary For Good Work in School DR, JACK KAHN Optometrist I'crmanL-nt, Safe, Reliable Welder Bldg. Phone 213 -AFTERNOON EDITION. FOR FUKNiTURf. AND GAS STOVES SEt HOLLAND A! Easy Termj Phone 159 Geo. H. French, Publisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWEST IN GENERAL. Subscription Per Annum VOLUME 31 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATL.. THURSDAY AFTEROON, FEBRUARY 26, 1929. NUMBER 193 Timely Topics Tnrc-uHNirs w AMKHH'.V li jri ulvvayj5 .--iris in tf to master now problems; ;uul problems sir'.' sulvcil, il to olhvis, U iu-ver Pop tliat reason we an; constant- ly moving fuiwatil into mnr fir-Ms oi discovery --iu.saliabli'. iil'.vayi-- tv; {X llih.s ln-iior. soinntliins iliFfi'K'iil. j ibis ix-niai-ha'tily than tho ailvmlsc-; K-IV.I. rover the entire m human alisdhito MCI-OSSL- ilc-s oi' life (o Ih'j ivtim-il lux- (ivies. Yd tiiey :jiv i-mistiml ly j This iiiaim-: iin-an.-j d'L-sb iiuitoi'ial, iiluas, u siimnliin tti tir-v.- i.'iiilnaYiM1, ,t- find Suffers Severe Relapse in illness from Ptomaine Poisoning. II Fill TESTIMONY OF TEX AN STARTLES SEN ATORllll FUELS RNew Boy Scout Council Now illUL; i uiiia s 131 Ol iiir- of iiiiiustiv, of cmn- ni'-rcr, of immu'iil yuu _______ SPINAL FLU DEVELOPS. Crazed Lawyer Hacks Wife and Son Photoyraphincj of Street ami Park Scenes to Start Saturday. spp PT1MT TO TNI; SI..WIM: KKVKX Grave Fears for His Life Ex- Ii n "S I Mia 1 Si in CMCIIIJO at inn- time i Iw Aitanrlinn 5 a i U pressed by Attending Physicians. lias al-ollsni inlnri-st ovc-f i-utlliti'y. ,it l.iic- iniMI Hun we is asked by tbc IK-ialil ami wDin, wants >llm BJIi, .ihiub loiiay. District Embraces Eleven buierui itnild liiere (Icybnvil in tb- PnnnHM n't lltlS .MIII.lit j.< In UllO ii. v-'ii i.l'_ I IIIUI I HII.JII o, I.I ri" o f lu Section. ihnu lhal Unix! nf ia ,lis u v .t .lie of fans of Kruvc fc-aH. SUMMER CAMP ASSURED' vatlimU fcy-rtiw.biug Viofbria In -HURT: tiivkiiis Iwtlil ill polii-i; lllli- FT. l-'i'li. lurins. tiicy tlioliybt. was' Hobc-i'lsun, only ;t polii ti raiil. Tbc-y bail iiairifiilly iau loday piling- to ,bai-' 11 styii.hi.; of .mianizaUiM. beW Esnrn H A r Story of Victoria to be Exhi- if'OLH !1 'J L bibcl in Local Theatres 1MRJ! r HIT' and-Overstate. jlj bavi! btt-ii sisinjil -.vii'ii L? U NI Uifl 5 i-Miviii l'lli W" Aft Com- TO SHOW INDUSTRIES tMl fiiim HH-JI other i" 'lf'l'r ;l tor- on .March Y. i H i TWO SURPBISES IN UST OF HOOVER'S CABINET MEMBERS 16 SHOTS FIREO uy of Exesses Desire to ONLY ONE HIT SCORED Found wot Jack Demnsey After iu> Whipping Slribling. FT. WOHTH B AHLt I..- ii: 'cli" imvo. 1 Au nlTi-iniM n> ;nScipt iii- ;uu'-ml- ra tbi- ion .tni-iit lost liy an Tin; will IToiixiii'itts ni Ilii- voiiiLiniU'i1 wjt! nwinlniii lii> t outi-tiiitui rhf .-litti- niiiil in rfcjiriv oj in-riiu- ut'iil Ti CHARGES PENDING 'SOUTHERNER TOO LIGHT w rr in- oi Ii'ili-ra ,1... m.-niai; ln-ii hell- L -r i n v ai-r.ii- Illi- lii'ViJ'T. n r- r !lw ;ls ,v of Srtks immediate Trial But !ani, ..bulGvesF inar-i h, lo State Undecided as too Soil and 'i.-iininiuL: shotii.i i.-.- xntimwi as Disposition of Cases. or 111 Es But Gives Fine Account of -.ii.i r-, -v.i, W.. i-. OlltpOilUS Sail- "lw" a Early Rounds. t ofSs'l AfSTIX l-'.-h. :N, ivii'vu-r. Ii. MIAMI UKAv'll. I'M, :s siriiiiiiu-. all hmi-li i I. !i iija--- Tin- National Cn' will nn firM linllol th- an-i l-'.i'.' i'ti'1 hamlti- Mbi-ii ii SLAVERY VVAO inUii.lm i-.I into! Viisinia in HARVARD UNIVERSITY I.' 'iltii-.-i foi- ini; in Ibi- ri.ifi il A BOLT OF LIGHTNING "ill CHINA HAS :ifly Kin.i< o: ill i t'liinlnii THE FIRST STEAM ii.l- ill.- .if lli i- sufl'-'l- .IV. was -a An.-lil! to CHANES HAVE QEEN li'iih.T :i ,-liu.ilii of .Ijy f. 1-l.u-. ia liy Mvc iiiib-s iil.-.m- 111'.- I'.nth. iiihil Jn.ubli-. linn. LIVES LOST it S IN GEORGIA! DffiEW FDDHIH OHE FWIIY ---------------------n SLAYER TttEN AOSTIN to i'.l- jiivy. li'll votiiui il- i T, v i i a' b a lialf d..--. a ;iiii-s i liiiiir-iiiMI-. vl' wanl.'il Iii- blows lip.

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