Saturday, April 20, 1974

San Antonio Express News

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Express-News, The (Newspaper) - April 20, 1974, San Antonio, Texas recast and wllh seal- THE SATURDAY 5 a ni. 48 6 a in. ga J o in, 49 8 om. 63 9 o.m, i? FRIDAY'S TEMPERATURES '0 o m. 72 11 tun. Nacn 73 1 n-ni. S3 2 p.m. ai 3 nm. 86 P m. si 5pm. jj 7J 1 P.m. 74 a P m. 9-pm, ;o 10 p.m. 70 11 p m. 70 .MIdnltihl 48 EXPRESS-NEWS Saturday, April 20, 1974 Paul Thompson Peculiar Silence Not one peep has emanated from Jon Roland, your ecolog- ical candidate trying to unfrock Congress- man Abraham (Chick i Kazen, since the item .here about his trou- bles with Bexar County Commis- sioners Court and Texas Atty. Gen. John Hill. They claim Roland rips basic ecology (o shreds in two hous- ing developments in Ihis neck of the woods. His roads, his drinking water, his flood control measures all vale as sadly amiss, say liis dclraelors who arc, furthermore, dragging him into conn over it. Maybe "Mr. Ecology." In come through as sincere and believable, will have lo utter a word or two on tliis subject before the polls open on elec- tion day. 3ig Mistake In the Scherlz hassling over' Police 'Chief Gene Schoormver Tuesday night, two city council members were lined up on diametrically opposed sides: Tom Koole and Mrs. Nell Funk. Councils oman Funk got under Koolc's shin by persis- tently referring lo him as "Coolie." Turned out she had the wrong typo nf monicker for dial kind of offensive, because lie shot right back with "Mrs. Funky." Small Errand Police Chief Emil Peters. armeU with a lilllc slack of papers, was cnnling his heels in tlie otfice'uf City Mgr. Sam Granata Wednesday afternoon. He appeared to be wailing for somelxidy. Recognizing 'hat the chief was out ol his bailiwick, a newsman askcil what he nas doing there. "It's like this." replied' I'ctcrs. "Councilman Cliff Morion is making a speech lo a lot'.il group today, and he asked me to bring OUT snmc figures on crimp." Pervasive The San Antonio Musicians' Src THOMPSON, I'ago. I1A Another Big Edition of the the Coming Sunday! WHY YOUR BILLS WILL ROCflif THOUGH nun OOCTOP. 5 i ES'fHb- <xi tf'B .._________________i PLUS A LOT MORE Waking Up the President Mtunn'l Suitrtivz, 'I'ri'sidniil AV.voil'.s jwrsoniil i-tilct, Ivllx iftint il is like to In: tin; chief nxcmtirv's right hnnil iniiii. His perxannl story is in lliu All About Resfea llml litur in Sun mill our liig siiiii-enir nlitiuii li'llx vim i-ri'rvlhing von iiliciivi, n-iinti'il Itt nlntitt Xllli Ilig lull irrn; llfriliil In nfli. There's Something for Everybody in THE SUNDAY iifr C.iilnr 1'iistcr Chris lagger S.A, Doctors Our Killer Corners Good Morning! Aclion-Kxrircss 2C Markets.........7-ilC Mini Pages......S-6C Bridge............ 30 Notkicro......... Catlie Clatter.....SC Some........... 161! Church News. 16-I7A Sports.......... I-IK Comics. 2C, 3C. 5M Television....... 12A Crosswords 3C, 5E Theaters...... 13-15A Drains............2B Thostcson.........30 Editorials........ IXA -WantAds' Twins., l-lll) I-ST Klndrlck, 8A Weather......... Landers, Aim.....511 Today's Chuckle can he discouraging. Like when yon send a kill through four years of high school mid Ihcn discover your parakeet has 11 bigger vocabulaiy. 108TH YEAR, NO. 64 72 PAGES nm VOLT KS'OW- that if you aru now receiving home delivery on Hie morning Express anil Sunday Kxprcss-News H5 cenls more will bring you the KVKNIM! NKWS for nn entire monlli? Totnl per munlli. Cnll 225-7-111 for proiup! delivery. WANT ADS: Mon.-Thur. unlit p.m.) o.m. until 5r30 p.m.) 225-1666 All 225-7-) 11 Tolophonof, 9 p.m. until 7 a.m.i OiyEdilar......... 227-3511 or 227-3693 SporU Editor....... 