Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 20, 2011, New Braunfels, Texas Medicare costs to reduce COLÀ raise WASHMGTON(AP) diflrt't Iasi long. About 55 million Social Set II r I ty irrt i pients w j 11 get th(‘ir first Inc r(*,ise in benefits ni'xt year since 200^) — a i.ii p(>rcent raise. But high(*r Meiii( are premiums could erase part of it. for some, higher Medi( are f^art B premiums could wipe out as much as a fourth of their raise fro m So c I a I S e c u r i t y , ac( ording to proj('c tions by the trustees who oversee' th(> programs. M('dicar(‘ is exjKHted to announce 2012 Pan B pre miums as early as next week. The premiums, which c over dcK tor visits,; are d(‘duc ted automatically from monthly Social Sec urity payments. The Social Security Administration announc c'd the pay increase Wednesday, offering a measure' of comfort to millions of retirees and disabled pc'o-ple, many who have st'on their retirement accounts dwindle, home values drop and out-of-pocket mc'clical costs rise in the years since thc'ir last raise. Starting in lanuary, 55 million Social Security recipients will get increases averaging $39 a month, or just over $467 for the yt’ar. In Dec eml^H’r, morip than 8 million people who receive Supplemental Security Income, the disability program fc)r the poor, will get increases averaging $18 a month, or about $216 for the yc'ar. In all, 1 in 5 U.S. rc'si-dents stand to gc't a rais(' from the cost-of-living adjustment, or (OLA. Adv(Kate'S for sc'niors say the raise is welcome and ovc’fdue. "It may lx> cold comfort, however, once they see just how high next year's Medicare prem i ums wi 11 go," said Max Kichtman, president and ('FO of the National Conimittee to Preserve' Social Security and Mc'dicare. The annual cost-of-living adjustment is tied to an inflation measure released Wc'dhesday. The measure', whic h was adoptc'd in the l‘>7()s, pro-ducc'd no CX)IA in 2010 or 2011 bee ause inflation was too low. Social Security raise next year After two years without an increase in ber^fits , Social Security recipients wilt finally get a raise as the government releases an inflation measure that determines the annual cost of living adjustment, or COLA 3,6% SODRCF Social    Admifiistr,ititxi AP FDA blames dirty equipment in listeria outbreak WASHINGTON (AP) Pools ol water on the fl(K)r and old, hard-to-c k'ati ef|iiipmeni at a (olorado 1,1 rni's c anta l( )up(>-packi ng fa( ilily were )robably to blame for the* (t>adli('st out bre<)k of toodborm* illne'ss in 25 years, the' Food and Drug Administration said Wedne'sday. Investigaiofs found [)osi-tive' samples of listeria bacteria on t'(|ui[)ment in the* |e'nse>n Farms packing tac il-ity and on fruit that had be'C'n held there'. The' FDA said |ens(>n Farms had rc‘( e'ntly [)ur( hased used ef|uii)ment that was < orrod-eei, dirty and hard to e Ic'an. The' tioors vve*re also con struc Ic'd so thc'y were' hard to (levin, so )ools ot water yotentialK larboring the* )a( te'ri.i tormc'd c lose* to the* pa( king eejuipment.The' dirts eejui()nK'n1 was prc'vi-ously use'd to wash and drv potatoc'S, the* age>nev said, and the listeria "eoiild have' be'en intnxlue e'd <is ,i re'sult ot past use' ot the* t'Cjuip-nient," <H ( ording to the* re'port. Lions and tigers shot in Ohio; owner freed dangerous animals Annual cancer screenings urged for fewer people ZANESVILLE, Ohlo(AP) Sheriff's deputie»s shot ne.idy 50 wild animals — including 18 rare Bengal tige'rs and 1 7 lievns — in a big-game hunt ae ross the slate's , countryside' We'dnc'sday aftc'r the* own-e>r of an exotic -animal park thrc'w their cage's open and (ommitted suicide in what may have be'C'n onc' last act of spite against his ne'ighbe)rs and [)olice. As homeowne'rs nervously hid indeK)rs, officers arme'd with high-pe)werc'd rifles and shoeyt-to-kill orele'rs fannc'dout through fie'leis and woexls to hunt down 56 animals that had be^'n turnc'd lex)sc* trom the' Muskingum County Farm by ownc'f Terry Thompson be'forc* he she>l himself to dc'ath