Friday, March 24, 1882

San Antonio Evening Light

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of San Antonio Evening Light on Friday, March 24, 1882

Evening Light, The (Newspaper) - March 24, 1882, San Antonio, Texas Vol. II. No. 5-k. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. FRIDA V, MARCH 24. 1882. 1O Gents a Week X Dills. parties are becoming yuile popu- lar. Olio Hilgers, it, is said, will be mar- ried about the iGlh of May. Alderman Lockwood a convert to wooden block pavements. macadam road for a business street is a relic of barbarism. i filthy streets of our city should be abated by next winter. and Muichic have sold about three hundred tickets for their gift concert. __liefore giving your order for job printing ust call in at the LIGHT office, and gel bids. whine of our evening cotcmporary over the cily printing is contemptible. Y. M. B. A. have not yel decided lo take part in the Volks-fest celebration. irrigating ditches cost more than they come to by two or three thousand dollars. wooden.pavement on Commerce street should be the first improvement in order. than make the crook in the side- walk on Alamo plaza Ihe city should pay for Ihe exlra sidewalk. a newspaper resorts to the low method of personal abuse, especially when unprovoked, it is even beneath contempt. state and county delinquent tax list is'to be advertised two months earlier ihis yeai than last% ditch leak in the city treasury is one of the mosl inexcusable, but there is not an alderman lhal dares put his thumb on it. new holel has, we are se- cured llie services of Peler I.oiselle, the fines steward and caterer in Texas. devil hath power to assume r pleasing what caps llie climax h to see an old bum tramp editing a religion? paper. remains of Mrs. George T. Ganes, o Kentucky, svho dietl yeslerdaynt Dr. Moore's will be shipped to Kentucky to-morrow untie: the superintendence of Phil Dei. letter from Phil Dei, who is now in New Orleans, describes everything as bein very dull on account of llie high thn prevails. were four cases before llie mayo this morning: two one "iiisiiliini language" and one as they are term ed in Ihe official vernacular. will be a race for at Srvn Pedro springs to-morrow, at half-past o'clock, between same horses that run la? Wednesday. Tlie horses are to carry eve weights. Lively belling already going on. cow pounders have been oul Ihn las Iwo nighls without making n haul, and ther has been a remarkable absence of stray call! on our streets. This shows what good a lilll .ndicious action cnn effect. Volks-fest committee of this cit might do well to pattern after ihe Houston a sociation. The prizes offered to military con panics amount to fire companies, .1 best decorated wagons, and fo the best singing club. On Sunday, the 2nd prox., Schenk's popi lar opera comique, "Dorlharhier" (ihe cil will be produced at Turner hall fr the firsl lime in Ihis cily, suppmed by Mm ame Rosetti and Messrs. Chas. Gerhard Henry Laager, Lafreniz, Schiebel, Siemerin and others. debiting the question whether "coi science was an inate principle or a crealu of education" "Mr. Muckle urged lhal all me had n conscience, but it was mighty hard woi finding' it in a lawyer. There were sever; lawyers present, but this seemed to be an nc cepted fact. Manning hns had himself in terviewed in the San Antonio Kxpress, an from which interview we infer thai unless ll P. O. department comes to his rescue soon he will be compelled to resign, as he can afford lo stand the expense of running ll office from his private means. seems impossible for our present ci' administration to do anyihing straight; the e tnhlishment of a new line on Ihe west side c Alamo plaxawas to straighten it, nntl ns an in d'ucemcnt ihe property owners were allowc several feet of ground, hut it now turns o that to accommodate Mr. Kampmann and ll Vance estate n crook is made in the line, ji to save a foot or two of sidewalk. Xillian says when his new buildin is finished, he will put in Ihe finest barb' shop in town. There is lo-be twelve chairs, six bath rooms, hot anil cold, separn balh rooms for ladies, the lloor is to be ca peted, and the walls of the ronm to bo sol mirrors, nnd all the modern improvement? ni pessary fur A first-class Tlio I'mv The enforcement of llie cow ordinance has, of course, greatly interfered with daiijinen willdn llie limits, and the petition from the ward asking a reduction of, the limits is the first move towards breaking down Ihe ordi- nance. Like petitions will be gotten up in olher wards and weak-kneed aldcnnen will ccumb to Ihe demand of ihe cow-keepers. Now, Iherc musl be a lime when our city ill cease to be a cow pasture. Thousands dollars are yearly invested in shrubbery ml trees to adorn private premises, and the ungry herds of cattle turned loose to roam will through Ihe streets are continually tie roying llie shrubbery end trees besides Hi- ring up the walks and premises of our cili- ens. Now, Ihe cow-keepers have a right to "asonnble protection, but they have no I'igh: turn their cattle loose in ihe If eople.will keep cows let them keep them ther in enclosures and feed them, or in asturcs or under herd. There is ml a par- tie of sense in repealing llie ordinance. there is still another view of the matter lat should not be lefl out, and that is a hu- lanilaiian callle that are turned t to roam Ihe streets are generally ill a veiy tarved condition, and il is cruelty to allow iiem to pick up a precaiions living brousing bout sidewalks. A sense of pride anil cleanliness should be