Wednesday, August 3, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, August 3, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 3, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 8A HERALDZEITUNG August 2005 TV LISTINGS WEDNESDAY 3 6 am am am am CHANNFI j am am T12 pm pm pm pm 4 pm Lite Tod I Meyer I Fellow Paid 50154 ship 31680 Live With Rogls and Kelly 19262 Casos de Famllla Sesame Street 0 El 76574 Cold Pizza ft Mi 3114628 CNN Live Today Sej 224777 Today in Washington 452086 paid I Feed Paid Paid 544357 163406 166593 11777 Today Forover Young Barrel Seaman Kathy O Ml 70715 Notlclas 120135 Shepherds Chapel 820574 Desplerta America 148951 Free Willy 2 The Adventure Home 95 PA M 976628 Good Morning America Ml 36319 405715 473116 Cold Pizza 0 Live Ml 4689357 The Pretender 0 et 313796 Charmed ft 370116 ER Blood Rela lions ft 657767 The Lost World 0 Ml 358680 Angel Power Play ft 302715 Inside 688951 Golden Nanny Golden Nanny Shark IV 284280 Vital Scan Ml Coach Cabin by the Lake 00 806241 Emerald 3765628 The QVC Morning Show 6383870 BET Morning Inspiration 651390 MTV Hits 589222 Videos 834203 MTV Video WakeUp Music ft 353203 Daybreak 666970 American Morning 731067 Squawk 3030661 CNBC VH1 CSPAN CSPN2 HSN TOON COURT FOOD COM TLC HALL TVL ANPL WE SPIKE FNC Jump Start 0 111777 Washington Journal Live 504593 CSPAN Wkend CSPAN Wkend That Girl 87 82777 Fox and Friends Live 1228241 Bloomberg Television 371195 mus in the Morning 3081203 fleyer Rangers Living Three Coins in the Fountain Indiscreet Comedy Gary Ingrid 605609 54 Clifton 88 874852 First Kid 96 PG68 2935135 The Day After Tomorrow 04 Dennis PG13 97923970 Bulletproof Monk 3196680 The Aviator Drama Christopher PG 75143951 Caveman 81 Ringo Pooh Pood Breakfast 935932 Kept Husbands 31 Joel Bom to Love 31 Joel The Common Law 7778116 Street Gangs A Secret 2097241 Never I Spy Little George Happily El Dorado Western John Nffw jyiraea The nary Ganllemen Shoe Jonah Veggie 6662777 San Antonio Llv Ing 59222 Today ft M 79086 Pat Pat Croce Croce The Price Is Right Recipe Recipe TV 3609 TV 4338 Young and the Restless 95114 137777 786067 Jerry Springer Vlda TV 19628 Justice 75048 Judge Mathis ft 1C 98338 Dawsons Creek ft M 955135 Becker 618932 The View 48154 Rocklord 320951 Believer Voice Man nlng Paid Paid ER Forgive and Forgel 799067 Investigat 319319 Nanny Golden Design 317951 Casos 45406 Sewing 12628 Sews 56609 Becker 619661 Children 28390 Magnum 340715 Cherry 86883 Base Lifestyle NFL Poker 4688628 FLW 16796 Judging Amy ft 779203 City 322883 Mysteries 591951 Dinner 337715 Days of our Lives ft Ml 25628 Passions 35208 Enter Enter tain tain Hatchet Hatchett 55406 10796 As the World Turns ft 38116 Con Todo 10135 Starting Over 0 M 56512 Sonar No Cuesta Nada 54154 Divorce 99628 Cosby 986970 Nue stros Shrinks 46796 Divorce Cosby 626086 News 84970 News ft 655749 Behind 91048 Manna Fest All Access Poker 5674883 PGA Tour 34241 Judging Amy ft Cold Case Files Mysteries 230203 Prosecutors Montel Williams Bel 39970 Maury N M 3222 The 700 Club R 11574 Cosby Cosby 9661 48 Guiding Light ft US 82086 Judge 7845 Paid 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Tomorrow 04 Dennis ftPG13Sfl 86755628 The Distinguished Gentleman 92 Eddie R sea 969067 Lizzie Sister I So The School of Rock 03 Jack Whos Your Daddy 03 The Indian Runner 91 David Deviant Passions 28767636 PG13 62 965512 Brandon 3312048 Suite ISister So Daze 03 Tatyana R 35936244 Rlfl 17366384 Dalmatians The Outriders 