Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 17, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2B November 2005 COMICS MUCHKXS ReeEpaw 1117 CATHY VOU ONES FIT I ONIV KEPT THE ONES iTtWT FIT TD REWIND WHflT USED TO FIT I THEW IF THEV flCTUfltW DO FIT fj NO WONDER WOW6N TflKE 50 LONfr TO SET CLEATS JACK AMP I AtE TRY OUT FOR TME BASKETBALL CAtJ YOO GIVE MOtJPO AfJP JACK SOME BASKETBALL TIPS WE WAMT YOU BROTHER TO GIVE US SOME TIPS MEAM LIKE THE CHEAT COPES FOR NBA 2K6 AUTOMATIC MICHAEL I HAVE TO TWEY MEAM REAL WITM A BOOWQJJG BALL A YOU GUYS ARE C3 W f ME WRO1J6 ZIP IPOSWEAt FOR BETTER OR WORSE WORK I OUT BECOME FOXTROT EVER HAVE A NIGHTMARE WHERE YOU SUDDENLY FIND YOURSELF TAKING A BIG EXAM AND YOU HAVENT DONE ANY OF THE READING AND DONT KNOW ANY OF THE ANSWERS AND THE TEACHER IS STARING RIGHT AT YOU AND YOURE TOTALLY DOOMED AND THEN YOU WAKE UP HOW BOUT ONE WHERE YOU DONT WAKE UP HOWD YOUR HISTORY TEST GO GARFIELD C WHAT A NICE PAV STUPIP NICE PAV A TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE 2005 ACROSS 1 Water lily leaves 5 Big party nights 9 Dads sister 13 Striped stone 15 Mexican lad 16 Bryce Canyon state 17 More certain 18 Shoal 19 Collapse 20 Symbol of might 21 Enjoy a novel 23 Jungle squawker 25 King of gorillas 26 Of roses and tulips 27 Spend like crazy 30 Long fish 31 Mild onions 32 Steel toughener 37 Caspian Sea tributary 38 Sitters banes 40 Pantyhose color 41 Small motorboat 43 More than wants 44 Daughter of Hyperion 45 Late 47 Fortune 50 Towel off 51 Landing strip 52 Tame 53 Diner coffee 56 Between ports 57 Kirghiz mountains 59 as authority 61 Have a rash 62 Velvety plant 63 Enlarge 64 Grants approval 65 Swanky 66 Customs request DOWN 1 Texas 2 in Baja 3 Gloomy 4 Sault Marie 5 Make angry 6 Contended 7 Hydrocarbon suffix 8 Type of contact 2 9 Bode 10 City near Syracuse 11 Of ships 12 Every now and 14 Oversights 22 MIT grad 2005 United Feature 24 Oops girlfriend 25 Pal of Fran and Ollie 26 Heros deed 27 Mumble 28 Cuzco locale 29 Thin 32 Huge container 33 Name in tractors 34 Kept cold 35 Pakistans language 36 Ponder 38 Drill sergeants turf 2 39 traffic 42 Bartok 43 Male relative 45 Overly solemn 46 Through 47 Squander 48 Put up 49 Far East nannies 51 Opossums gripper 52 Deep voice 53 Star Wars knight 54 Vein contents 55 Sicilys erupter 58 Old card game 60 Centurions 14 PEANUTS rMOM FASTER NOSLOW DOWNLOOK OUT FOR POOCH CAFE TUMBLEWEEDS til M vWfc MOTHER ALWAYS WANTED ME TO MARRY A DOCTOR BUT YOU CAME ALONG AND STOLE MY HEART CHEER HE WIELDS A MEAN BANDAID AND ALWAYS CARRIES ASPIRIN 1117 THE WIZARD OF ID F WHAT CAN I PO TO I FEEL SIX peer TALL HOROSCOPE Rubes By Bernice Bede Osol In the year youre likely to establish meaningful pursu ing them with determination and Your assertive and inquisitive nature vyill help achieve all of your hearts SCORPIO 22 will get what you want today because of your talent not to The secret You are direct but not abrasive or pug SAGITTARIUS 21 Do not leave financial matters Conclude them to your even if you have to solicit CAPRICORN 19 are not likely to be intimidated by new challenges Imaginary fears are paper Use them to arouse your creativity and AQUARIUS 19 Do your best to fulfill the desires of loved ones Strike a balance between your needs and the wants of those who require your PISCES 20March 20 Should you be asked to referee disputes between dont Be a Youll display Solomonic ARIES March 21April 19 Profitable tides are rising and they could contribute to your material Keep a close eye on the water especially at high TAURUS April 20May 20 Your inner voice may tell you something big is Dont dismiss it as wishful Your dreams can come GEMINI May 21June 20 People who have your best interests af heart will try to make things easier Let even if its only an encouraging pat on the CANCER June 21July 22 Your positive outlook will let you stand out among your peers They will appreciate your friendly and youll bring out the best in LEO July 22 pride in your work and strive to do the best job you You will feel a sense of and all the right people will VIRGO 22 ALL WILD ANML5 Marmaduke My Ive been following your dog and I think youll need an planning a fun make certain it is both mentally and physically stimulat You might not think but it will turn out fo be far more LIBRA 23 Take on that pet project youve put on the back Its successful completion will do wonders for your Trying to patch up a broken romance The AstroGraph Matchmaker wheel can help you understand what to do to make the relationship Mail to Box OH Copyright Newspaper Enterprise Check H out