ufticienl to maintain a callle ordinance, all >ver our city limits. A Cfmptor <m In view of llie facl of Ihe establishment of a jenuino club in our city, the following chaplei n draw poker may be useful to the unini- iated DRAW rOKRK AS A DISEASE. Draw poker is a must fascinating yet dcceiv- ng game. One of Ihe peculiarities of Ihe game s that the beginner, as soon as he finds oul one certain kind of a hand beats another, lhat a binIV, if successful, bents any band hihks he can play Ihe game better than any nan. If he holds a ptit'i hand oifce, and bets )ig on it anil scares out an old veteran, when e r.ikcs in the money he cocks hip; hal on one side and thinks how ricli he might have lave been if he hud learned to play poker be- 'ure. lie wonders why everybody docs not ijive up business and poker and get rich. As he counts over the chips he has won so easily by a simple display of nerve, he says to imsel': "This game is good for yours truly. Henceforth hard work and me will dis- e partnership." lie keeps on playing. When he wins his hat is cocked on one side ind when he loses he wears it straight. At first il is on one side most of the lime, then le gets to went1 it straight prelly fnujiicnt un- til he loses every dollar he has got nnd goes and clubs himself. Countiymcn who think they can play a pretty good game! of puker id themselves ia large cities, and they are not contented till get into a eame, and nine times oul often they get so everlastingly scooped that they cant tell their own names lill they Uiok at it pnslud on ihe inside of their hats. However good a man pluys, there is always some one lhal plays better, and they are always laying for a fellow lhat can1! play as well as they ran, while the countryman is always laying for some one that can phiy betr, ler. There is no game better calculated lake the conceit oul of a man than poker. We have had it taken out of us seventy-five dol- lars' worlh by a cuss that didn't seem to know half as much as we did. A man lias lo have the conceit lakfn out of him aboul eleven times before it will slay' oul, bul after he has once got it eradicated from Ihe system he never calches 1 le WEI.COMB RF.CK1TION as these swarthy, brave and daring soldiers ;ave to the represenUxlives of (he Aniciican Republic can never be.forgotten. It meant a ;real harmony between the two republics, as lie soldiers were there to represent the people ind speak iheir sentiment'. Having exchanged congratulations and wished the Mexican Republic greater success, ind hoping that the lime was not fat dislant hen all leading cilies of Mexico would be in communication by the iron horse with the uilics of the United States, the general and >arty returned, ail having formed-Ihe most [altering opinion of Mexico and the people While coming over this bridge tlie General istencd attentively to his daughter, who told lim all about her experience on the locomo- ive. The Globe-Democrat correspondent, xfter her story c.'.me to an end, joined the 'ieneral who looked up and, extending his and, began the conversation. SIIKKMAN'S vmws ON MEXICO. 'This has been a most eventful day, and FOKKIUN AND UOMKBTIO.' THE LINCOLNSHIRE RACKS. London, March spring meeting race for Lincolnshire handicap, one mile, was won by Counl Granger's five-year-old chest- nut horse, Porlatt, W. S. Crawford's five-year- old chestnut horse Master Waller, second and the same owner's five-year-old grey horse, third. DR. CANTZ'S CASE. London, March 22.--Dr. Edward Nathan Gantz, who was recently committed for trial with a view to his extradition to the Nether- lands where he is charged -with fraud in ob- taining money under false pretenses, has ob- tained a rule nisi for a writ of habeas corpus, claiming thai he is a naturalized American. WHAT IIISMAKCK SAYS. Berlin, March Bismarck, con- versing with several members of the Prussian Diet, slated thai he was prepared for Ihe re- jeclion of ihe tobacco monopoly bill by Ihe Reichstag, He snid that he did not inlend to dissolve the Reichstag in the event of its re- jecting the bill, bul would leave the queslion to time, hoping that the tobacco factors them- selves would eventally ask for a slate mo- nopoly. A DESPERADO. St- Louis, March catllelmcn, en route from Wichita, Kansas, to Fort Worth, Texas, campek aboul thirty miles From Forl Reno. One, named Stevens, was sick, nn- other, named John Morgan, drove llie Iwo re- maining men away, murdered Stevens ami es- caped witn llie slock and equipments of the parly, going in Ihe direclion of Kansas. THE RUINS OF THE TU1I.KRIES. Paris, March the chamber of depu- ties, yesterday, a bill appropriating francs for ihe demolition of the ruins of the Tuileries was cnrried by a vote of 376 to lO. JP.WS EXrEl.i.ED. London, March from Moscow slate ihnl ihe Soo persons who were expelled from lhat place some time since for not hav- ing passports were Jews. HOUSE OK COMMONS. London, March Ihe debate in Ihe house of commons last evening, on Mr. Ar- nold's motion, declaring in favor of equaliza- tion of borough and counly franchise, Mr. Goschen voled with Ihe majority agninsl nd- jourmnent, although Mr. Gladstone intimated tluil a division would be taken as indicative of llie opinion of ihe house on Ihe main ques- tion. The majority numbered 192 and the minority 137. The lalter consisted of conser- vatives and seventeen Irish members. Mr. Go'schen has hitherto opposed county fran- chise. The debate was ultimately adjourned by consent. It is considered lhat the above division will settle the question that the regula- tion of county