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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 3, 2011, New Braunfels, Texas I NiiÜ» i/ii« 61 Wednesday, July 13,2011 | Fielder propels NL to win PHOENIX(AP) PrifKt' Fielder hi! d thrc'e-riin homer ,md Kov l l.ill.ulay and his reliei ( omiiined on a six-hifter to leafl the Nl over the Al 5-1 Tu(*s-dav nr^hf, ^i\ing the senior c ir-tuit Its lirvt two-game winning strt'ak srni e the mid The vi( tor\ haiuh’d the Nl home-field iKKanlage in the World S(“rie<> With M'veral big namrs as no-shows at ( hase fii'ld, tli(' Al lost more than the game. Boston right'hand('r |osh Beckett warnK'd ii|), then bowed out with a sore knt'e. Detroit slugger \tiguel ( ahrera left att('r hurting his side. [ ven l)etore thev v\ere hurt, manv stars w(>re missing, lustm V'('rlander, Felix Hernancle/ and many other ai <‘s started Sunday <)nd were ineligible, ( hij)j)er |on(>s and Alex Rodrigue/ were among those on the disabled list aiid Derek jeter want(xl a break. In all, 1(> of 84 All-Stars were dropped Tyler ( lippard got the win d('spite allowing a single to Adrian Beltre, his onlv batter. Keliev(*rs Clayton Kershaw, lair jurrjetis, ( raig Kimbrel, lonny Ventc'rs. H(’atn Bell, joel Flanrahan and Brian Wilson (onvbined to kee[) tht' NT ahead, f ieldt'r won the MVP award afl('r becoming the first Brewers playc'r to ln)mer in an All-Star game. Thc' World Series edge could ht‘lp him l.vter, with MiU waukcv and St, I ouis tit'd lor the ( entrai lead at the l)reak. In all, the Nationals have en)ov('d their Ix'st run sine (' taking thrc’c' in a row from thc'y had lost 12 straight games played to a dec ision before a i-l vit tory at Anahc'im last year. Ass(K.,,î!ed Pres'; HOUSTON Sampson, Bickerstaff join Rockets staff A person with knowledge* ( >1 the agri'emcnfs ' saw Kolvin Sampson and I B, Bi( kerstatt will join Kc'vin \V( H.ile's ( oac hing stall u ith lht‘ 1 louston Rockets. TIh' [)erson spoke on condition oi anon\mit\' Uies(la\ bee ause no otlic lal annoimi e-menl has i)e(‘ii made' b\ tlie t(‘,im in the midst ot the \BA l( H k( )Ut. \i( Hal(> was (lin'd lune 1 to replai Rie k •, who [)artc’d w.iys with the ti‘am .itU'r tour seasons. Sam()son was ,ilso inter VH'wcd tor ttii‘ hcMrl ( ()<)( hrng v.H anc \, He has been an assistiint ( i )a< h in Milwaukee since JUOH, and former l\ < oac heil ( )kl<ihoma and Indiana, Bickerstat! the son ot tormer NBA (oac Bt-rnie Bi( ki'rstalt, lias bcrn ,in in Minnesoi.i tlic' tour seasons, \U Hale coachc'd the iiml)erwolves at the c'nd ot the* J()()8-()‘) and also v\orkc“d in the tc*am's troni (tttice, CARMAUX, France Andre Greipel wins 10th stage of Tour ( if-rman sprinter Andre* (irtipel has won Iu(*sda\ s loth stage* ot the lour dc* Franc e, biMting M.irk ( avc'ndish In .i whc'c'l's ic’ngth in a d.ish t( > the* line', 1 rane c*'s Ihomas Voec k ler ki*C‘ps the vellow )erse\ alter ncvstling sateiv in the m.iin pa( k tor most ot tlic 'IH-milc' route* trom Auril-iae to( armaux, Wcdnesdas 's 1 1 th stage IS anothc*r tlal route* tor sprinie*rs before riders re*a( h the* gruelitig < liml)s ot the l\re*nee*s, LAS VEGAS 9 former champs still in running at WSOP Nine* former c[)ions are* still ci )mp<*ting in the World Se*rie*s ot Poke'r main e'vent in las Ve*giis, w Ith thre*e' li.iving alreacK [)laved their w,i\ to a third session. Six title*hol(lers, iik lud ing JOt)() ( f)am()ion lamie* (jold, 200') c hanip |oe 1 !.)