227-3721 or 227-7701 Cash Voted Commissioners Court made its First cash commitment Friday to the proposed Mis- sion Parkway. Commissioners agreed to set aside in liesar Cnutily park funds fur the project. (.'oiinty funds ivill bo nlnlrhiil on A 50-50 basis with funds from the U.K. Rtirciiu of liecrenlion. County .Iiidgn IJIair lieevos snid federal funds will be for- mally miueslcd next week. The funds will be used to improve public land along the San Anlonlo Itlver In IlieSmilh -Side's historic mission nreii. The Cily of San Aiilonio nlready lias sot iiside for llic project. In addition, Ihe clly will be I ho recipient ol u federal grnnl for bike Iruils in Hie mission nrca. Tlic clly und coiinly Iwiiine co-sponsors of the project in J971. Itccves the coiinty already has commutes! part of .Mission County Park lo (he redevelopment project. Kidnaping Victim OK Kin. (AP) Bank official Albert L. Dan- who police was iip- paroully kldiiaix-d for ransom Trifiay, was found alive today iiller spending scvenil hours .swImmiiiR for his lifo In tlto Al- Innllr Ocean, hospllal officials Kild. There was nnlninicilinliM'on- (irmalionfromjmliiv. The nl lirniv.ird Hospital said was bioiighl in by ixilliv short- ly before 2 ii.m. "lie's not able to Mlk; he's preliy well woin out." Mill the "lie's in UK- water for Iwo hours. He wns iipparcnily iliimpnl overboanl fronirtboal." SPORTS FINAL F nine On S SERVICE WASHINGTON Defense Secretary James R. Schlcsinger is gearing up for a full-scale fight with Congress this spring over Project San- guine. Sanguine is a Navy scheme to develop a vast underground communications network lo contact .submerged unclear submarines. The Navy announced Thurs- day thin ii had been forced to suspend development of Project Sanguine for the remainder of this fiscal year ending June 30. The project has already overrun the reduced million annual budget provided by Congress late last year. Hut top Pentagon officials close In Sclilesinger insist that this budgetary move does not signify the death of (he project. The lest facility, including a giant radio is being put on "standby basis" in a northern Wisconsin fores! pending a congressional decision on what lo du next. Million The atimim.s-lrcilioti lias asked for million for San- guine in (he new Defense bud- get. For more (hail five years (lie Navy lias boon warring with critics inside and milsiile Congress over possible threats poseil by Sanguine to life and environment. The project would establish' an un- derground antenna grid, covering as much as square miles and including powerful transmitters, lo send radio signals at very low wave lengths to submarines sub- merged deep in tin; oceans. The Navy argues thai (his system would he (he cheapest and safest way In nssuiv con- tact with Polaris submarines in a crisis williout bringing them lo I he surface. Br ewer s i 11 a n k Story, Box Score on Page IE Enjoy Yourself, It's Fiesta San Antonio Winning Throw? A Fiesta carnival-goer tries to win a stuffed animal during opening Fiesta activities in the Farmer's Market area. Paraphernalia Nancy Kissingor, wifo of Socrotary of State Honry Kissinger, puzzlos ovor tho use of tho receiver used for translations at the opening session of tho Organizolion of American Stales in Allanta Friday. AP Wirephoto. Fiesta San Antonio activities gain.. mo- mcntum Saturday with a Mexican fes- tival, the investiture of a king, auto, foot and bicycle races, and more. The annual event opened Friday with the carnival at Farmer's Market and the first night of Fiesta Nochcs Mexicans, also at the market. The first Saturday event is (lie Fiesta ISO Bicycle Race, beginning at a.m. at UHI'O and Nacogdochcs Head. The Mission linn, mile race and meter race start events, at San .fose Mission at 0 a.m.... The carnival opens at nnon. and at t p.m. is the Fiesta. Oyster Bake in the Pecan Grove at .St. Mary's University, The Artists' Exhibition will Iw at Koehlcr Cultural Center from 1 to -I p.m. The U.S. Navy Show Band will play in Hcmis- Fair Plaza for Iwo hours, bcginining at 1 p.m. From G p.m. to midnight is Fiesta Nochcs Mcxicanas again. At p.m., investiture or King Anlonio Lit will be in front otllic Alamo. Also ill p.m., the Fiesta ISO Auto Race is scheduled to slarl at Pan American Speed- way. The Palriotic and Historical Hall will held at Villila As. scmbly Building at 8 p.m. Saturday's Schedule 100 Bicycle liaco at 111410 and Nacogdochcs Road. !l Run Foot Rates, San Jose Mission. Noon (o 1 Car- nival fit Farmer's Market. I Oyster liakn at St. Mary's University. I Annual Artists' Exhibition at Koehlcr Cultural Center. 1 Navy. Show Band, HcmisFalr Ii p.m. lo Noches Mcxicanas at Farmer's Market. p.m.-lnvi'.sliturc otKIng Anlonlo Alamo, p.m.-rFlrsln ISO Hace at Pan American Speed, way. 8 p.m.-Patriotic and His. torlcal Unll at Vlllita Assembly fi p.m.-F.lKlil-plcco hand at IlcmlsFalr I'lnva, All Annual t'lcttUi Mcmnrlul Toeppcrwcln Shoot at Sau Antonio (Jun Club,