Sunday, October 9, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 30

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Text Content of Page 30 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, October 9, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 9, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 4E HERALDZEITUNG October 2005 COMICS ANNIE BOARDED BY STRAIT OF MALACCA SHIRMANS LAGOON HUH POTENTIAL ffOLIPAY ARE YOV GOING TO TELL MR THAT NO CAN MEGAN CANT GEEM TO REPEAT THE GET OFF HSR LAZY GET IN THE KITCHEH ANP TRY HARPER NOT EVEN OVER THE 1FINP IT AMAZING THAT MFE ACCIPENTALLY CREATEP LIFE MIL MAKING A WF WOVLP MARKET THIS AS A EPIBLE TUMBLEWEIDS vVHAr 4RE THESE ON f CLAMS 30T KNEES fj OF YOU CAN RUSTLE UP A 1 PALATABLE IM FAMISHED AND YOU HAND ME A PIECE OF VIRTUAL LEATHERI BOY THE BROTHERHOOD OF CERTIFIED SKULKERS WILL HEAR OF THIS 1010 CATHY THE WIZARD OF ID IM LEAVJIMO MOW iw SORRV I WAS 50 MUCH TROUBLE SEE WHflT SOmtONE EUbEl DOES KN0WN CURE HEAVY ANP FOR BETTER OR WORSE Rubes Marmaduke yggHAWw My CAME our IM We PEANNftAMD UNCUTII ITS ALL ABOUT WITH TME NEI6HBCWS FROM I ITCOVEK6 PAV we THSIR ON LG rwe DPI TUB I HOPE IT D06SM T IMTD CUAfZIONAND IF ffi GARFIELD I SAW THE CUTEST IN THE SUPERMARKET WAS ONLY IF VOU TO BUV THE PONUTS Dont be of course I see the big bear and the little But you should really refer to them by their proper names Ursa Major and Ursa He orchestrated a mutiny at the obedience school PEANUTS HOROSCOPE I KNOlU IM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO NEVER 6ET5 ANY LOVE THERE MUST f3E MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE UJORLP UJMO NEVER 6ET ANY LOVE I COULP BE THEIR 1 LEAPER TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Thin nail 5 Moon or eye 8 Diagnostic aid 12Cliffside abode 14 Quaker pronoun 15 to Helmut 16 Like couch potatoes 17 Kuwaiti leader 18 Eggy drinks 19 Suedes 21 Type of beard 23 Rocker part 24 Good times 25 Almostgrads 26 Rectangular 30 Close relatives 32 Hang loosely 33 Youthful indiscretions 2 36 Met celeb 37 Parton 38 Mountains or river 40 Foolish talk 42 Preferred strategy 2 43 Went undercover 44 Spice rack item 45 employee 48 Corral 49 Grumpys pal 50 Dough raisers 52 Discount 57 Fix up 58 By mouth 60 Like a seance 61 so much 62 Watch part 63 Sax mouthpieces 64 Withered 65 Lawyers charge 66 Ballad writer 1 so to speak 2 Lacoste of tennis 3 District 4 Soap target 5 Units of resistance 6 to Pierre 7 Red wine 8 Warrior princess 9 Wardens fear 10 High dudgeon 1 1 Oui and ja 13 Naturalgas component 14 Technical word 20 Work unit PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 2005 United Feature 22 Aware of 24 Totally 26 Unmatched 27 Hat part 28 Volcanic rock 29 Translucent gems 30 Felt crummy 31 River rapids 33 Roused up 34 Trolley 35 Compos mentis 37 Evaporates 2 39 Fall behind 41 Client 42 Draw up 44 Hidehair link 45 Early harps 46 Vex 47Consumerist Ralph 49 Cartoon chipmunk 51 Tender 52 Armorcrushing weapon 53 Over ones head 54 Twocolor cookie 55 Not narrow 56 Twig shelter Dawn Chong STUMPED Call for answers Touchtone or rotary phones 9Se per minute An unusual and unexpected opportunity which could benefit you financially or careerwise could suddenly develop for you in the year It will be triggered by a very peculiar chain of LIBRA 23 It looks like youre going to get something today that youve wanted for quite which you considered too It may be an item another is giving SCORPIO 22 Better keep your plans flexible today so that you can alter your course on a moments Theres a strong chance something exciting is going to pop up which you wont want to SAGITTARIUS 21 may be treat ed in a very generous fashion today by a source you would least The circumstances that prompt this generosity will be come about in a unique CAPRICORN 19 Some of the nicest things that happen for you today will not be of your own Circumstance and associates may treat you better than you would have planned for AQUARIUS 19 To your credit youll allow your compassionate instincts to take precedence over your logic today and do something very nice for Your actions will give you immeasurable pleas PISCES 20March 20 A person you havent heard from in a long time might get in touch with you today and bring you unfathomable The cir cumstances that have kept you apart may have now ARIES March 21April 19 A number of unexpect ed things could pop up today which could make your day a bit At the time they occur you might not appreciate their true worth you will TAURUS April 20May 20 No wonder everyone thinks youre a pretty nifty Itll be more impor tant to you today to please others before you do yourself and the joy you bring into their lives will mean a GEMINI May 21June 20 Your material aspects look better than usual Dont be surprised if some one to whom youve been kind in the past finds a means to reciprocate in some manner by way of a CANCER June 21July 22 Some very pleasant and unexpected happenings could be in the offing for you and make for a very cheerful They may alter your planned routine but you wont mind one LEO July 22 Get the house in order because chances are your residence could be like a mag net today attracting friends and family to your Be ready to handle some unexpected VIRGO 22 friend might relay some exciting news to you which youll be able to put to a good Itll make your Although you may experience some major changes in the year ahead which are not of your if you go with the flow and let the powers that be point the things will actually end up to your LIBRA 23 Family situations should be kept totally within the confines of your household Dont allow a domineering type who thinks knows everything butt in and confuse the SCORPIO 22 Persons with whom you associate today will have a great influence on your so strive to select chums who will spur you on instead of those who put a damper on everything you SAGITTARIUS 21 financial prospects look encouraging but only if you fol low through on those things youve worked hard to achieve and not try to go after pieinthesky being sold by a CAPRICORN 19 Play both business and social situations light and breezy today rather than being aggressive or Youll get a lot further using the soft touch rather than being AQUARIUS 19 Beware of a tendency today to alter matters that are presently running smoothly and need no Your input could end up doing far more harm than helping any minor PISCES 20March 20 It could be a bit diffi cult for you to leave emotions and feelings out of some of your evaluations or considerations Try to assess matters using your common sense and creative ARIES March 21April 19 have the where withal to get whatever it is you go after so long as you dont base your expectations on receiving unrealis tic Be prepared to totally go it TAURUS April 20May 20 Someone with whom youre involved today may have impressive credentials or but this doesnt necessarily mean that way of doing something is better than GEMINI May 21June 20 investigative facul ties are exceptionally keen yet a friend may cause you to have doubts about your Dont fail to take advantage of what your probes CANCER June 21July 22 Someone who had pro vided assistance to you in the past may require help from you Regardless of how difficult it might be for you to make the do what you can to LEO July 22 Career objectives can be achieved today if you rely solely on yourself and old customers with whom you have no personal Dont expect friends to help you meet your VIRGO 22 A fun time could be in the making with friends or business cohorts so long as everyone is willing to pay fair part of the shared Make sure you have no freeloaders Parent Organizations Community Organizations Clubs Meetings Sports Stories Great Deals CATCH IT ALL EACH MORNING Call 6259144 to subscribe today HERALDZEITUNG