Saturday, April 13, 1974

San Antonio Express News

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Express-News, The (Newspaper) - April 13, 1974, San Antonio, Texas O 1 O 'M. e Sunday star: Forecast Partly cloudy Snlurday becoming folr Sa- turday night. Continued warm days. Defafls. Page SA. FRIDAY'S TEMPERATURES THE SATURDAY a. t! 9am 10 a m. Ham, 83 tJoon 83 1 Dm, fll 2 D.m, 84 1 6 p.m 7 O.rn O.m. 80 10 p.m. 71 11 pm. ?S EXPRESS-NEWS SPORTS FINAL SATURDAY APRIL 13, 1974 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Paul Thompson Ordinance Needed Beatrice Tristan, manager of El Aztcca Mexican restaurant at 1009 Donaldson, had a tough experience with the service station! next door toward noon'i yesterday... and the day before that. Scorns Ihc station, selling gas at attractive prices this week, bus been drawling cars in .such numbers Itiat they slack up in tlie street outside El Azteca restaurant. ''My lunch customers can't get in to said Mrs. Tristan. "And I don't see why bargain hunters for gas should be allowed to do that to us." Taking it up with the service station manager did about as much good, she said, as laying her complaint on city "Nobody came, nobody helped me, and nobody sug- gested I was going to get help any time soon ever." In the fuel pinch, it's increasingly difficult to keep service stations with below-par gas rates from jamming traffic and obstructing commerce in their immediate area. The station owners make a very good buck at the ex- pense ot adjoining business places, "Where's the protection we pay said Mrs. Tristan. "If the stations won't pay someone to direct traffic... to keep openings In those car lines so 'OUR patrons can get through... shouldn't Ihc city pass a law and scud in the police in our Coincidence Forty-one-year-old attorney Pliil Pickelt, running against incumbent S. Benton Davies for County Court-at-Law No. 3, will naturally be presiding over a bunch of drunk driving cases If he wins. That makes what happened at III 35 and Durango SI. Thursday night all the more odd. The portly Picked himself, it seems, was arrested and charged with DWl. The city cop flagged down I'ickctt's car that night after spotting a traffic Infraction, or what seemed to be. a traffic infraction. While discussing it with Pickett. Ihc cop detected signs of what he called "the subject's and the DWI 'charge followed. Like any sensible attorney or layman, for that matter Picfcett refused In take a brealli-a-lyzcr test.__________ priest is by love THIS SUNDAY YOU WILL GET THESE AND SCORES OF OTHER GREAT STORIES, FEATURES, PUZZLES, GAMES AND LOTS MORE IN YOUR BIG BIG FULL-COLOR POSTER OF HAMMERIN' HANK AARON AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PRINCESS GRACE A WALKING HISTORY OF THE FAMOUS MURDERS IN SAN ANTONIO STARTING IN INSIGHT IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY IN THE SUNDAY Pacers Beat Spurs See Story Page IB Is Freed pi Good Morning! In Today's Express Gli Astrology.........6B lirldgc............7B Cattle Clatter.....6li Clmrch News 6.7C Comics.....6B.7IVIC Cook, Dan........ IB Crosswords.... 7B.4C Deaths............ SC ICditorials........ 10A (ioldrn Twins.. 1-111) EXPRESS-NEW 12-Year-Old Youth Jailed Kiiulrick, Sam lenders, Ami Mini Pages.. Nnllcirro Scene........ Sports....... Television Theaters.... Thosleson... Want Ads... GA '1C 15-lGI) 7B ...2-KI 1-5B 5C 17-191) 711 1-9K We alhcr..........9A Today's Chuckle Money may nol make yon happy, 1ml it sura jmls yoiir cmlitoi-s in ;i better frame mind. 60 PAGES 108TH YEAR, NO. 62 DID YOU KNOW that it you nrc now receiving honiR delivery nn the morning Express nnd Smi- thy !K cents mure will brlilj? yoir Ihc EVKNIN'Ci NMVS for an entire month? Tolal S'1.35 per month. Cull 225.7-111 (or prompt delivery. WANT ADSi Mon.-Thur. (7i30 a.m. unlil p.m.] a.m. until 5i30 p.m.} 225-1666 All Doporlmonlt ;......i....... 225-7411 Telephones, 9 p.m. unlil 7 a.m.! CiiyEditor......... 227-3511 w 227-3693 Spirit Edilor........ 