Thursday, September 8, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, September 8, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 8, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2B September 2005 COMICS ANNII SHIRMANS LAOOON AND SO AMGUA SANTIAGO MIAMI BUT MB WAS MV FATHERS BEST FRIEND I PBUT UKC J OWmP MIM SOM6TWINOSOM6WOW PONTEV6N KNOW WMV CANT EXPLAIN OUdHTTO THANK MV STARS ANP I WAS R6AOV TO FUV TOCORORO Olir OF TUG COUNTRyCOLMD SOME TO PRISON FOR BUT I KNOW I FAILED IM TUMBLIWHDS AND I WONT GIVE YA A SODONT ASK SO WE HANGOUT NO PROS I WILL NOT MARRY I WILL NOT GET I N PUMPUNSAT CATHY PRETH 8LUE J SflNDfllAfj 6ET SEMTIWEMTflL I flBOUTTHESflNDfllSf THE WHITE PflNTSTHflT ZIPPED ONCE IN SOU CfltfT GWE UP OMTHESE f AN WARDROBE V TWENTV SECONDS TD TWENW VEflRS TO GET RlO FOR BETTER OR WORSE yw TWO VevAH tJonT eecKv eer voo i DONT KNOW i CAN FIND GARFIELD WERE OUT OF POTATO CHIPS NOT HOW UNFORTUNATE ANP HOW 5O STRANGE JjfrAPAVfS PEANUTS I I APPRECIATE THE HELP WOVE GIVEN ME I WAS IF I SHOULP SET A SECONP ONLYIFYOUDONTMINP MV BEATIN6 VOU OVER THE HEAP WITH THAT STOOL YOURE SITTING ON I 6UE55 FIRST OPINIONS ARE PRETTY TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE 2005 ACROSS 1 Bombay nanny 5 Mandrakes field 10PD members 14 Weak 15LuPone role 16 Similar 17 Engine knock 18 Nosecone covering 19 Moldy cheese 20 Lagged behind 22 Kind of pie 24 Its easily bruised 25 Keogh relative 26 Vistas 30 Waffle variety 34 Hardy green 35 Hoarder 37 Millay or Ferber 38 Testiness 39 Clowns getup 40 Struck a match 41 Actress Freeman 43 Tale of Helen of Troy 45 Epsilon follower 46 Stars companions 48 Digit 50 Senate vote 51 Mamas boy 52 Frolics 56 In a prudish way 60 Great Lakes state 61 Beyond banal 63 Oak or maple 64 Ancient ointment 65 Havana export 66 Flag down 67 Auction site 68 Porch adjuncts 69 Exchange DOWN 1 visit 2 Californias Woods 3 Magnani or Moffo 4 School subject 5 Fireballs 6 plus 7 Hodges of baseball 8 Centurions highway 9 Store employee 10 Cole slaw ingredient 11 neighbor 12 Wharf 13 Cold shoulder 21 Size choice PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 2005 United Feature 23 Web site address 26 Be stingy 27 Wassailers tune 28 Verdugo 29 Ketch cousins 30 Got going 31 Clock watcher 32 Ekberg or Loos 33 Where Durban is 36 Roman hill count 42 home 43 Slanted type 44 Housecoats 45 Peaks 47 Fairhiring letters 49 Extinct bird 52 Left 53 Moby Dick pursuer 54 Sorvino of films 55 Huff 56 Crisp cookie 57 Get water from a well 58 Han Solos love 59 Sharp bark 62 Geological period THE WIZARD OP ID FORTIES SIT0NP1FFEFENT SIPES 0F THE AISLE Rubes Marmaduke Give me two hand rolls Hold the How does one say down in front in Woof HOROSCOPE By Bernice Bede Osol Propitious changes could be in the offing where your career is concerned in the year ahead and the coming months promise to be anything but youll have to carefully monitor which activities merit your VIRGO 22 into which you enter today must be in writing rather than done verbally on a When put into each party might think the other intended something differ LIBRA 23 Strive to be as productive as you desire but be realistic about it and dont take on more than you can Remember that old adage about the straw that broke the camels SCORPIO 22 Dont blame your friends for complicating your affairs today if you per mit yourself to be drawn into an activity that you dont enjoy or which causes you some Only youre SAGITTARIUS 21 In order to suc ceed you must be totally selfreliant and not depend upon Others may indicate theyd be willing to but when actually they may be nowhere CAPRICORN 19 Its best to avoid taking on a task today that requires total concentration unless you can completely clear the Once dis itll be difficult to pick up where you left AQUARIUS 19 Recheck the figures right at the checkout counter today if you are making several purchases at the same Those who are operating the computers may make PISCES 20March 20 important relation ship can be tarnished today if you promise to do some thing with another and then duck out Dont make promises you have no intention of ARIES March 21April 19 Complicated repair jobs are best left up to the experts Dont attempt to take something apart thinking you can fix it yourself in hopes of saving Itll cost you more in the TAURUS April 20May 20 Taking a gamble that your friends will understand about breaking a promise you made to them in order to go off with someone else today wont be very Youll lose the trust of good GEMINI May 21June 20 insignificant domestic disagreements could get blown way out of proportion today if they are not incinerated immedi Youll need a fire extinguisher if they ignite again CANCER June 21July 22 Before embarking on an errand run take time to have a list of what you need to do along with an efficient route mapped or you could find yourself going in LEO July 22 Be mindful today when handling a possession you greatly because a good chance you could easily get careless if your mind isnt on what youre causing a loss youd i Trying to patch up a broken romance The Astro Graph Matchmaker wheel can help you understand what to do to make the relationship Mail Box OH i Copyright Newspaper Enterprise HERALDZEITUNG 707 LANDA STREET NEW TX 78130 8306259144 METRO 8306060846 3 MONTHS SAVE 13 FROM REGULAR NEWSSTAND PRICE OF ONLY 6 MONTHS SAVE 35 FROM REGULAR NEWSSTAND PRICE OF ONLY 12 MONTHS ONLYS99 A savings of State tlcircle one Cash Check MasterCard Visa Discover I Acct Date I Amount