Tue'sciay. After an all-night hunt extendeei into VVe'dnc^sday afternoon, 48 animals we're killed. Six othe'rs —- three le'opards, a grizzly bear .inel two monkc'ys we're ca[)turc'd and taken to the ( olumbus Zoo. A we)lf was later found dead, leaving a meinkey as the only atii-mal still on the loose. The)se clc'stre)yc*d included six blaek bears, two grizzlic'S, a babe)on and three me>untain lions. Dc'ael anim.ils were' be'ing buried on Fhompson's farm, officials said. "It's like' Noah's Ark wre'cking right here in Zanesville, Oiie)," lamc'nt-c'd lack Hanna, TV [K'rson-alitv and forme'r director of tfie Columbus Zoo. FHanna defende'd the sheriff's dee ision to kill the animals but said the* deaths of the* tigers were espc'c i.illy tr.igic. Thc're are only about 1,400 e)t the c'ndangc're'd cats lelt in the* world, he' said. "When I he'ard 18, I was still in disbelief," he* said. "The* me)St magnificent creature in the entire' worlel, the tige'r is." As the hunt dragge*d on outside of'sviile, [)0[)-ulation 25,000, sc hools close'd in the mostly rural area of larms <ind wielc'ly spaced homes 55 mile's east of ( olumbus. Pare'nts were w'arned to kc'c'p e hil-dren and |K*ts index)rs. And flashing signs <vlong highways te)ld motorists, "( au-tion exotic animals" <ind "Stay in vc'hie U\" Ofti(e*rs we're’ orde'red to kill the* animals instc'ad eif trying to bring them down with]uilize'rs for fear that those hit with darts would e'sc ape' in the darkness before thc'y dropfye'd and would later re'gain conse iousnc'ss, "The*se‘ animals w'e*re on the move, they we're showing aggre'ssive behavior," She*riff Malt 1 utz said. "One e* the nightfall hit, our bigge'sl cone (*rn was having thc'se .inimals roam-ing." The* sheriti would not sf)eculate* why Thompson killc'el himse*ll and why he left ope'n the* ( ages and fence's <it his 7 ?-acre* [>re-serve*. de)oming the .inimals he' sc'e*m('(l te) love so much. F Tom ttie Associated Press -Annual e ane e'f tc'sts are becoming a thing of the' past. Ne'w guielelines out Wednc'sday tor cervical cancer screening have e*xf)C'rts at odds over some things, but the'y are unitc'd in the view that the common prae tice of gc'tting a Pa|) te*st every ye*ar is too often and probably doing more' harm than good. A P.ip smear once' evc'ry thrc'e yc'ars is the- best w.iy to dete'ct cervKiil canc er, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says. I <ist week, It rec ommended .igainst prostate cane er sc re'C'ning with PSA te'sts, whic h many men ge*t c*ve*ry ye*ar. Two yc'ars ago, it said mammograms to chc'c k lor bre'ast c ancer <)re only nee'ded ever\ othc'r \e*ar starting at age 50, although the' Ame*rican ( ancer Soc i-c*ty still advisc's annual te*sts starting at age* 40. l arlicr this wc*ek, a t.irge* study tound more talse alarms tor womcvn ge'tting mammograms ever\ \e*.)r inste'ad ot e*very othe*r year, "The* more tests that you do, the more likc'ly you are» to be fac e'd with a false-positive test" that le'acls to unnc'c C'ssary f>io[)-sie's and possible harm, said [^r. Michae'l 1 eFe'vre*, one of the task tc)rc c' Ic'.id c*rs and profc'ssor ot family and c ommunity me*di-c ine at the' Univc'rsity of Missouri. "We sc'c* an e-merging consensus that annual Pa[> te'sts are not rc'cjuire'd tor us to sc'e the' bc'nc'fits that we have sec'n" frorTi scree'n-ing, he* said. Those l)C'nefits are* substantial. { ervic <il c anc e'r h<»s dc'c linc'cl dramatically in the* Unile'cl State's, from nearly I 5 c ases tor every 100,000 \vome*n in IT'j to nc'arK [)C'r 100,000 in 2008. About 12,200 nc*w c ,is-C's and 4,2 10 de'alhs Irom the* disc'ase oe c urre'd last \c*,)r, most ot tlic'm in women who have* nc*vc*r b(*e*n sc reeneel or not in the' past live* ye'afs. BLUEBONNET If Your local LINCOLN Dealer. •    Complfmenfary Maintenance 4 Year/50,000 Miles On All New UNCOLNS. •    CompllmOHfary Car Wash with all service work •    Complimentary UIMCOLN Loaner Car 2011 UNCOIN MKZ SPORT APPEARANCE FACKAC3E sm. 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