Monday, April 29, 1907

San Antonio Light

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - April 29, 1907, San Antonio, Texas VOL 26, NO. 49. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1907 TAMMANY HALL ROW SETTLED? Conference Held Today at Which Differences Were Reported Buried M'CLELLAN WON HEADACHE BURSTS HERHEAD Kentucky Doctors Puz- zled by Remarkable Case of NO PARALLEL He Maintained That the Best Men Blood Flowed Freely, Making Pool PRICE TWO CENTS PAY DAY AT CITY HALL Obtainable Should be Appointed to Important City: Offices Following a Meeting Between Timo- thy D. SulHvan and Corporation Counsel Ellison, the Latter (Makes Statement, New York, April end: to the contest for control of Tammany hall between Mayor MoClellan and Chas. F. Murphy was announced today, fol- lowing a conference between timothy D. Sullivan and corporation counsel, W. B. Ellison, tbe' latter of whom rep- resented the mayor, Mr. Ellison, after the conference, gave out a statement in the mayor must Be lert free to appoint the highest class of meri he could find 'for the city offices, but. that he (Elli- son) will advise against appointments inimical to the democratic organiza- tion or its leaders. Mr. Sullivan, he said, agreed that eighteen efficient meh should be retained in or appoint- ed to city "offices. The mayor will recognize the right its leaders to control the demo- cratic organization and will ask that the organization give him.its support in his efforts to solve the great mu- nicipal problems which confront him, Mr. Ellison said: "In that way It is he added, "to eradicate the lines .drawn between organization and administration." Six Feet Long on Floor, Then She Was Relieved, Woman Has Not-Suffered Since Her 'Head Popped Open, But Before That the Pain Was Ex- cruciating. Glasgow, April dispatch says Mrs. Bettie Davis, an aged lady who lives at Carol Hill, Ky., had her head burst from headache. The case was a most peculiar freak, and is puzzling the doctors. Thursday afternoon Mrs. Davis took a severe liaadache and the afternoon, night and all day Friday. The usual simple remedies failed: to give relief and-some time Friday night a hole about the size of caliber ball appeared in her forehead near the temple, and when discovered the blood ran down off the bed for more than six feet on the floor. After the loss of considerable blood, Mrs. Davis' head became easy, and since then she has experienced no in- convenience. OUR MARINES STILLWGUARD THEY PROTECT UNITED STATES INTERESTS IN LAND MAY LAND MARINES. Mobile, Ala., April of the Norwegian steamer Brntten that arrived this morning from Puerto iCortoz, Honduras, report that every- thing is quiet at that "place, but the iNiearaguan soldiers Imve not left for their homos as intended, they guard- Ing the place. No news, of fighting at any of the interior places was re- ported by officers.- The United States marines are still ashore with headquarters In the old rlottery building, and guarding the in- terests of all Americans very closely The British cru; at port from the Bratten sailed for Mobile, reported that they were getting'ready to send a detachment. of marines ashore to protect property ot British subjects. A. L. Gould, a well known merchant of this city, and John J. Earl, a lead- in? merchant of Paxton, Fla., were passengers on' the steamer. They say that- the people of these places aaro not' afraid of soldiers, but say the war Is a nuisance. They also stated that If Honduras grows strong- er, the Nlcaraguan soldiers will go over to them. Mr: Gould, in talking CHISHOLM CASE UP TOMORROW MAN CHARGED WITH MISAPPRO- PRIATING ON TRIAL AT BIRMINGHAM. re It was Ala., April the United States court today the cases against Alexander R. Chisholm, form- er paying teller of the First National bank, of Birmingham, who Is alleged to hace misappropriated of the bank's funds, which he lost In cotton speculations, was called today, but went over until tomorrow because of the absence of Dr. J. T. Searcey, su- perintendent of the state hospital'for the insane, who Is expected'to give important testimony, Chisholm having been at the asylum for a1 period 'for treatment. Attorney John Lqndon also an- nounced in court his withdrawal1 from the case because disagreement as to the line of defense, itbelng understood he is opposed to a plea -'of insanity, which is said to be entered. Chisholm was placed for trial last fall, but because of a juror's entered. GO HOME, OR NIGHT SESSIONS? Two Propositions Pre- sented to the Legisla- ture Today WILL SEE IT OUT ALL SPAIN AWAITS THEjHEIR Thousands of Babies to be Named When He or She Arrives MANY GO FREE? Mr; Terrell Wishes to Meet Three Prisoners Eagerly Expecting to be Evenings a-Week Until the Agony is Over. Mr. Savage Moves to Strike Out 1 Enacting Clauses, Adjourn Sine Die and Save the State ..i- Money. Special to The Light Austin, Texas, April .the time for the extra session is drawing to a