Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 16, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas TV LISTINGS June 2005 HERALDZEITUNG Page 3B THURSDAY 16 T5 am T6 am am 9am MO am M1 am 12 pin 1pm 2pm 3pm 4 pm KBEJ KENS GALA KRRT The Lost World 623993 Jewelry Televi sion 161719 NotjClerO 182993 Shepherds Chapel 457069 Tu Desayuno Ale AbnormllPolitics 610993 Schwab Schwab Paid Paid Danger 894903 News IRl 95968 Notlclas 486790 Desplerta America 96264 Chang Bellev 685871 Base Outside The Pretender ft 582871 Fit Lite Workout Desplerta Amer Ca 85535 Casos de Famllla CoeMall 88 PA Tom Bryan 218603 Good Morning America w 21177 665M2 Hlllbll Hlllbll 666871 Cold Plaa 0 Live K 4226603 Sports 164142 Angel Calvary ft Minute 394622 Charmed Morality Minute 395351 Golden oach A Very Brady Sequel 155516 Universe 204055 Agents 934264 Live with Regis and Kelly 69790 Great Day SA 43968 Hoy ft 317581 San Antonio Llv Ing 48852 The Price Is Right 0 88448 Today ft KB 31516 Young and the Restless 95784 Jerry Springer ft 73516 Vlda TV 71158 Sesame Street ft Dawsons Creek ft 476210 MatlOCk938516 Dawsons Creek ft Sffl 124210 The View 37784 Rockford 686516 Cheater Cops ft 43210 Days of our Lives ft m 87158 passions ft SB 96806 As the World Turns ft 43784 Con Todo 39264 Starting Over ft Fiitbol Copa Confedetaciones Mexico En Vlvol 4615B SltBeFit I Judge Mathls ft Ed Mind Over Matter 217974 Children 20446 Magnum 593852 NeWS ft 345622 3olf Open Championship First Live 1B1962041 Golf Open Championship First ft Live Wl 9158 The 700 Club Ml 84072 Guiding Light ft Wi 62968 Softer No Cuestt Nida 32622 51806 Project Smart 2005 ft 84158 El Gordo y la Fla Ca 52968 The Peoples Peoples Court 15158 One Life 66210 Rockford 258142 Cold Pliza ft B 9305974 Paid Paid ER Four Corners ft 203852 Minute 929332 iolden Nanny ER ft W 968142 Third Watch ft Nanny Golden JET Morning Inspiration 961 MTV Video WakeUp Music ft 635806 WakeUp Call aybreak 835055 American Morning H 993852 Billiards 4225974 Judging Amy ft SB 993846 Mysteries 777326 Billiards 3602090 Car Drew 177142 Gen Hosp 80332 Magnum 966264 The 700 Club Bfl 76326 monft Post Arthur cards 9351 Judge Malhls ft SB 30332 Dear ft Dear ft Phil 78974 Videos 254806 Hagee I Rod 41245 92413 SportsCenter BB 498993 High School Football Bayou Bowl IndyCar Race Judging Amy ft INYPD Blue ft SB I Order SB 707448 610968 Burned 2315ft Justice 238852 Mysteries 503158 Minute 247500 Minute 955622 WaB 03 Hi 120974 De Design 597142 JNew Detectives FBI District 126245 District 400719 ft 322871 Dra Burning NHRA BeyGlory 76142 Law Order Bur Jen 722622 Minute 342974 790 The Ellen De Generes Show Insider 9142 Jeop Chapu Xlaolln 4210 Parkers 784 Batman 6622 Primer Impacto 37603 Maya iCyber 5158 chase Jerry Springer ft 53239 Home Home Oprah 84561 Cosby Cosby Praise the Lord Bfl 45061 Golf 377055 Billiards 4602806 Ultimate 68177 Angel Quicken Third Watch ft Booking 2948061 The QVC Morning Show 6000852 IStyle 7960806 Home Accents 8526535 Savings 5911603 Southwestern Jewelry 6666500 MTV Hits 854535 Made ft 620528 Diary Date Squawk BOX Jtl 7646245 CNN Live Today 88493652 Jump Start ft 556264 Public Affairs Public Affairs riends 3534142 Washington Journal 760968 Public Affairs Public Affairs Bonanza 300239 Morning 1766626 Fresh ft 348992 Morning 4568018 Kid Stars 758332 Senate Coverage 3156608 House of Representatives 794061 For HtefHf or Poorer 97 DVS 845993 BET No Live tss 839332 Student Pimp Pimp ITV 507974 MadeftissBoe Date Room I