50 Joel Ride the High Country 62 The Palm Beach Sto Sullivan s Travels Dead End 37 Humphrey 52232568 Path 40 Gin 33 Joel Sfi 85552767 Randolph ffl 2924777 ger 67534471 Crime 9037067 Marvels 6756970 Marvels 6621609 AutO 6601845 I AulO 6604932 Marvels 2064777 Marvels 8679100 AutO 4290758 Golf Womens Amateur 318222 Golf Senior Open 693425 Golf Senior Open 465883 lead PGA Qolf Griffin 619222 Griffin 629609 Blow Out 764520 Griffin 757365 Celebrity Poker Showdown 878094 Lifesto Oallipoll 81 PG My Antonla Monk Home Alone 3 Revenge of the Nerds III Hamlet 90 Mel ft PG SiB 25Q Flrttrap COO Dean Cain R67345162 Grind 03 ft I Know What You Did Last I Napoleon Dynamite Sniper 93 Tom Tied Up 99 Dolph Lundgren Summer 97 0RS2 98486715 04 Jon 9441970 3 05 RKOMR62505926 The Core 03 PG13 86651864 Desperate 4221609 Bulletproof Monk 36169609 Carringlon 95 R 39644864 Personals Girl 74269278 rMan M 03 Traty 90 Warrej St 16979390 10 15 Ml In the House 02 DEARABBY DearAbby is written by Abigail Van also known as Jeanne and was found ed by her Pauline Write DearAbby at Box Los Angeles or visit her Web site at Cries of harrassment brushed aside by landlords DEARABBY We haveastalk er living in our apartment Its the residential The owners of the building have been called several times about but all they say Hes just Several women tenants say hes harassing Jerry has tried to enter their apartments late at One lady feels her safety is being threatened because he goes through the halls announcing that she is alone When she informed her doctor about he said he was going to call the One of the women is think ing about asking to have dead bolt locks installed on the inside of our Have you any other GLE AND WORRIED IN MIN NESOTA DEAR WORRIED Just Although a landlord may be entitled to have access to an that access has to be Tenants have and the concerned ten ants in your building should consult a real estate attorney who can review your leases and explain what your rights Jerry appears to be more than weird his behavior seems bizarre and I dont blame you for being concerned about DEARABBY My 11yearold still wets the I until I was 12 so I know how humiliating it My thinks Noah is just too lazy to get up and that hes doing it on Phil makes nasty comments to Noah that chip away at his No matter how many times weve talked about Phil just doesnt get Hes not a verbal abuser he is just Maybe hearing an opinion from a professional will make my husband realize its not just me protecting my CONCERNED MOM IN APPLE VALLEY DEAR CONCERNED MOM I disagree with Your hus band may be but he is also a verbal The pro fessional who needs to set your husband straight is your sons Your boy may be an unusually deep or he may have some kind of physical or emotional prob Belittling him isnt the It will only create a resentment on your sons part that will last a DEAR ABBY Can you clarify a question that has been brought up here at my work place The ladies in my office have a difference of opinion about what spending the night If you sleep at someones house and get up the next morning to go home and get brush your does this mean that you have spent the night A few of the ladies say this isnt spending the but getting home really Your ARGUING DEAR ARGUING Getting home really late implies that the person has rested her head on her own pillow at least for a If she has gone home only to change lets be honest she has not only spent the she has also spent the early hours of the