close members the house to- day became very restless. Tils was evidenced when .Representative Ter- rell of McLennon offering a resolution providing that night sessions be held on Wednesdays and Fri- days during the remainder of. the ses- sion. He called attention to the multitude of bills which' are still pending for The resolution refer-' red to the committee on rules. Representative Savage' also created a stir by Introducing a resolution to strike.out the enacting clause to all bills now pending In the legislature, to adjourn sine die at once and go home and thereby save the state from any further expenao with the leglsla. about the health of the country, said Is Is the most remarkable ho evet knew, especially among the Nlcara guan soldiers who are stationed at the seaport towns. Out of 700 men from Nicaragua, only one Eian has died from natural causes. The case of W. L. Sims, agent hero for Gilbert Clay, brokers, charged with being a.n accomplice, was aet for Wednesday has gone-until the next term of court. Chisholm is alleged to have lost heavily while trading with' Gilbert Clay. GAVE UP ARMS; CAME ASHORE IMMIGRANTS THREY AWAY STIL- ETTOS .PISTOLS AND UGLY KNIVES BEFORE LANDING. York, April Immigrants on the steamship CItta Dl Milanb and Nord America of the Italian line, just In from Naples and Genoa, got a taste of the laws of the country when agents of the line ap- peared on the bridge of each vessel and shouted that all weapons and knives, must be thrown away or left with the officers ,of the ships before the immigrants would be allowed to land. There was an instantaneous shower of stilettos, ugly looking long knives and revolvers of modern and ancient makes. Tomorrow when the immi- grants land on Bills Island It is be- lieved that they, will be the most harm- less'set.of aliens that has landed here for many a day. DALLAS CHILD ELECTROCUTED NINE-YEAR-OLD GIRL KILLED BY LIVE WIRE WHICH BROKE AND FELL ON HER, Special .to The Light. Dallas. Tex., April 12 o'clock todav the nine-year-old daughter ol A. M. Barber was killed in a peculiar manner at the corner of Beaumont and Cockrell streets. She was passing beneath and elec- tric HKht wire when it broke and fell, one of the ends striking tho child. The wire was heavily charged, he current passing through the girl's body and killinK her instantly. TRAINMEN MAY. MEET HERE W. H. DUNNING AND A. H. HANSON ATTEND NATIONAL CONVEN- TION WITH INVITATION. SEIZE BREWERY PROP- ERTY IN KANSAS. Topeka, Kan., April re- ceivers appointed by the state supreme court last week to take charge of VIOLATED ANTITRUST LAW. Oklahoma Lumbermen on Trial for Alleged Ignoring of Act. cases of seven Oklahoma lumber dealers un- der indictment for alleged.' violation of tho Sherman anti-trust'laws, were .'called here today in the United States court. Four cases are Oklahoma lumber- men who are alleged .to.'hnve main- tained a poo! and to have arbitra- rily fixed retail price of lumber. Indictments were found repeatedly In the territorial courts, hut the territo- rial laws were found to be inadequate ond It never has been pqaslble to se- cure conviction. The cases called today are the first of this character called in Oklnhonii, <o to' trial In the Federal'court.' EVANS ON DUTY. Police Desk who hM been 111 with a-severe cold for days, tWt morning rMumM nil MM M hMdmiarton. under injunction, in Kansas ever of the eightoutslde brewing companies and real estate concerns.operated by one liquor firm made a report to the court here today. The report stibws have taken possession of nine buildings, four at Atchison and five at Leavenworth. They are also in possession, of a large .assortment ot bars, fixtures and mirrors. Not much liquor has been "taken. Most of the plnces where seizures'were made have been saloons and the liquor was claimed .by -parties, other than the brewing companies.' SENT OUT KILLED HIMSELF. Associated Press. Chattanooga, Tenn., James Lynn, aged April 29 twenty-seven, who oame here from Sweetwater, Ten- nessee, committed suicide in a. sen- sational way. this morning at a hotel sere. He went Into a room occupied iy a married- couple, sent the husband 'or then blew out his In the presence of the BRYAN TO ADDRE83 STUDENTS. MORE REGRETS FOR ROOSEVELT DENVER TRADES AND LABOR AS- SEMBLY SORRY FOR WHAT HE SAID OF MOYER. Denver, April Denver trades and labor assembly yesterday adopted resolutions regretting the atti- tude taken by President Roosevell against, Moyer and Haywood, the Western Federation officials now awaiting trial at Bpise, Idaho, on th9 charge of complicity in the assassina- tion of former Governor Stuenenberg; Giving public expressions to his views at the time by tho president was c sured. A comriujjUcatlon suggesting that the body form itself into a permanent Mbyer-Haywood protest committee was or'Jered; place'd on file. WANTN02CENT FARE LAW NAVARRA AND BRAZORIA COUN- TIES PETITION LEGISLATIVES NOT TO ENACT ONE. Special to