( hem and 19‘H) winner Hue k Sec*d re*lurne‘d to the* t.)ble*s Tue*sday tor a se*c -ond sc'ssion in the* no-limit Tc'xas Hold 'e*m tourna-mc*nt, 1 ast y(*<ir's winne*r lon.ithan 1 )uham(‘l e*limin.ite*d trom thc* tour n.sment on Me/nday, i)ut thrc'c* former winnc-rs made it through the*ir sc“e i)nd 10 hours ot play. Phil He'llrnuth |r., who ti)ok the* m.iin event title* in 1 " )lav on Thursday wi along with 1 ‘18 i wtnnc'r Tom Me F voy and 2009 cFiampion |e)e ( ad,i. There are* 27 living flayers who have* we)fi poker's me)st [)restigious tourna- 2011 REGION III SWIM CHAMPIONSHIPS Coiirtfisy ()! IISAONLOCATION COM Kathy Coiiiefian took the silver in the 18-over 200-yard medley relay during Saturday’s Regional Swiiti Mef‘1 BIG SPLASH ,Mumerous Dolphins headed to state By Chris Hoffman ! tie Herald /fMtung Success just s(‘(*ms to lollow the* L.inda Park 1 }olphms. llie* New Braunfels-b.ised swim te<im 82 swimmers m ineli-vidual e\e*nts .ind 20 re*l<iy te*ams |)unc h their tu ke*ts to the 201 1 I \Al ( uimes of Fc' Summer Swimming ( h<im[Honships in Waco, Tyle*r Bu( k, 14, teiok the gold in three* c‘V(*nts b\ winning thc* 1 C 14-yc*<irolcl SO-\ard Irc'c'style with a time ot 2 K17, the* 100-yard lr('e*st\l(* in Si),24 and the ')()-\arcl buttertl\ with a time of, whic h was nc*arly 10 sc*c -onds ,ihe*.ul of his competition. Buck ( ontinues to prove that lic*'s one of the* top young swim- me*rs in the rc'gion, as his time’s kc*ep dropping c*<u h se.ison. Proof IS in his buttertlv time, which has droppe*d trom i 1.2‘> in 2009 to 27.f)2 l.tst wc'c*kend, The top two limshers in each event advanc (*d to the state* g.inii's, whic h are* bc»ing he*ld on lulv 28 VO. Noali Barrer.i, 8, took double* gold in the 8-undc'r 2S-yard frc*estylc* in a time* ot 18.H and the* 50-varcl frc-estylc* witli a time* 01422)5. Barrc'ra also a me-mber ot the first place lOO yard lre>c*stylc* re* I ay team. I )e*re*k Duc kworth, 12, won the* 1 1 -12-ye>.)r-old SO-yard trec*style* with a time ot 28.OS and was a mc*mbe*r of the* tirsi |)lace 200 \ard me*ellev rei.u te'.im, while* pl.H ing s(*( ond in the* SO-yard b.ic kstrokc* with a time e>l iS.lO. Duckworth was edge*d out b\ Blake* Barton ot the* Boeme* rac uejas b\ 0.22 sen onds. ( )n the* girls side*, Katelyn ('.ile rease*, 1 2, look lirst in thc* 1 1 1 2-ye*,ir-old ')0*\ard tree*style with a time* ot UI.28, .ind the 100-Iree* with a time* ot 1:08.1 2. (')ikreasi's SO trc*e time* was two seconds lastc*r sc'conel plac e. ( ammi Williams, 9, took gold in the 9 10-year'e)ld 50-trc'e with a Itme of ci.BS, lirst in the 100 yard individual medley with a time ot 1 : M .40 and was ,i m<*ni l)c*r of the* lirst place 100-yard medley relay sc| THE EXTRA POINT New Braunfels' Sara Kathryn fallen Texas fan’s widow thanks Ryan, Hamilton rne*nt. BROWNWOOD{AP) Ihe* widow of thc* tire* lightc*r w'ho teli lo his dc*alh al a Tc*xas Range*rs game s.t\'s thc* tc*am, b<)vball and |osh Hamilton rc*m<iin prc* e lous to hcr and her (^yi*.!^ old son. In a statemc*nt rc*le*asc*d Iuc*sdav, |e*nny Storie also thtirikc*d evc'py'one* wTio has re*.i( hc'd oui te) hel ) he*r lamily siru e* hc*r bus lanci, {9-y(*iii old Sliannon Stone, die*d iTìursd.iy night. Among those* me*n1ionc*d wc*re* t(*am Ryan line irtsick*nt Nolan a man who hc'lped e are leir young ( oo|)(*r file* night liis fathe*r dte*d, and then visiie^l thc* gric*ving family on Sunday. Stone lost his l),il,mce‘ re*ac hing for a ball thrown l)y 1 lamilton - ( ooper's favorite [)laye*r and fc'll hc*adlirst 20 tc*c*t onto ( on-c rc*te*, He dic*d an hour lat er. FTimilton, in F^hex*nix tor the All-Star Cximc*, said he* plans to rc*ach out to the SteHie* taniily at some* |K)int. "( )F)viously, I WiHil it to l)c* |)ersonal, lac e to lac e," he* saicl Monday. "I'd love to know what kind of man Mr. Stone was and just mtH*l his wife* and his little* boy <ind see* where* it gcM*s from there*." Jury seated for Clemens trial WASHINGTON (AP) A jury ot 10 \vome*n .itul twe) me*n will de*e icic* whc'ther ex-l)ase*ball star Roge*r C'lemc*ns lic*d to (j)ngre*ss whc*n he* said he ne*ve*f used pe*rtorm-ance*-e*nhane ing drugs. The* jurors who took their se.its Tue'sday inc lude a woman whose cousin, formc*r outfie*lder Al BumF)ry, was a coach for thc* Be)sfe)ii Red Sox when (demc'irs pLiyed for the te*am. Ane)ther wonicUi on the jury said she* be*lic*ve‘s F’hiladel FAN ZONK SPORTS ON TV MENS COLLfQE BASKETBALL Todty CYCUNG 7 a.m. VERSUS Tour de France, stage VI, Blave les-Mines to Lavaur, France SOCCER 10:30 a.