Friday, October 7, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, October 7, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 7, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2B October 2005 COMICS tnitoouRmRp i MffibKAYtom BRING MIM A0OARP ANP BREAK OUT 1MB FIRSTAID LETS S66 WMAT WE CAN PO FOR TME POOR VBAW MAVB6 JUST J WHAT IT LOOKS UK6f BUT I THINK ITU TAK6 OUT A LITTU6 INSURANCE JUST IN CASE one ANPUAPPLfPOFFAT KFVRIOU9RML TuMBUwnos MUSHROOMS SHOULD CAN DO SOME SHARE CROPPING FOR ME TO KEEP I TRUST YOU GOT MY WELLWISHES GIFT III STOP FEELING BY THE MAUSO V AND SEE CLAUDE ONE WHERE A Hor BteE WITH A SULTRf V0ICE We THANKS FOR THE PLANT CATHY I SEE THIS NOT THE TIME TO BE ABOUT SQUflTCRS RI6HTS J HOUR fflOUIMfr DflN 50 I COULD ESTflBUbH MV mOWERINLAW ITS NO PLflCETD FOR BETTER OR WORSE we WALep FROM ide POM MOM 6EOONDS TWEOOeH A i OF 1HB DCOM6 THROUGH AUD I 5 WMy SHED WAMTeD i COME TO TO GARFIELD WHAT THIS MEAN SOME THINGS ARE BEST EPT UNSAIP flTMPAV9 107 PEANUTS IM SHORTER THAN YOU BUT SOMEPAY ILL BE TALLER THAN ILL BE REAL AND YOULL HAVE TO LOOK STRAIGHT UP TO SEE MY EYES IF A PERSON HAS A NICE NOTHING ELSE ILL HAVE A NICE SMILE AND VERY TALL TEETH r TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 TD passers 4 Dirigible 9 Cuts unevenly 13 Shoe saver 14 Troopers aid 15 Explorer Sebastian 16jikea rock Valiants wife 19 Cut off 20Fellow feeling 22Horsedrawn vehicles 25 Filter in 26 Drips 28Totals 35 Pile of papers 37 Aquarium scavenger 38 Famous lithographer 40 Eagles lair 42 Earthen pot 43 Candle lovers 45 Coffee or end 47 Dandy 48 Happened next 50 Robbery 52 Hike 54 Drive back 58 Extravagant 62 Passes over 63 Burstyn 64 Talks about 67 Mold source 68 Fierce whales 69 Potpie veggie 70 Hauls off 71 Trawler net 72 CIA employee DOWN 1 Swab brand 2 Dull and ordinary 3 Trunk contents 4 River crossers 5 Go on the 6 Snake River 7 Tangles 8 Hunts for food 9 Hot condiment 10 Be a party to 11 Early Teuton 12 Hang around 15 Prances PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 2005 United Feature 17 Diamond 21 Kittens cry 23 Big laugh 24 Claytarget sport 27 Andrews ex 29 Baby elephant 30 About 31 Cads rebuke 32 Wordless actor 33 River in England 34 say 36 Bran provides it 39 Camera parts 41 Newsman Abel 44 Calm 46 Take as a cause 49 Telephone trio 51 Antacid brand 53 Compliments 55 Says yeth 56 Not gradual 57 Dryden work 58 Into the sunset 59 Puppychow brand 60 Put on the brakes 61 Trevi Fountain coins 65 flick 66 Be able to STUMPED Call for answers Touchtone or rotary phones 95e per minute 900 2265934 THE WIZARD OP ID WHEN PIP WU STAUT PUTTIN0 BETWEEN TWO THEEARUOFSrWWICH TO SEE Y0U Rubes Marmaduke Spare me the seat belts save lives officer How do you think I ended up this way Why would anyone take a number to be barked at HOROSCOPE Oct Several happy situations could be in the offing for you the year ahead that will bring you closer to who and what you really Acting on youll be able to oper ate on your own terms and bring good fortune to you and your LIBRA 23 A selfunderstanding about who and what you are will aid you considerably today in interactions with With it youll be able to express the true you and bring out your best SCORPIO 22 Do not ignore any hunches or intuitive perceptions you get today on ways to better the lots of persons to whom you feel responsi Theyll not only work for but bring you happi SAGITTARIUS 21 Over the next cou ple of weeks your ideals may become very important to Once youre sure theyre realistic for do all that you can to put them into play in your everyday CAPRICORN 19 Conditions that have an effect on your finances could take a sharp turn for the better today through a good deed of another to whom you may have been kind in the past Its your AQUARIUS 19 set aside projects today that are of a routine nature and take on doing something nice for one you like simply because youre grateful for who they are and what you PISCES 20March 20 An opportunity may develop today for you that will fit nicely into a success ful situation that a friend has It could have some hidden underpinnings that you can handle ARIES March 21April 19 is a period when selflessness will count for far more than Instead of losing anything when you place your emphasis on oth itll make you the winner in the long TAURUS April 20May 20 Big strides on an impor tant project can be made today if you allow yourself to look for new ways to do things Use your imagina tion to rise above the obvious and see things in a new GEMINI May 21June 20 will respond more readily and retain what you want to teach them today if you set the example of a charitable and thought fulness Theyll like what they CANCER June 21July 22 Situations could work out quite well today where relatives or members of your immediate family are Caring for one anoth er will make a better world for you and those you LEO July 22 Involvements that arouse your inner idealism will work out exceptionally well for you today both emotionally and It could play a major factor in your relationships with VIRGO 22 This is a good day to spend some time trying to get a clearer idea of where you are in life and how well you have fulfilled your spir itual and material needs then put your thoughts into Get a jump on life by understanding the influences which are governing you in the year Send for your AstroGraph year ahead predictions by mailing to this Box OH Be sure to state your zodiac Copyright Newspaper Enterprise HERALDZEITUNG 707 LANDA STREET NEW TX 78130 8306259144 METRO 8306060846 3 MONTHS REGULAR N6 ONLY SAVE 13 FROM REGULAR NEWSSTAND PRICE OF 6 MONTHS SAVE 35 FROM REGULAR NEWSSTAND PRICE OF ONLY 12 MONTHS ONLY99 A savings of 46 Address City State one Cash Check MasterCard Visa Discover Acct Amount