franchise is clcaily within Ihe mission of the present parliament. one as important to United Stales as to Al'l'AKITlON OKTHK VIRGIN. he said. "The building of Ihe In- ernalional railroad inlo (he very heart of (he l-and of the Montexumas will advance her general prosperity beyond calculation. Her mines will be opened on an extensive scale, capitalists will invest their maney in various enterprises, commercial relations will be es- tablished between all ihe leading firms, and the country will build up as if by magic." "Do you think Mexico is ove.rntetl in re- gard to her mjnes of gold, silver, and, in fact, all precious was askctl. "No, not at all. I have had numerous con- versations with leading genllemen who have spent years in Mexico for the mere purpose satisfying themselves in regard to her re- sources, and all seemed to be of one opinion Mexico would yet nslonibh the world with her mines of gold and silver." "How were you impressed with "Well, I must acknowledge that the Lone Star State has SURPRISED ME 11EYOND EXPRESSION. It has taken a wonderful stride, and is bound to make one of the grandest and most pros- perous stales in ihe Union. 1 was more than pleased to see her massive business blocks, her handsome educational institutions, and Ihe many church spires, which are so numerous in all her cilies and towns." "Then your opinion of Texas is not so se- vere as Gen. Sheridun's, who is accused of saying that if he owned Texas and hell, he would rent Texas anil live in "Yes, this has always been pul down to Sheridan, bul he never said it. A few weeks before I left for my trip south he said to me 'Deny that slory in tpto, and say to the people the truth. "Do nol heed a very good girl. Then again it a delusion, he snid. It was nol in of Texas that I tion." never made such an asser- uml the culois of tlwi country, almost liiilin The train htui now reached and the general and parly alighted for a hours before taking their departure for San Antonio. From that point he will visit all the important milita- ry posts in the south, nnd upon his relurn home a report to Ihe secretary, of war. L. They had a good deal of trouble in a Mon- treal court the olher day Irying to swear in a Chinaman He said he "believed" in any- thing; that he "no swenree at and he didn't swear on a saucer. When asked if he was a liudhist he answered "Me no knowee what you say. What you In reply lo theipteslion "What relieion do you belong He said: "Stale of nnd was finally sworn by crossing his hands on his Sunday School Gazelle. are no indications yet of the np- pomlment of n. marshal, A. Chilli Wln> Snw It TblUlie llor Tlio Spectacle Seon in 1'runco'lu 1H2-I. Troy, March 6. Rev. Peter IluveY- mans is Ihe pastor of St. Mary's church, which is the richest Roman Catholic congre- gation in (his city. He was ordaineil in the priesthood over half a cenlury ngo. A corres- pondent of the Sun called upon the nged cler- gyman this evening to oblain his opinion of the alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary at the Jones domicile in this city. Father llnv- erimns said that yesterday aflernooii Annie Maloney, aged fourteen years, who lives in the Jones house, called on him ami asked what she ought lo do.wlicn people told her not loi them, my replied the priest, '-but tell ihe truth at all times." "That is what I answered the child, "and I will tell you what I saw. I know, father, thai I saw Ihe Blessed Virgin at house where 1 live, in the rear of 300 First s reel. I saw it first and told tlie others. I. began to tell about it outside, and I was told lhal I must not do so." Father Hnvermans did not wish to give an npini'Mi of the alleged apparition of the Virgin ul Mr. Jones' house, but said il was possible lhat what the Maloney girl had said wns true. She svas might be his parish, and he had not made any investi- gation. "I he added, "a. miracle is ns liable to happen here as elsewhere. I am .not a skeptic; but I remember an apparition which was witnessed by thousands besides myself. It was while I was a student at Poitiers" -in France, on the jubilee of Leo XII., in 1824.' When the services were about to commence at midday, a cross, apparently two hundred leet high, waved over the edifice and remain- ed for nearly an hour. This wonderful spec- tacle was discussed by the press, and the name ol the structure was changed lo the Church of the Holy Cross. On the occasion of my recent visit to Kurope I saw a man who had been a paralytic who was instantly cured by a visit to Knock Chapel, in Ireland. The church is very reluctant y> move in these mailers, and in fact, discountenances them, and up lo this time the alleged miracles at Kriock hnve not received the approval of the church. Whether anything will be done in this case I ilo not know, but i( is vviitrn the province of the bishop of llie diocese appoint a committee of investigation." The excitement ihe alleged npparition does nol diminish. At live this afternoon U is estimated lhat there were over five hundred persons in the neighborhood of the Jones 'resi- dence, but only a favored few were admitted. [New York Sun. When Farmer Budge read that a bull pnint- ed by Horn lionheur sold for he re- marked lo his wife he didn't see how a coat of paint could so greatly advance the value of the animal, but if wouldn't charge rnoie lhan would get her to paint his bull in sprinq. And his economical wife replied tlint she lit he might do il hhnsel f and save his The inilirruions are now the bull e

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