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Publication: Advocate January 29, 1929

Advocate (Newspaper) - January 29, 1929, Victoria, Texas SECRETARY OF BOSTON LASHES THROAT v Good Eyetigbt Necessary For Good Work in School Qptonulrisl Permanent, Safe', Reliable 609-10 Phone 233 --AFTERNOON EDITION_____ For Furniture and Gas Stoves see HQUAHD mUR Easy Terms Phone 159 Geo. H. French, Publuber. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWEST IN GENERAL Subscription Per Annum VOLUME 31 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, TUESDAY AFFERNOON, JANUARY 29, 1929. NUMBER 172 Timely Topics Those" whiter itifiJiU, uKiiiiisL my ulmtovr-'jiiuie Nature with pencil draws 01 ferns ami blu.s.simis itiul fine will make vrliou sum- mer Lomo-i A1.OXO TUB Trxas const malic a livelihood of the j fish anil shrimp industry ttt'o ly interested in Hi-.1 of' a bIH bi'fitro tho Lusishturo out- Jawing thy ot si-iiu's uinl nets for the- iMirposi? Uie finny Irilu! from HH- waters. Senator Holbi'dok is au- thor of tlii; foiil. KcmUws Arclik- Purr of Duviil Co tin Ly, and Jullun Uyer of Kort volocl iitfainri a favorable re- liort of tliu bill and Parr luvi sub- niflUHl an tiinuulinctiL Bi'iialor 1'arr oppose IntVmttiis Uie walcirs (.-mist hi his district i P I T v! T 7 vi T-i nfi' T T l 7 "O> A A O T'HPT T T iHERBERT HOOVER AND AL SMI 1H Mhh 1 ;X H Celilrnl T'nwer and l.iuht i tioia Comiiany has complelr-d tin; stir- MIAMI UKACH. l-'la.. .Ian. I'ori l.avnca left for Austin vcys and oblained the President nieet Hoover; to slay until 111? matter diii- llv extension of !H Victoria- and bij vanquished Hi mor-ralic op poscil of befor-1 the I.eBlslaUtve. account of tile ear loastal water.i, il is h'-in; LOimsL'd tu stop the me. ol ail nets or seines in the. ainl in. tvil l.avaia biKh line t-) Anstvvell. iinncnl. former (Inventor .Sniitli of Tivoli fllliiT points in Kefusi" New Vork. wen- vucalinnitii: i'.i r.r.inty and hepin Iteaeb today. Tin- nniM -lion line at an early iniporlant nnioni; the n- bo matl-i ii V v i .11 T nt" ll'-> Ol lUc i CiKt-'X. iiVJU'jiv; ii Tlll'Oat Cll( From Ear tO an.l Au-ilwell have devlop to St-.ns.- If...- two [W the nniptiny ilieir fall co-ope.T.ition to ,1 vieps side itep'-ins, did ln-altl. in WeM-vn Texas. JKiisl Ivc.bvU-rian fhnrcii at 11 in. lomomm-. Sllinlliy of 111. etilrancc.-. most i.uslal inddsir; and ;ill. pl.iyd volt ,.n.l wcltt i-wun-. l wo thln-f il.rber. H.'ovcr At'fm'' "H "f of the iro.i.uscl" polii emeu every thinkius pffMiti i'.i 'vvi'o bla-.iv-d'll.- with fi-iiid I'ti, en bony bv (ili, itba ,S ANCIM.KS. .'.in. --iWS) "V dele.atiul, tm to r ;HV- lunv.. In >nai A ,-xpb.sion fire which ,v-r ,1, at, apartnienl hons- on matters o, arc _ Itoulevard Lere today in a ry Smilh. nt :im, wpl, as Ul suwi, T'n-y are Heiiry V. linkc.v. Mrs derint winlber as llc.or. _ In.r'Mis. Adel'ph v dial results would fr..m A ctsarelt- in .1 uas lill.-l private citizen, t" make the firs! smn _ 1.11 .nil-. -.1 n'.i -i i -i' ifo'i t-'u1 hil] is i.rJ'oiv ix'uin .me .uA.nruinu; .1 uroa t.i- iLu> ikMkC-. .tur ,uuon. WEATHEB REPORT ;

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Publication: Advocate

Location: Victoria, Texas

Issue Date: January 29, 1929