Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 12, 2007, New Braunfels, Texas June 5 Search continues for missing soldier Man stationed at Fort Hood dW not return from exercise PORT HOOD than 500 sol diets and other searchers walked sideby side Monday in scorching heat looking for any sign of a soldier lost nearly three days in the junipercovered hills of the forts training They came up Lawrence told his commanders by cell phone that he was tost late after he was two hours over due in a solo navigation training He didnt indicate he was sick or distressed at the but his phones battery has since died and searchers were worried that he had succumbed to the 90phis degree heat The searchers took a fourhour break during the hottest part of the day Monday to ensure they wouldnt become said Diane a III Corps spokes A handful suffered heat exhaus tion during the first two days of the Besides searches on the allter rain vehicle operators and two Army Blade Hawk helicopters were scanning the training area day and night By Monday roughly acres had been searched by ground many of them Spraders classmates in the leader ship training the ground search ended at nightfall on but the helicopters were expected to fly all Ground searchers were to return this Theres a especially with the heat that he probably was seek ing which is obviously compound ing the Battaglia of Prince had two canteens and a water and because of recent there is surface water scattered on the rolling grassy hills of the training she Health offi cials told searchers an individual like Sprader could probably survive four days without Dehydration wasnt the only Searchers said they also were worried that Sprader may have suffered a snake bite or other injuries that would immobilize Battaglia said officials have no reason to believe Sprader intentionally disappeared Other soldiers saw him on the course durr ing the and fellow students and commanders said he was a model sol recently promoted to Sprader was participating in leadership training for noncommissioned Part of that training was a solo naviga tional exercise designed to test basic map reading and navigation Humane Societ 40 pit bulls in HOUSTON AP The Houston Humane Society eized 40 pit bulls Tuesday after ietermining that the animals veie being raised for illegal dog Police discovered the animals when they were sent to investi gate a dangerous dog com They tracked the dog to its where it slid under a Inside the authorities discovered 40 pit bulls and eight Several appeared malnourished and had scars on their The fullgrown dogs were seizes ouston on very heavy Humane Society spokes woman Courtney Clark said in the online edition of the Hous ton Many of them were too heavy to be cut and had to be pulled out of the ground with She said investigators also found a giant spring used to strengthen canine jaw The spring was hanging from a tree The called a spring was The who doesnt live on the north side property where the dogs were 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Most people just dont have the time to get moved I take the burden away by organizing and setting them up in their new states Her clients have included single dads creating spaces for ageing men and women profes sionals working out of their or moving families into larger This time of year many clients have called Amber to help organize their The garage is usually the place where everything goes after spring I help organize by categorizing the garage and its Children can have a place for bikes and and parents now have a place for tools or explains Simplicity is also busy doing make overs in catchair Every home has a room that has not been assigned a purpose so it becomes a cluttered These rooms are perfect for home play or an extra living It really eliminates a persons stress when their home or office Is clutter free and useful says Simplicity is a company that can help even the busiest of homes get organ They even have tips and advice for their clients to maintain that clut terfree If 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