Diary Launch Focus on Fashion 7327974 Rap City ThaBa Power Lunch S5 3911622 40 Bad 1 Songs 746622 Home Solutions Kryplo Carolyn Strauss Holiday Fashions Open Court 7084622 People 90 a 60245 Waltons 4886264 Top 10 373210 Fox and Friends Live 5092245 Bloomberg Television 383158 lAttrac I Behind mus in the Morning 4553528 leyer Mlra Cmon Lets Live XMenniattle Baby DrQuinn 4887993 Fox News Live Sweep 205210 LittleHse 4446500 Lucy Pet Star 936158 Trial Heat 9321974 Senate Coverage 1377667 Signs 8107968 Families 400158 Closing 4452055 Inside 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Marvels 5879949 Wake Island Alamo Pacific 1371332 Battle 9520833 Paid Paid Live From the Open Live 162413 Live From ttw Open 749098 Live From the Open 892142 The West Wing West Wing West Wing Blow Out B95697 Sports B967B4 The Watt Wing The West Wlna Blow Out 277730 Catch Thai KM LlfMto C91 0 PQ Boowull Unlouchabtej 87 Kevin ARBJ 881448 Terminator Alices RMt laarbertnop 2 Back 68135U9 Beyond Bofoaia 03 84121264 Bay 37247103 mat m Women Man 3837340 in tfw HIM of BHM Crime Kurt AWIB340142 DEARABBY DearAbby is written by Abigail Van also known as Jeanne and was found ed by her Pauline Write DearAbby at Box Los Angeles or visit her Web site Wife escapes violent past for better life in military DEAR ABBY My and I met a week be fore my 30th Gene had always been a poor stu dent and preferred a job mak ing money to He never learned to read past a kindergarten level therefore he doesnt write We moved into our own home in We both ed and our daugh ter was born in Our rela tionship was we had someone else to care Because Gene was brought up he decided I was to stay at home and care for the house and kids while he worked and provided for Things got physical not long after our daughter Wed argue and Id try to only to result in my being chok Or hed throw me against a wall to prevent me from call ing One he broke my He was never violent toward the children I had a son in 2004 only toward me because of He said I never did things right or I took up I lefFfor good six weeks I have left many times but went back because of de This time I lot of plus Im enlist ing in the Air My father served in the military for 21 and is quitting his truck driving job to care for my chil dren while I attend basic train ing and tech Gene knows Im not coming back this Were on speaking terms only because of the I find myself wonder ing after my six years in the I should try to recon cile with On some I know it wouldnt work and its wrong to even think about going back to that life after being giv en a chance for a better one But I picture Gene with us in that better Would it be a slap in the face in the Gene and I worked out our differences and forgot about the past NEEDS ANSWERS IN MISSISSIPPI DEAR NEEDS ANSWERS It could be a slap in the face It could also be a broken another broken bone the possibilities are Al though your husband wasrrt violent toward the by failing to control his rage he exposed them to Nowhere in your letter did you mention that he has any desire to Because your 4yearold daughter knows no she thinks her daddys behavior Is nor It is urgent that she learn it is not and its job to teach her that lesson by You are making positive strides in the right My advice is to keep ing forward and dont look For everything you need ii know about wedding order How to Have a Lovely Send a busi selfaddressed enve plus check or money order for funds only to Dear Wedding Box Mount Mor