227-3721 or 227-7701 ASSOCIATED JRESS CORDOBA, Argen- tina A U.S. Infor- mation Service of- ficial kidnaped and released Friday [ought tor lus life on the operating table early Saturday. Albert Ldun 111 was iioaucicci leitisi guerillas Friday fie received icnous aounus jur- mg i Dloody brawl >vitn ms kidnapers. fntormea ponce sources am Ciun ivas cusned to (tie (lema Fabioia Hospital in Jowmown Cordoba with muries <o tn tread, ibtiomen and shoulder Bullet Wounds The sources iaid i G-eauDc bullet had ipnarently pierce his .ibtfomen "jnrt bacK, jausm neavy uleedfng. His eyes reportedly blacKenea irom se vere head wotinrts. 1'he U.S. Gmbassv in 6ueno Aires iairi earlier haa Jis patctied i plane <o Cordoba cc evacuate Caun .f necessary American <ources had an Laun s condition was grave. Parked Trucks Reporters (or (lie Voz del Interior iaicj 'lie found Laun lying between iw parked trucks in the dry bed of river thai passes ihroiigh '.hi industrial ;ity of 'MO.OOO som 450 miles northeast il Queno Aires. They ne vas .avercc with i brown capo with vvl stripes mil throe oottles blood plnsma were on lop of h People's Revolulionar Army guerrillas wlw Maimed they ibdiicled Laun Iiad ippar- cntly idministerecl 'lie plasma because of Ihe wounds. No Doubt 'When we saw the body vo had no doubt (hat it was Uiunl" 'lie reporter said (le said Laun, in pain, man- agedtosay 'We are friends." The reporter told him: "Don't worry, nothing's-going to happen." ?aitiffin r-. Business as Usual At an age most boys arc playing Little League Baseball and earning their money from newspaper routes, Jaime is In jail. Jaime, only 12, tried to earn cash too, allegedly by selling heroin. Needle marks on his arms indicate hi1 is not just a kid. anymore. The slender youngster was charged in federal court Friday with iHissessing and intending lo distribute heroin. (He was arrested with three other youths Thursday night. They were Oscar, 14, Mary, IB, and .Joyce, IB. Four adults also were arrested. Money Passed? Federal and city officers said they have mado five, or six heroin buys from Jaime within Itic last inonlh. The unkempt boy was placet! In Ihe Juvenile detention center In 1 It'" of a bond. Illu father cannot post the bond. Ik hns IIITH In county jull slnci Jan, 0, Tlio fntticr Is charged, felony possession ot murtjuntm le Is in jail in lien of ond. lionds of also wow set n the three other youths by J.S. Magistrate Frank Raskin. NO parents appeared in the :nnrtrooni Friday for their :hildrcn's appearance. Oscar, a head I all or than lainic. told the magistrate he vas "hooked" on heroin, .faitnc refused to say whether or not ic was an.addict. Tlio complaint declared the onr were "participating...In. he packaging of heroin" when ;hey were arrested. Konr men nlso were arreslcd with the young people. They vcre jailed in lieu of bond wicli. Charged with the same of- fense were Gilbert l.eos (inrclu, of ITflJ llldnlKO St., Charles (llcasoti 26, of 315 .lean St.; .llimnlc (ilcasnn 2'J. nf ,lean St., anil IVdro Almornit, 42, ot flu Cordelia Sf. Markets Slock cvcliangcs were closed Friday for Good Friday, so the usual complete Friday markets do not appear In Saturday's Cattle Clat- ter appears on I'agc 6fi. Mayoral aide tack Skipper 'eceives a shoeshme f riday from Elio Rodriguez and his >wo brothers. Jesse. 7 'eft. and Sickv. S. ve can make 115, maybe a Elio said. Up on the streets where leople are (n a hurry and (he compclUion is sliffer, daily earnings arc un to less, he added. Becker was not in his office when the boys arrived, but mayoral aide lack Skipper was. Skipper sent the trio over to City Mgr Sam Granata's of- flee, where assistants Madison and Tony Well be began checking the case. ft turned nut the city lius n 'Ordinances forbidding sho shine boxes on the Kivcr Walk but (he (liver Walk Commis- sion has. The rule is designed to keep .he tourist from being overrun with souvenir and refreshment peddlers. As a practical matter, however, park rangers icnerally leave the shoesliinc boys alone, as Innj; us there aren't too many of them. "It's Just this one ranger that gives us any Kilo said. "The others let us stay. We shine all their shoes." The boys sliincd several pairs of shoes, collected Iheir money and headed back for Die river. mission accomplished. Skipper, who knows a yood political angle when lie sees one, watclicil them go with a wistful "too bad the mayor wasn't licre." Tl'aill Thirty-sever.' cars of a Missouri Pacific freight train lie sprawled along the bank of )he Verdgirs River where they derailed six mites southeast of Ootogah, Okta. There injuries. AP