The Light. Austin, Texas, April were received In the house today signed by several hundred citizens of Navarro and Brazorla counties, pro- testing against the passage of a two cents railroad passenger fare bill.1 PROSECUTION TO CLOSE. WHY THAT ROYAL BABY WILL BE A GIRL. I Madrid, April article calllpg attention ,to .tlie 'nnitorlcal. fact that the 'first bornvChild of 'i l -royal marriages always been' a" PortlKnd. Me., April. has appeared tn a popular jour- Sryan, Wio arrived hefe from Boston odar, OMlt Ot t t it (7 t to Brunswick at tto re reuWcnt popular joijr- here am! lipomuiing: much The public hopes that Vwjll Lieutenant Rest Prosecu- tion's Case This Afternoon in the Maoklin Trial. Lieutenant Roger S. Fitch, Judge advocate, expects to close tbe case of the prosecution this afternoon in tho Macklin :cou'rtmartial. There was no court this .-there being no witnesses'to work -'lit is .expected fhat the defense will close the end of the week. WATERWAYS COMMISSION, Washington, April 29.r--T.he initial meeting of tho Wqtprways commis- sion is -being held today, Chairman B.nrton and W. of tho bu- renu 'of ethnology, who Is a member of the commission, had a talk with the president atxwt tho proposed work of the body. Mr. expects the conpffilnfon will at least one trip; down from St. Paul along the to New Orleane, with incl- to along ,tho Avnttl I W. H. Dunning and A. H. Hanson will leave San Antonio Wednesday to attend the annual convention oj the National Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, which convenes at Atlanta, Ga., Friday morning. They are dele- gates representing the local order of Hallway Trainmen. They go armed with an urgent in- vitation to the National. Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen from President Washer, of the Business Men's .Clun, of this city asking the convention to hold the 1908 annual meeting In San Antonio. They will also request the convention on behalf of the local or- der of trainmen to meet'here next year and them printed lit- erature regarding San'Antonio, which they will distribute, among the dele- gates in attendance upon the conven- tion in Atlanta. The last, meeting of the National Order of. Railway .Trainmen held In San Antonio" was in the year 1886, when the order was then small and San 'Antonio' nothing more than an ordinary' town.- At that meeting only seventy-nine were present. It will be' brought to the attention of the con- vention at Atlanta that insofar as the organization has grown to be recog- nized as one of the'power of the .coun- try and since the last raeelng in San Antonio tills city has become a me- tropolis It would be nothing more than appropriate that the convention be held herd next year. MISS EDNA MAY RETIRES. London, April 9.--The play of "Nel- ly ended Its run on Saturday night, and Miss Edna May will now retire to private in accordance with her expressed purpose. Miss May before her marriage with Oscar ture. The resolution out. of order. When consideration of.the gross re- caipts tax bill was resumed, Repre- sentative O'Brien of MoClennon mov- ed to reconsider the vote by which the Bnskln amendment to the gross receipts tax on stockyards of one per cent was lost. Representative Lane of Tarrant county supported this mo- tion, but It was defeated bya vote of fifty-four to forty-four. The section taxing Intorurban and Street Rail- ways one and one-half per cent on gross receipts wan passed without amendment. WILSON TO BE TRIED MAY 20 INSANITY CASE AGAINST MAN WHO KILLED SMITH IS SET FOR THAT DATE. The case of the state vs. E. J. Wil- son, in the Thirty-seventh district court was set for trial May 20, At that time the issue of insanity will' be tried. This is the case in which E. J. Wilson, who was arrested on the charge of murder, was examined by a committee of physicians, and a mo- Bee, tion filed by Attorney Carlos claiming defendant was insane. A great deal of interest is attached to this case owing to the prominence pf the defendant and his victim. No intimation has been made as to what course of action will be taken case by District Attorney Ba- ker. It is expected, however, that he will contest the Insanity plea, claim- Ing that defendant should be tried for murder. If the plea of insanity is sus- tained, however, he cannot be tried for murder. Pardoned in Honor of Royal Baby's Birth. Dijqutetude Pervades Entire Entour- age of Czar Over Manner in Which the Revolutionists i.. Are Rising. Special Cable. London, April is not only in the royal pajace at Madrid that tiers is anxiety as to 'the forthcoming event in the history of the country. The peo- ple everywhere look upon the matter as one which concerns themselves, and take an Interest in even the most min- ute details connected with it Hun- dreds women ail over the Spanish, kingdom are hoping that their children will first breathe the breath of life simultaneously with the royal infant- to-be. Hundreds of happy