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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - January 15, 1929, Victoria, Texas Good Eyesight Necessary For Good Work in School DR, JACK KAHN Oplomitrist Permanent, Safe, Reliable 609-10 Welder Blda- Phone 233 -AFTERNOON For Furniture ahd Gas Stoves see HOLLAND AMDUR Easy Terms PKone 159 v t Ceo. H. Ffenck, PubMicr. fr VOLUME 31 FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWEST IN GENERAL. VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JANUARY IS, 1929. Subscription Per Annum NUMBER 160 H LI llOjBABR RUTH SAYS HE'S THROUGH WITH BASEB l ci il! SENATOR-STEVENSON E QFi3 re furtlicr or.iiK-iit of the dairying industry In Vitlm'hv tjoetttm, Hie Victoria Chamber of Commerce sent a com- milli'o of rum- men to neevilfo .Mon- ot y, diy toinsyoU a herd of dairy cat- -m j tie, which had been reported Mr ot IUc -.If. Tilt eonimitlee was compos- llf e'i ot U. IJ, Iloss. county Ull. turiil agent, J. K. Wayne of (in-1 j Valley Creamery, It. A. i id ueu-' ot the McKlroy JMi-.y here. M03t In-! U.ntpA'iy and 0. A. Frliiye, man-; ,llu of i or Ihe chamber of Commerce. of no The herd consisted ot 35 bend expensive to utxiiay.! ,ood dniry cattle mid the commit-! Cr5 j lee nit out 21 of Iho best indivicl- j j mils, eight bead being fine rcKis-j Senator Stevenson voted agr.iusti tcreil Jerseys, 12 fine tirade Jer- j L''e resolmion for an scys and two head of. (liicmscys. Wils saved from defeat try j of which is very Irish Kradc I.-itutenanKiovei-nor Harry .Miller anil Iho other above Ihe averayo. [voting to break ;i tie in the Senaie Tliese twenty-two lioaJ of extra Uwidini; to 13. At the samsj on the death of.his estranged Jerseys and Uueriisc-ys will >llu 1'abllc Lands be placed at tlie fnir grounds, I !m; House voted 7 lo I to re- v.-hcrc'the farmers of thy Victoria il simllur resolution unfavor- .section can 30 next Saturday. Jan- i 1'i'obatily will end the FUNERAL HALTED FOR nary ID, ami sc-e (or liieniielves Iliis hunch hlKli srnde cows, j h[ B which Mill bo sold at prices (.-.r.lav uvci- the rcaolutto'ii Heintor mini who is u judge of. dairy j deihreil his; The C'liiiinher of Commerce I-OH- to lo Aiders this n very fortunate and thr; fait thai these cattle wer-_- j at a bargain price which from Aus- on tows that on- ed lo them for yak-. In sclectin.i! Gil BOSTON, Jan. "This thing has licked me. I don't care if I ever play b.-se- ball again. I'm Babe Ruth, home run king, said today in co'inmenling up- in fire. MEDICAL EXAMINATION) Jan. icral services for Mrs. George Her- j man Until, fwii'c of biiseball's homo run f v, ho .lost her life at the Wiytorlown iYOUTH ON TRIAL AT ATLANTA, GA, FOR i SLAYING ATLANTA, tta., .Ian. ;Thc trial of George- llarsli, ullescil .eol nuclei' way" _____. j today. The Is charged will, killing .imiua, clcf.llon of ,hc Williard Kmiih, store clerk, and j o, o[ victoriil 11. ,-Iceks. anolher store ,rM Faji. was bel-l r i Monday night, January 11, witb a 1 tfjtul number ot 831 shares rcprv I TRIAL TO DUPLICATE sharcs. LOEB-LEOPOLD CASE i lu Ij6rsoll ATLANTA, fja., Jan. is.-jiiisj-1 by proxy. ij I Familiar and leslimony of, A raotion maiic ,o ihe famous Loeb-Lnopold trial in j to il.nicaso some years liucl; v.ill be i.luplicated here lodnv when (.Uom, i tlM! llircdo" Sllursh ami Richard Galtnalv on to UVe <lircctcrs'' Urial for lbc murders ot' Wiiliard j ismlanilK. II. Jlccks a vote of all J. The same array alienists, psychologists, iisyi-bin.! A motion that the cbairnian uv- I trisls and other experts who j pojnt a conlraiUflc to .be nttcntion o'f .he entire worW AlKclots for ltln mw-m yoar rar. home of Dr. Kdward Kinder, den list, was halted today while I (him, Ihe w ri'Ml V0t0' Prosi- i eases are as.onishin, in i Committee j. Jibe manner in which Ihev p.raliel Jr., Henry Mettlo i'ac-b other ia Italpli Caliioun. Ttie commii- "I've served on (me such Unrgoss MaOrath. famous k- tha fcvmevs onhis section can tako i "I'tlte and have been niiiamed Ofj medical examiner, conducted aiivantatje of is evidence that iheji'- Ur' iKi-rraml. who killed and robi.ud Fiscber ami J. It. Cal- iionn. .Mr. CUi'lioun being placed en Harsh, au year old son of list bJ'.thu other two mcmbsrs late Ceorge Harsh. Sr., wcalllij-: committee, II. J. .Muuke anil shoe inannficciiirer of E- I'ltkcring, Jr. is the Leopold of the Atlanta i mm crime-. It was his camiiin: ner.