Tuesday, August 2, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, August 2, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 2, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 6 HERALDZEHIING August 2005 COMICS ANNIE SHIHMANS LAQOON TV ATS THEN IM THATS VARGAS WWV ITS STILL GOING rope me ART6Y FILM YOU IPONT RecwN YOVRe TAKING MY OFF FOR YOULL START TO 6Ff GRQMH IN OUR MAIN SO CAPTAIN M6S JUST A KID MUST B6 R6CRUITINfl HIS FOUUOWGRS FROM TM6 3ANPBOX Tuese OAYSI ANP IM OFF FOR CARACASsee you A66NT TMANK GO RIOMT TUMBLIWIIDS NAMED THAT AFTER THE SABERTOOTHED TAGGE IN OUR QUAINT INDIAN LINGO MEANS CAVALRY GUYS BEARING OR SABERS J THE LONGKNIFES IZCOMINITHE LONGKNIFES IZ COMIN VOKHTfAW I I OWf SOME L J THE WIZARD OF ID THIS LID SHflPS I THINK ILL 3UST WITH I THOUGHT SOU DIDNT WANT WE USIlOfr VOUR GOOD 5TORfl6E JUST 0gVEr MAAM THfltS THE 0000 CflRDBOflRD SNflPS 6UT DOESNT I SNAP AMD LOOK THIS HAS SU I PERIOR STflCKABILtW COLOR BOXES LIDS IjHflT SNflP SHUT THflTb LflSV VEflRS GOOD IVE FOR BETTER OR WORSE Martnaduke GARFIELD we POKING OF HAVE TO BE TOGETHER I HAVE THE PERFECT EVENING PLANNED POR US AMP POOP GOES ANOTHER PERFECT EVENING IF tfX What makes you think Marmaduke has been digging in my flower garden PEANUTS HOROSCOPE HERES WOW ITS THE BALL IS WHEN YOU CHASE YOU RUN WITH TOTAL YOUR EARS ARE FLAPPIN6 ANP THEN YOU BRIN6 IT BACK WITH WILP ENTHUSIASM Mr I WON T SEE ANV EARS TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Congeals 5 Creek or river 10 Puppy noises 14 Away from the wind 15 couture 16 Ess molding 17 Cougars pad 18 Solemn promises 19 Sub 20 Nail polish 22 Pilots flap 24 Poetic tribute 25 Freuds daughter 26 Apollos voyage 30 Spock 35 Yale alumnus 36 Make a decision 37 Santa 38 Distance 41 Outstanding 43 In plain sight 44 Zedong 45 Corporate 46 Bulrush 47 Soothes 50 Argue for 53 Favorite 54 Aromatic shrub 58 Keokuk natives 62 Depot info 63 Rock climbers aid 66 Seine aits 67 Identical 68 Doing a takeoff 69 Stolen goods 70 formerly 71 Pro votes 72 Hubble component DOWN 1 Tempest 2 Flair 3 Spunky movie princess 4 Homily 5 Without reservation 6 7 Wellknown Pharach 8 Fictional Frome 9 Copal or mastic 10 Olden times 11 Borodin prince 12 Acapulco coin 13 Penn 21 Mag execs 2005 Uniled Feature 23 Galahads weapon 25 26 Reminders 27 Martini extra 28 Fixed a squeak 29 poetically 31 Feverish 32 Retail centers 33 Make a speech 34 Play areas 39 Joule fraction 40 Polished off 2 41 Syrup base 42 Pizza extras 44 Novelist Rita Brown 48 Helpwanted 49 Whenever you like 2 51 Give back 52 Complain 54 Quip 55 Jazzs home 56 Cognomen 57 Uhhuh 2 59 Sunblock additive 60 Gas in signs 61 Sonicboom makers 64 Poets contraction 65 Small number By Bernice Bede Osol Success is likely to come far easier to you in the year ahead because of finally realizing that you dont have to take a back seat to anyone in your sphere of Literally or youll be coming of LEO July 22 could find mat physical involvements may be a bit more overtaxing so dont press yourself beyond your normal mental work wont even begin to tire VIRGO 22 Spotting financial opportunities may come easier to you today than Although you wont make a you should be able to take advantage of a number of ways to add to your LIBRA 23 A successful friend of yours who usually isnt too much of a talker may be a bit verbal It behooves you to be a good listener because what says could turn out to be very valu SCORPIO 22 it comes to competitive involvements it wont be who you know but what you know that will If youre the one who is better youll end up the SAGITTARIUS 21 Friends will find you a delightful person with whom to communicate because it will be obvious to them that youre interested in their affairs and want to hear about their CAPRICORN 19 Something that might appear to be of little consequence to others but is of enormous importance to you can be managed successfully today without Youre both motivated and AQUARIUS 19 Give your compan ions the same freedom of choice that you expect for yourself and youll find all your associates will be in a convivial mood Happiness comes from being treated PISCES 20March 20 Should you have to allocate some of your time and energy today to some one elses projects or do so willingly and it wont seem like work at A good attitude is every ARIES March 21April 19 If you have a spend your time with companions who know how to take life in The company you keep will have a major influence over the way you look at the TAURUS April 20May 20 may not be able to wrap up all the little odds and ends you might like to but if you make an effort toward that you can reduce them substantially and save yourself steps GEMINI May 21June 20 If youre itching to do something dont wait on others to contact Call and make some arrangements before persons with whom youll want to spend time make other CANCER June 21July 22 smartest things you could do today when shopping is be a comparison Chances are youll come across some super bargains that will save you an impressive Know where to look for romance and youll find The AstroGraph Matchmaker wheel instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for Mail to this Box OH Copyright Newspaper Enterprise HERALDZEITUNG 707 LANDA STREET NEW TX 78130 8306259144 METRO 8306060846 3 MONTHS EGULAR NE ONLY SAVE 13 FROM REGULAR NEWSSTAND PRICE OF 6 MONTHS EGULAR NE ONLY SAVE 35 FROM REGULAR NEWSSTAND PRICE OF 12 MONTHS ONLY A savings of 46 State Paymentfcircle one Cash Check MasterCard Visa Discover I Acct FKOM NEWSSTAND Date I Amount

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