Friday, February 1, 1929


Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - February 1, 1929, Victoria, Texas Good Eyesight Necessary 'For Good Work in School DR.. JACK KAHN Optomi trial Permanent, Saft, Reliable i 609-10 Welder Bldg. Phone 233 ADVOCAT -AFTERNOON EDITION- For Furniture and Gas Stoves HOLLAND AMDUR i Easy Terms Phone 1S9 Geo. H. French, Publisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWEST IN GENERAL. VOLUME 31 Subscription Per Annum VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, FERBURY 1, 1929. Right in the Swim i NMBER 17S Hanged at Franklin, La., for Murcfer ol Woman's Husband. "ISN'T THIS TERRIBLE" Moans Woman, First to Die on Gallows in South Since Reconstruction Days. International News Service FRANKLIN, Feb. final curtain fell to- day on an illicit love affair when fiArs. Ada BonrVer Le- Bouef anif her sweetheart, Dr. T, E. Dreber, were h.ititjed for Mab Masqueradino Girl-Beater Marriagcfc of September 18 Revealed Only a Few Days Ago. i BIG SCHROEOER DEAL j y j Other Neighborhood HapiJen- ings of Interest to Peo- ple of Victoria. Cveslon i.'unlt, sou lit, Jlr. ami II. C. Funk of Uoliad. ami Miss, T, E. Dreber, were banged for I VK'lt''1 iu tiic .the murder of the woman's j AOvaiice-Ouard this week. I liusband- i I couple left their belated Mrs. LeBouef was the first I ,XK22Sv a few days aao. i to be banned. The tran wai i t -i to be hanged. The trap was sprung at c.'clock and she was pronounced dead at Sues for Forhmo Distinguished Public Service of John H. Bailey Com- mended. RESOLUTION PASSED' Inviting Him to Address Body Pays Unusual Tribute to Retiring Statesman. Tbe prtstiicL- [if former .Senator II. llailey of Cnero in Alls- j ;tin yesterday caused the Senate to I him an uiiiisual tribute in adoiiliiiK a resolution commeiidiiiK his pnhlie Bi'j-vici; atnl inviting him lo address Ihe body. j Senator iiulley aeeepieil the in- vitation and made a very iutBrest- i inj; siieeeli. The Advwato received <oiiy MK- resolaiion today from f .1. M'. Stevenson of Ibis Entire Guadalupe River Val- ley Will be Forest of Derricks. SAN ANTONIO RIVER TOO Sixty-foils Acres in Gonzales County Leased for Bonus of Till- l-XK-ll.-j-Klll Of lite l.lllinx oil .field ill Calthvel! Cuiinly 10 a puim several miles heyonil in in tlie valley of Hie Inne jiivcr is eatr-smic activity llirouxhonl rallcy al- most (o list very mouth OL the 'river, Aside from (ionzalcs activity is particularly inou'tmiifecl Iii-Wlii Victoria .and is now exiencliim to C'alho'.iu if ihf- Toerck Hi-others of s Gnliail County, have sold tlioii1 i mevensoil Ol nils llSifffi Senator riaik-y's successor. It Pretty Margaret Cowan, IB, Has cut'" short her European tour to hurry He protested his innc- I 1S2S crop have been shinned from Conzales County, or ,-iboui I f'l'O lioimtls. The. reeoril ci-on fur that county was iti 1S2C, j nearly 5.000.000 ccnce to the end. IK IT HKSOLV- llie .Senate, ami that a coin COUPLE SAVED FROM BAUSON, v lluuiMi HAliSUiN, business sla-i or neariv o.OOO.C'i'O pounds MIA.N'KLI.V. La., fab. lisiician. lists spveniv 'oppiirtimi-t i [I IIP fT iRnm I0 iiccoml; An j MLLTfllfl ireher, who a to .stay j silk JIJjL L U LlS I It liii.i a traiistiiiiting aii-' ifolblnuk, Hornsby, liver.! I.ove. .Martin, .licKarlaiic, Miller, j.Moure. Neal, rollard, Parr. I'arrish. i jl'iiUon, Itnssek, Small, Stevenson.! Pascntjer and Freight Trains j Still Raging with Loss Be- Dcatl of co.mty Collitfe Mear Louis- i tw'ecn and j Wrjnkod Machine ai M: 0! 