(n ESPN - FIFA, Women's World Cup, semifinal, France vs United States, at Moenchengladbach, Germanv 115 p.m. ESPN FIFA. Women's World Cup, semifinal, Japan vs Sweden, at Frankfurt, Gerrnany 1 p.m. ESPN2 — MLS/Premier league. World Football Challenge, Manchester United at New England i'(U) \Y'S SCOKKS LANCE GLANCE Former Canyon High School standout l«nce Berkman now a rightfielder with the St Louis Catdinals, went 1-for I MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday He IS hatting 290 this MLB STANDINGS National Laague East Division W L    Pet    GB Philadelphia    57 34    626    — Atlanta    54 38    587    3/ New York    46 45    505    11 Washington    46 46    500    11/i Florida    43 48    473    14 Central Division W L    Pet    GB Milwaukee    49 43    533 St Louis    49 43    533 Pittsburgh    47 43    522 1 Cincinnati    45 47    489 4 Chicago    37 55    402    12 Houston    30 62    326    19 West Division W L    Pet    GB San Francisco 52 40    565 An/ona    49 43    533 3 Colorado    43 48    473    8/ Los Angeles    41 51    446    11 San Diego    40 52    435    12 Tuesday's Results All Star Game at Phoenix. AZ, 8 05 p m Today's Games No games scheduled Thursday's Games Florida at Chicago Cubs, 7 05 p m Milwaukee at Colorado, 7 40 p m San Francisco at San Diego, 9 05 p m Boston New York Tampa Bay Toronto Baltimore Detroit Cleveland Chicago Minnesota Kansas City American League East Division W L 55 35 53 35 49 41 45 47 36    52 Central Division W L 49 43 4? 42 44 48 41 48 37    54 West Division Pet GB 611 602 544 Texas Los Angeles Seattle Oakland 50 42 43 48 39 53 489    11 409    18 Pet    GB 533 528    1/2 478    5 461    61/2 407    11 1/2 Pet    GB 554 543    1 473    7 1/2 424    12 Tuesday's Results All Star Game at Phoenix, Al. 8:05 p m Today's Games No games scheduled Thursday's Games Cleveland at Baltimore, 6 05 pm N V Yankees at Toronto, 607 p m Kansas Citv at Minnesota, 7 10 p m lexas at Seattle, 910 p m phia I agle*s c|uarte*rbac k Mic*l Vic k was "done wrong" m his criminal e onvie lion in eonnec lion with dogfight ing. lour othe*r people we*re s(*,itc*d as alte*rnate jurois in c ase any ot the* 12 can't serve, Prose'c ute>rs ,ind ( leme*ns' delense* ie*ine)ved 20 pe'0|)le* frotii ihci pocil of {() jurors^ offering no public explanation for thc*if dec i-sions ()pe*ning argume*nts .ire* se li(*dule>d lor lod.iy,. NB beats Yoakum LULUNG Matt Me (lehc'e hit a two-run home*r and |ac k Martin pite hc*d live solid innings to lc*ad New Braunfc*ls to an I l-‘) vic tory over Yoakum to win the* luntor International District U Champi' onship on Tuesday night. Will) the win, New Braunfels advanc es to the sc*ctionals, which begin Friday at NBLL SCORES, PHOTOS We want your scores and pFiotos, Email ttiem to sports® ► TEXAS LOTTERY PICK 3 (7/12) Day 0-2-4 Night 44-1 DAILY 4 (7/12) Day 7-1-8-4 ¡-¿»JS-Night 7-1-5-6 SATURDAY LOTTO Jackpot; $9 million 22-24-30-42-46-48 (7/9) WEDNESDAY LOTTO Jackpot: $8million 19-21-22-41-47-49 (7/6) MEGA MILLIONS (7/12) 3-9-11-44-49 MB, 9 Megaplier: 4 TEXAS TWO STEP (7A7) 1-5-17-22 BB: 25 CASH FIVE (7/12) 17-30-31-33-35 POWERBALL (7/9) 1-9-11-23-31 PB: 6 Power Play; 3 Fur breaking news, sports scores, weather, traffic and mid day updates, follow us pn Twitter QNewBraunfelsHZ ri Learn what's in tomorrow's paper, otter news tips, receive alerts Becorne a New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung Facebook fan Receive ttie Heratd-Zeitiing e-newsletter in your e-mail box each ^ ifioijiing herajd-zeitung.eohi. Click'Herald Zeitung Mailing List'