Sunday, October 14, 1962

San Antonio Express And News

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio Express and News (Newspaper) - October 14, 1962, San Antonio, Texas V V' Texas.....9 Oklahoma 6 Georgia Teoh 17 Florida 42 Arkansas 28 TCU 35 j Oregon 31 Trinity 24 -iii.i.i 7 6 1 Baylor 21 Texas Tech 13 i Rioe J2 McMurry 14 LSU Miami 17 3 Alabama 14 j Missouri 3 Kansas State 0 Tennessee 0 j Houston 3 Daily Have Washington 14 j Wisconsin 17 j Army......9 Oregon State.. 13 i JNotre Dame .._ 8 Penn State 6 E NEWS By PAUL THOMPSON Those who laugh off .lack Cox are the same ones who laughed off Don Var- borough. And no one real- izes this more acutely than Connally Catholic nuns" in Eagle Pass prevailed on Fred ge- maan to donate his serv- ices as special prosecutor of three youths who raped, a 14-year-old schoolgirl there. The case is set for next month Claus H. Rohlfs, Methodist min-, Ister appointed to Ihe city councH, will have to decide soon whether to run for Ihe job next year. Can you remember the last time a clergyman faced voters here? Sheriff Owen Kilday died be- fore breaking old-time Sheriff John Tobin's record for number of years in office. Kilday would have completed hfs 22nd straight year on Dec. 31. Tobin held the job 22 full years, though not con-1 sccutively Year; No. 5 in Sanntomo and Trade Area and SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 196Z 150 PAGES IN 13 SECTION FINAL Section A 20c Goodwill Mrs. Marjorie P. Jenkins, Z10 Lavonla Place, worked for Good- will Industries five years. She was fired last month. Totally htmd, her last Job was running the braille PBX board. Mrs. Jen- kins, who said Goodwill Industries gets United Fund help, plus vat- liable goods Jn store and home pickups', was-criUM] or what she claimed were "higher salaries to non-handicapped workers than to the handicapped, most ol whom) make only about 60 cents an hour." A spokesman for the non- profit organization said Mrs. Jrn- klns would not taka work assigned, to her and attempted to wield- Authority where she had none Pentagon Confirms Reserve, Guard-Cut Weary Congress Adjourns Related News, Page i HERE'S KENNEDY'S SCORE IN CONGRESS i WASHINGTON Kennedy broke better than I even on what the tagged its "Big Ten" bills during i the two sessions of the 87th Congress. Here's the outcome- i ENACTED: Extension and broadening of the reciprocal trade program Aid for depressed areas. I Manpower retraining program. 1 Increased minimum wages and broadening of coverage. I Final Orders Issued journmcnt Saturday ending a! Foreign aid program, continued and financed th 'irifo over preslipe and appropria-: tions. I It was these recurring inter- j chamber rupiures that were in- strumental in making the final regular session of this Congress1 (the longest since the Korean War year of 1951 when adjournment came Oct. 20. And the strained atmosphere. Federal .lid for primary and secondary schools "caith insurance for elderly pprjons financed by social socuritv Creation of new department of urban affairs and housing Clerk WIND TOPPLES STEEPLE-The steep'le of Campbell Holldf OregorTcollegTof Education at Monmouth, Ore., fell in the high wind that swept the state. There wos no one in the building.- -AP Wirephoto. Storm Kills 45 surrounding the much delayed ad-j journment. gave little indication! that the intercbamber tensions; will be much eased when the Congress meets Jan. 9, The House opened the way for: adjournment Saturday bv rallying! j.i majority of 236 members. Hopes; iGromyko Demands SWest Guard Wall iTo Ease Tension i i H 1L trill Ipi? NEW YnDtf 'TIKA when the House was unahlo! UNITED NATIONS Ny_An-< u, to produce a quorum of 218 A. Gromyko. the Soviet s' i'eifl" minister, asserted Saturday' It then pave voice passage tojlhat international tensions could By JACK RAYMOND i (Cl 1962 NEW YORKTIMES SERVICE WASHINGTON-The administra- i Man has decided to proceed with jils planned reorganization and i cutback of the Army Reserve! i forces, including the National I I Guard, despite powerful opposition! I in Congress and requests for! I delay. _< A statutory Pentagon advisory I group on reserve policies has been? (advised of ihe administration's! jdecision. Although the National! i Guard and Reserve rcprcsenta-1 (tives in the group adopted resolu-l (lions laWng issue with the Uhey were told that opposition! iwas useless. i l Staff Committee I The group yras the so-called J Section Five committee. This is the Army's general com- miltce on National Guard -and i Reserve policies. Ii has 21 mem- j each representing the on a wide ranee of international I Guard, ihe Reserve and Ihe -iroblems. j Regular Army. 'essing that "Ihe time draws) The meeting, which took pJace r- He explains 10 national cleanliness Castro Close to Deal dead. n, I'i's Congress will meet again lucre were reports of other de-'nnly if summoned into special scs-1 tats but communications wcreismn between nmv ami next i 'difficult in many areas and im-'uary. "Did you writes a1 NEW B .negotiate on the basis of Thc final Scnalc-House com, member of the popu ace, "howjr, _ v c. ucymaie nn me nasis ol medical gauges blew aw.iv at forced bv quickly police were able to baby foods and drugs'many poin.A, 80 mile, gel Hie River Walk assailants when commumcatmn rrom Fidel Cas-lthat Donovan offered. .and more. Some clocked forces I along with their campaignine-oh-, PROMINENT person was 'eaves them "very close to] 'While awaiting furthci victim? -Kennedy, Chickcus And I have this note from Mrs. W. L. Layman, 334 Moursund Blvd. "Sir; I have been resident of this city less than three years. 