-un-' allly. tin.- autlioriiies whicV !lour' and inspired "'r "10 !of the two men tmt olillT and ;i inoUini MflflflY AWnMillPR Jan. IfjUUUI HlSU lillLLLil 'Unlh. just a monlh ago. deinandeil j QWflSM IW 'fm nmm in 1.V OWUtlPj 111 DErUilL l.lm Ibal be might j Tho dairy interest in this wcn mwlrllJ. lWs A" nisi, M t i i "v MOM Lovy th- v TWO HOOSES "ui" be dose.. is was the ih-clamlioii today jeralily as a result of Hi a recent or vdndpiir.- i whose vc-nli. l was Iliat Hie ,vho is "1 "id v- -i 1Lt'lrs by the eominit- Misj Nora 13. sister movement launched by the Hium-1 of dlv.st. man .li.td fnim natural CMUS..W. clnssniale of Ilai-sii's "at wdanr.ni i... STIN Hi-1 (it ninro limn i ANOTHER HOSE ils agri- j mother and brother. John, sat in i (Jomniiltee 'lu-adeil by L'. gaud dairy n re jlhoipe. is the less sirikins pvisisn- svl1 was unanimously tarried. lias a barrel1 in l.u' Tiie recent heavy rains, lo wet rid of her.' tin1 SI aic Supreme C'liirl. Tlie Hoi corc-niony li a jniut I n I] fniUifuUy inliMvor (I I ill 11 t (lUlllS tllf: K'JV McitJily s.iid iu liii ilia; "I no jiiiiljiti 1 i office i Cf-'I1' honor.ihly, _____ successful dairying. There are w.ni biisbes all over' 'many (armers in Victoria County lily In blonin piolifically, are DENTIST ADMITS HE u 0-iy Vho years of rcsponnibie for the pi-eil- LIVED WITH WOMAN 'liiir iirowih. Mass.. Jan proiliu-ers pay dividends, or Tiii- Ijv.er lint fllliy do- Mr. tOclwaid II. Kinder admitted to ]nnd. txccllrn', prc.sre-i- vilnptil Uii: one on the st-cond today thai be had lived 1111- wjn, j'1 slrni -..as li.iih stem -i Ihe wife of "llabc" K-nti ]a i.nsini; coivs. Iniy ,cellar size ami "beye siic cli.-d in cows are ihe .1 IJairy lilpr-rameiil 'i'iu: di 'anilines v.hi'thcr a a r or a InaiVr. In a worKtT ;n: (ire Friday i.iclit. hut officials iBfldnin prixliivors. Slu'1 "A'iil luive i-i'ciiiiii' liipss its pnjjpj r rmiUn Kinder. soon af, ...-KH, Lhtu The people api.r.nai- UUU1LL HnL rUUIlU .er iiieiiiiO inn In- fir.; victim's body l of Id.....I IH DEATH EMBRACE; MAN HELD jvtirn she afn-r Tllls j( ;_ li'Mi'l Mill I.CM.I. answcrcil many liuus Hu- v.-.is ill u-ial. 'lodav. ins vrcfi, i-vM as ihc nm-roa of every TIlJJ ,wn hilvil 01 dislrkt' DPKQIRElJT 88 iimnicnnis mcntiil mid s.cniiv ntdlULn i 00, HI lh, hands ,lnwilori! VnllMO TO niliTTr'; His partner in he lUuNb !U yUli wheve'hl'vl'! Jiatu liir" j'.tlitrjK-y. James H- Valu.v. .and Valu-y dasheil nut m" ihe biiibl- i r. LOS ANGELES BACK IT 1 Kl I J-'AXTA ANNA. Calif. Jan. i-vadini: newspaper men. ami MICS 1.111 pa> n.-i; Al LftRUnUnijl, n. J. i., Imm.s in a "ml a-, t _____ Vicr.iy. ;u i'1'i Mllnier said Kinder frankly ad pvodaetion. I IM.'KST. X. Jan. c v (INSl The Los pian! navy Sloise. SKI.KCTIOX (1C COVVH II u.il L.1 amiss lo is innoiTii her m here her veiuni i'roni St ID I'b'rf Hay. Alia bu I ir re iulil on :i cl.i (I .1. II. ..f millc-d having liv. il uilb'Mis. ita'ii f.niiji! llnMr in bis bume t.i-iv "aboiu a >e..r in an hcu- ami half." bat thai sli.- sp.nl h.uv to hdec'. ol liia! time Xt-w :i r.v-.v. r.ii y ii-Id a The- adit.'d thai siorirs of a ability Vii I.uia Counly farm bi.i baiiiN. hi- kiiird 111 tn til-: uiMor. iai" milk viciis nii'Ui- tin- Ir liy. I. u.: hc'h's nr will foiii.d v. h, i bl'.oii elite1'.- la.- abil u. :.'-f.-r.. h- in niaiiliuii milk a; 1, i ,t .in; -11 fo.- slate an.] ihe den n; S1-- Hi1.1 pair aii'l i; is (ii Ur ihcir dti-isiuns 1 .lirni.'.n "f nn-nl with a ml luu. f hernine '...-iih IK-.id of in- other inmates of ih- I'iilion Tov.-- -crs. ____________________' Harsh ariv-to'.i iiii in ill.- Ojltlliorpt' brn.'.i! betAieu thin, when del.vlivrs ir.u.'d bliin.1 effii-ii'inly. A ahiliiy thighs. trousers u-lib-ii ho h.i.t proiiili i- an if si'iil in llu- ri'iality -s'.l in l.e ckaiuil. WEATHER HEPORI

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