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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - January 30, 1929, Victoria, Texas VICTORIA ATHLETES TO ENTER MEDAL TES Good Eyesight Necessary For Good Wrrk'in School i DR.JACKKAHN Optomitrjsl Permanent, Safe, Reliable 609-10 Welder Blag. Phont 233 VICTORI 'AFTERNOON EDITION. For Furniture and Gas Stoves see HOLLAND AMOUR Easy Terms Phone 1S9 Geo. H. French, Publither. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWEST IN GENERAL. Subscription Per Annuir VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JANUARY 30, 1929. NUMBER 173 Timely Topics OJ.I) DAYS a solid, con- sert jtive 'titizen might sniff and ion lie didn't read adcenisins. didn't Hifnk- so uiucli of c-uriase-, eitlier. Tin- telephone newfangled, and an insult to the United States mail--, As for radio, aeroplanes, i'.-ss (hey had lieeiij burn then, ho prohaoly would have thought them a bit immoral. JIC-'H changed. He's edacat cil. Uls point Or view has Ijeer. made broader and more modern.! He- has been Die aii-j lomobiie, the telephone, j-ivJio, uil-j Every single has opened up! nciv paths for liiin, uiughi him new] tliinss. Advertising csnecially. Advertising tells him Ihe. newest tilings to wear, the best things to cat. Advertising tells his v.jfe liow t'j make a home tip to date and ,-mrai-tivt-. Advertising tells him ihc prices to 'pay fur tilings he bi'ys, saves him .'lorn the old-fash-! ioaed ways of doing helps him to live vvcdl, keeps him j heip yon. TheiReCOrdS jl1 SJX advertisements In this newspaper S Government Joins In Last Tribute To Dr. Hudson C8 OF C. AID TO DAIRY arc here to tell you many tilings tliat make life mure comfortable, mere interesting, happier. Heidi them faithfully. They'll keep yon abreast of the limes. They'll pre- Service During War} "I'st lo Victorians is the thause in the Victoria Port I.avata railroad run. "Old Salty" formerly proceed- from Port I.avac-a through Vic- toria to cnc-ro and return. A chmgc in southern I'nelflc plans a slmrt lime ago resnlled in liav- ing liic "mixed" tome only to this city ami return. Uiu.-. assuring the baybide population of ;v more ex- ai-l time table. Tile people of 1'orl her- in i hi- New Orleans Times-l'iea.vnnu all nronnd niltlelle test. The rules tjcivurii.iiiK Ihe .Innior lifjii .School. The test is open tn anyone inn] Is 10 lit- cundin-ied in is 'Recognized Victoria! Observes Silent Hour While'I Throngs Attend Funeral. each commimlty by sumu A" was paid to hie pei-smi <ir persims. memory u private eilizeii by j The Timi-s-Picayniie will award u the ITnlied Slates Government lo- bcanlifal meilul to anyone when the over the Federal i or i-xeels the reenrds l fieil in any four of tiio following six events: lllilst im "r. John Uhiek Hud Imndrcd-yai-d dasli, eleven Pastor Ihe j-'ir.sf Presbyterian and four-fifths seconds. Church of Victoria, whose death Four hundred and fm.j-yard Tuesriav dash, sixty-live seconds. One mile inn, six minutes. .Tilts was in leeoxnitioii of Iiis .serv- aided Hie change with inas- ninth as they can always make, con- nections to the north or south here ttr at'l'livjedo. V THAT ilAN'Y 1'KOI'I.E came In- to Iiis store ;md asked for articles that they had seen advertised. Komelimes he did not have Hie par- lirnlar product Ihey were in search o! and souslit. to supply their need fiom another, practically the same, in many instances, lie said they buy any but the ivlverti; mfU Poshnast'er" Cl :no difficulty in or in response to the fol- i Winie the dn.-.wisl not .-ales-: h.wiiiK'messase sent (o Postmaster .1 man of advenisins. be advnnced in Tllo jt CciH-i-al llarr.v S. X.-u- cesn-i-day by Hie above remark one of the best inK-rcsi in wihlelk-i. pn'sidciit in favor of advertising, lie proved advertising not only _, tre.ites desire sell-, but also creates S? 5W Sft' Crt M .Mident or.ler to mah. the ;1 for dairying M.... __ T% It f ing JJocKets ot oo tlr- farmer. i and in make i; ,.vi-iv l.oms at veal ,-eo bo i.rauiced from M'FADDINS ON WAY Ihe methods (Continued on t this record by trying I'atli Welder nuh School will -1 !lliri1 >'eiiire case ditrltis fift Hish Sclionl ty nisht on the CATA1 s CDMK and tirdcrs i ff. -pi virtori, Many IVhmsters r resent at v (M'Tr.Mt.srs 17 1 r .IT i "M" s? ,ctd .heir r uneral or Departed Leader 1 tern Spuds will disposed nf wci> (unvictid nil! p.tss Hiruucli il.c rolii-e I'iriitcs in .1 or murder. One of them. A. Gun- mi'n and sail doivn ihc v> test immediately fol was Riven yean in inn- of Sumh America, landiuc Fair Legislative Committee Unanimously Endorses'Bill jj. i I lowing tile Kv.nly K-Amc. with the fatal shootiu- Chil- ai.d tolnjt by rail lo Val- I Q M ol J TIIIMIK AUR' KI'W 'i' i" olln-r ,m, iif-'Ki-erlaml. II. II. I ,m. i ranch nr-a.- para-io. do .la-' IJ ndnilllOUSiy UlIlQOrSGS'Dlli wliethei- on knee or etiin that and lieeMll.-: .T. Skinner, 1 V H IJK A IVltNISlrH The oth.-r. n, and i -r, mnml TAR OP "ir tni" "f I.VT-S MVKI-' VUTOIHA "tlllbA I t5 AL1 AK Ur Mm, fail. ;l fricudiv bv 'n j imimTnu -fwi. wni, nrnnnr -1-1 "f M I V'T'rf YUTOinX MUI iiktiui wi "l" i-um i.v CHURCH IN HOUSTON to .sncjeed. <.'A.V csu.illy start any bri'nn.--. Kins. i'.. Hi. key. his ilealli sidrlil nf Ihi I. Iiickey. Mi it. K. Iloaid ot Trustees o! tin- 1'res-Mcx field. U. A at Taft. a [hlo, c. and K. .nml chaiiman of ,h.- Syn Minti-r. i ondui ii ,1 tin- services. I'on-miiie.e on Kdui ution of the Hu li P. .'l.-n-R.-d wilii in .Manning; ;ii a WEATHER REPORT M 1 IIV V II V Mill lilllU f Mil ilMHIl f I', I I If I f Til'II _SniSCUII.TIi.XS TO Tins r. T. KM ;l( i.c rn.'inrier o-. I.ins -A. p.M.irof l'm-'l Iiis vil, ,.f tn.ll Monday. i int., 77 of the Twins! Juclse Tool also bus ost.Mlsliod 'the of Dill NO. r. mined !as< rtenrd by of of ill coveriu.; mil rViV '-I. be held on the cHil and iivl.u- in in order tli.n S.n-f it niiaiiim-v.i- T.i hy maii, Kdna: .1. .1. A. Mod.....I. fn, doctor of divinitv 'ihc Itedeenc Sherman. .im-, ;iru! ay a! .if crlnilual dockets of D.AViu Couniv b, I'f T.-x.-s sh.iM ,--nmji "ilor officials lOtiH' Tliis bill for more K.-V. K Kern, pas- ilu- few he Has been b today at 1110 .f.i.wily [or various fair s, :l" "f Hiix of nr. It. in oS rj, ins illiaiv.

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