1 came here from farther north, though south of the Mason-Dixon line a city of some where chickens are banned within the city limits, and 1 was shocked to find that could keep chickens in this fair city. I hope' they are soon banned as our next! door neighbor has about 1DO flame: chickens that don't wake us up early in the morning they jusl keep us awake all night." On receiving this, telephoned Mrs. Layman and asked if she'd, notified Hall of her problem. "Oh, she said. "And some- one there told me to file a com-- piahit In Corporation Court, but I'm not going to fool with that beepuse it takes ton long." In other words, she once you get to litigating over, chickens, you could stay in the courts for years. City Ally. Crawford Rccder. said he gels a surprising number; of "chicken calls" and can only, advise the complainants that San. Antonio has no law prohibiting' chickens.' Asked If such ft law were con- templated, Rccder said; "I don't i think so: Chickens arc not (hat big, R ,vlj mi WUHC uwaumg iiirmcr word miles and more. It was) viously satisfied no one compietelv lagrccment" on the terms for free--.from Castro, Donovan intends Ml- Tamalpais nonh oriallhough Ihe House yielded far jdom for Cuban invasion prisoners.'pick up his interrupted campaignjSan Francisco and an almost un-l less ground than the Senate in the j "I'm most optimistic afier re-j fir the U.S. Senate. He left thejbclievable 170 miles an hour atillth hour adjustments, .ceiving a new communication airport immediately for a Domo- the north Oregon coast's Mt. Also included in the last-minuti- Saturday from Premier rally at New Cily, N.Y. -radar station. 'compromise maneuvering the New York lawyer said He denied a report that he might Hie storm formed off 'or three of BJarrival nt Idlewild Airport, "llwithdraw from the race with Sen.'nia, hit the. Oregon-California which had been strickrn! yeiiow pencil proposals: Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., because jder Friday about noon, Ihe Senate-House conference, WASHINGTON (AP) Chan- .claimed that West Bern was not div of the demands of the Cuban nego-'pushrd northward at 40 miles an committee. The Senate later Knnrad Adenauer and Pres-la nan nf i11lc procedure with respect to tin Y 01 :7efl_ Guard will be somewha To Meet a %-minute; Union will take "unilateral" ic iPen tat to conclude a German peace' Ready JVoM Summer dT 'warn6 of r's training maneuvers, rails for revamping four o "j" Aniiy reserve divisions inti BerJn Uj000 mM, ar, infantry briga. to receive new Donovan said ihe S6'2 :ame here from of the demands of the Cuban nego-'p'.ishrd northward at 40 miles an committee ugh south of the] Donovan said ihe S6'2 million; nations on his time. The winds were shriekingUdded all 1 came tag Castro set on the "The mission to Cuba invnlvesjin from the ocean at their hnrri- population freedom was not a human Donovan said, "hutjcane-strength all ihe way in ihe Sen. Wa re banned "ic negotia-. this does not mean I will wiih-'Cascade Mountains. 125 had 1 I tlC1 horl inmn.A If. .1 i pan of the Kennedy will meet here.added that INov. 7 in a new effort to questions Wayne Morse. D-Ore., strategy on Berlin in ad- linns, for Castro had agr from the sea. What About Cuba? Or to put il another way, not: enough voters are bothered by; chickens to force an ordinance, juiciness g-S-n it's consolation to Mrs.i Laymun, Recdcr said he with city attorneys nf both Clntlcr M'C and Houslnn and they have an anti-chicken law The disiui-hins problem of the slate n[ U.S. defenses, im- piriant issues fnr Tcxa? voters in decide, all are in the Sunday news: THE MONROE DOCTRINE is nm ihe answer to ihe Cuban dilemma, says noted historian Henry Slcelo Commager, but there are three more relevant, widely- accepted principles America can rely on. Don't miss his' analvsK on Page 1-G. And, on the. same page, John Highlowcr looks inm the possibilities of blockading the Red forces of Fidel Castro. Arc Americans ready In fight to get Ihe Reds out of Cuba? The Gallup Poll turned up some revealing findings, which are reported on Papc 15-C. AMERICA'S SAFF.TY in the event of an outside attack gets a forthright analysis from Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in "How Safe is in This Week Majui'.inc. And an array of weapons thai could be' deadlier lhan atomic biological and ihe subject of a repon by science writer John Newell, on Page ]6T. PROPOSED AMENDMENTS to (he Texas Consiilu- tion. 14 nf them, will face you on Ihe Nov. fi election ballot. What would these proposals drP Be sure to read the full reporl nn them, on Page 15-C. l lhc i. vrayne Morse, iierim in ad- because if was the capinl ofi Guard to reorganirel had threatened to block ac-lvancc of a conference be- East Germany has hce" raartc clcar' tinn on the main public Kennedy and Soviet Pre-i In reply to a question supcest "liU Guard uniH money hill until the House Khrushchev. 'ing that West German troops' roorfianizetl -v the amended supplemental Adenauer initialed llie plan be sent in West Berlin '.Cc tllc new bill, indicated to newsmen hei'iis talk with Kennedy ten days i noisier the Allied garrison 'there receivn federal recogni ;wo'.ild accept the compromise sn-'agi) and the White liouse said reports showed Pentagon off: lutiun. Ihe public nnnouncement Satur- were "influential forces" IiaVC.- "wn lhe the Industry in Wilso, niciVanmra cvcr so R of RJ nominee for _ouiiuuy, -ouny. 'cnwr' Thi" year's festival pro- 1 The vast cinwrt which aswn- Connally, (bled on the rthouse square tr HA 'ianos and Orgam, iled. Alamo Piano Company- S. Alamn, CA-4-55M.