1UTOS lii" President of'the Semite. MorgantOWn. Smuh I ,-c-rlify that Simple Keso 7 Tlie trael i.-; across the river -MOIlCAXTOW.v, l-vb iiuil wells ami i- KiiKenc Cijcil of lleKeesport. P.'iin.. I" be on one of fpjilt ville, Ky.. -SI, liitinn iVo. 53 was adoptvd by on Jajill.lry yj, 11011 (lAKKll. iit-inir-. s lirn'S that bisi-ci th lelJimr the earned the able m step a Iraiiimiitlng an-! _.. Al! Of Tl'aJnmCIl Killed in i WCatllCr Hand'l-! was in Uro.n iu ON Wreck.wore Residents J cans Firemen in Fighting {INSURANCE OEATH s-'tiad of ibe sum-erne II.MI-i mechanism in London with-: I Of LOU'lSVillC i COnfiatjraliOll. OTTTI TH ivl'lllii' v-'ls i UUIJUI UN ally, as dii! hi- to- bavins resort to or; Haym-.s. i 1C OL I I' LU Tft WITUIN M mm MANY Am a reionl for Ideal intiliial aid coin Jmavini; Cinnpauy. sub r.ern sveativ i nanies by the settlehieut nf a death iti'il ber Dreln-r's II not si, afH IU" 'llUr-______, i, .ssorialed nut.tin-fii js a Kvt-r-x Motor Company heri' on .hme .ill's ti-icK of And She was a woman i'i in the iTnitod -of many lovely traits ami her nn Slates I'lildii n.'fin' re.-K-ned he- limely dcalh is deeply ileploied. Sur- I -u: 's im; :j.-silile to discover bi-sidts her [tarenls and bus anylhia- i, nia( i-yt-ar-oW son. Vielor II "I miiil this office will I'ayncs. Jr.. and four sisters. Mrs. The pair were Leonard.-1" k :l-'Himu t.f Mrs. V'-.-iR'-r. faiinei-. and Tluiinas I'-Tcl'iil [trefer I1'1'-''" es I-'Ioyi) of .Mooi-inespori. l.a.. Ihe .veid- "iuiiii-obablv" or "tin- Jlrs- Kchnieiler of Calvesloii likely" Iu ami Miss of this city. Tins Inmral services will cou- 'IllclMl I.'ev. KIsrhenliei-K at ClMl.K ask ARE HANGED FOR ST. LOUIS MURDERS ST. f.on.-t. I.- -Twin li-.ips il) Iiie city j-iil divippefl IHO iMiiviet slayers to ilieir ilenihs here today. None of ihe hurl. The dead arei M. I. oiaUi-man. j II. Ili'SII. 51, engineer. CI.YDi: 1IAI.L, IM. fii-email.' .1. f. Hi. engineer. j AVSKV. liicman. Louisville. Kv. t L IMfl K' n I 'Mil [.L'''i'- mini't 11 n l A f il.'a.h rjf ojle jil I _ 'i lie on .lamwy fc' _ Walter W. White, bcnefh-bry i LINDBERGH WILL OPEN AIR MAIL RfiHTF Tfl ..f cHiii.viit.n'i'i nUUIC, IU nolKild of a fli Illll Thf Tl 1! -nuT f 1 killed Sehon. a tuiiof. a Lovvery killeil a lo SCHOOL AT CORPUS iU'i'i-aue at in oVltn-r.. A II 0 II C T T Tfl STUDENTS HELPING 5 T0 LIONS CLUB WITH _____ ibatli iiy tho II. Unnire anil ,TIS X. Y.. i-'eb. luny Hank of cuoro. charlc- A. LiiLlberuIi' The ha J iilii.ii will made in Hu- L'ailmlie I Ynn -lei TEMPERATURE DOWN __________ 'ICOWBOY BAND WILL BIOQMINGTON WINS I rnp 1! LIUWA ULUfi wiltl icrarcnftionc QTRFFT MARIflNr....." VlblUHlAN5 Al lENO DAoWIDALL UAfflt MEETING OVERPAITIWELOEH: lit. iii.-iMii... U1U1M1UI IliULUHU x. Hible o: M fie, miuiinem ___ OF LIGHT h> mail: ml lilii''ii inn bt loeieui-y hovereil ar.iiiml rn.irli ihroiislinnt ill" day 1.'- Is in I DON'T VHi.vK any ,-.-l-y li'-.tlly a ralb-r in fin lil.r an ritiii! ;i v h'i-i- fi-n-ii Kraiii-.-.-- A. 1. M. c. it M Sdimidt of Ar 'llul weatle-r 1. fains are f-.r 1, ,o S. on tlu- l.u'al I-iuvi-r and l.i.ln Tli.- fi. v emn, lalives. ihe iHslrin nnn- stln.ei i- I'.cu tounty tmirt eliam- def-.'.itlns; the I'.Vti ICVOll Tin- by ll f.Ktoor fi. id. A Inrj-'o fau> wo WEATHER BEPORT 'ir f.tviirili i-.ii tiie st; nUltos Mill pl.ty In a.Uli i.'S for the lolla'y VVIOTM V The affair last 1 tirs; nf lh.' i'.

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