young' couples, instead of deciding as usual beforehand that the boy shall be named Jose or the girl Dolores, are now wait- ing to know if his or her highness Is ________ to be Alfonso or Fernando, Isabella !th the leglsla, or Crlstina, that they may name their was declared own little one the same. Thousands who are languishing in prison, for stick- ing a knife into a rival, for half mur- dering some tormenting little cigarrera. who-has flirted with another, or for some such, triffe, are also wondering what the new arrival will mean to them. -Will Don Aifonsito pardon them as his mother pardoned so many like them? One of the first public ceremonies at which the people may expect to see the royal baby Is that of tho queen's go- Ing to consecrate her child to Nuestra Senora de Atocha, the black virgin, who is patroness of Madrid and pro- tectress of tho royal family. The statue Is .in the convent of the Atocha, and tells that it shed tears on each anniversary of its feast, vast crowds assembling to witness the miracle. To Be Guarded by Halberdiers. The royal guards, whose duties will include that of watching over tho little newcomer, are the famous Alabadores, or halberdiers, who have done such good service to the throne. The young bucks about tho town are expectant, knowing there will be high Jinks to celebrate tho event; noble families are discussing the probabill- ties of their own infantile scions being chosen one day as companions of tho great little personage; the mob is look- ing forward to the bullfight to be held In honor of tho occasion; the Iberian soldier Is anticipating the eitra rations that may be served out to him; clergy and choristers throughout the land await the official notification from tho alcalde that they may repair to the ancient cathedrals to sing the Te Deum; tradesmen supplying anything' am! everything hope for appointments as the their name Is legion in this land of official for the happy day when the coming of a little child will soften all hearts, for they remember that 000 of them were recipients of the royal charity on the baby king's first feast day. Spain today is a nation of great expectations. HASTENED FIRE BURNED WIFE TO DEATH. Philadelphia, Penn., April Kate Kearner, aged sixty years, was burned to death at her home here to- day while preparing brealafast and in notes which she carried-in the pocket of her dress were destroyed. Mr. Kearner poured oil into the kitch- en stove to quicken the fire and was burnt by the flames. Lewis.will take a to Can- ada. President' Still a Professor. Montevldlo, .Apr.ll Wildman has resumed his lessons of physics at the military academiy, whjch have. been, interrupted since, his ejection. No competent, teacher .be- ing available, the president decided to resume hlfl' teaching. RAISULI MAKING MORE TROUBLE Tangier, April has reached here that Ralsula Is foment- ing; an agitation, among the Lakfcme trlbts and It Is believed that he will obtain .the support of .the Tetuan tribes which-'are under French control. French troops' have been sent from AlEiers to reinforce tho Tetuan col- umn. Steamer with All on Board., Rib .Innorlo, Anrll has reached Uerc that the British' steam- or, Thornhlll, bouht) for Rio Janerlo, Was destroyed by fire'.during her toy- age. The crew TO EXPLOIT SALTPiETRE MINES. Buenos' Ayres, April than sixty petitions for concessions to ex- ploit the mines In the ter- ritory of Punta De Ataca'ma have boen received by the government. Storm In Monttvldlo Harbor. Montevldio, April violent storm'occurred In the harbor here Sunday, causing considerable to shipping. An Argentina bark sank, but the crew .tared, Russian Revolutionists Arriving. Letters received in Vienna from Rus- sia speak of the disquietude which per- vades the whole entourage of the czar, and of the resourcefulness with which. the revolutionists are Importing and storlns arms and ammunition. In the offices of the ministry .there is uncertainty which Is enfeebling the work of government; it reflects the feeling in court circles at St. Peters- burg, where no one pretends to forsee what 'may happen next. The strain on M. Isvolsky, the for- sign minister is particularly-severe. As to tho revolutionary arms and ammunition, they have been pouring into Russia for nine months, despite police searches and occasional seizures resembling those just made In tho north of England. The revolutionary agents In Europe are shipping thorn from unsuspected European ports, dis- guised as merchandise. The state- ments which have appeared in some Rngllsh papers recently concerning "Gorman stores along tho east coast" aro rubbish. Thp Russian forelstn ministry Is at present devotinar nil Its pncrRlos to the preparations of di-tnlis In connec- tion with the Hasue conference. Misery Among Badon's Worktrm. The factory Inspectors of the grand duchy of Badon. Germany, nafe pub- lished ft report (Continued OB

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