Friday, June 10, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, June 10, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 10, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 4A HERALDZErruNG Frfday June 2005 HeraldZeitung FORUM OUR OPINION Play it safe when youre in the water Last eight people drowned in waterrelat ed accidents in Comal Wed like to see that number significantly reduced this T I he hot and muggy Texas summers bring thou sands of visitors to Comal County each summer to float our two scenic rivers or enjoy water recreation at Canyon For the most these excursions are enjoyable but uneventful The river crowd spends hours floating down the Comal and Guadalupe soaking up rays of sunshine and enjoying the refreshingly cool while boating enthusiasts glide their crafts across the waters of Canyon No matter how many times you have floated a tube down a or taken your boat for a spin on a you should never overlook the simple fact that every excursion involving water is dan The tragic drowning death Sunday of a 32year old Houston mother serves as a haunting reminder of just how dangerous these outings can Not even a lifejacket could protect her from We urge local residents and all our visitors alike to play it safe when they are in the Dont drink and or drink and Alcohol impairs your balance and coordina Dont overload your boat or go tubing or boating during or after a heavy When those quickhitting thunderstorms get out of the Last eight people drowned in waterrelat ed accidents in Comal Wed like to see that number significantly reduced this TODAY IN HISTORY By The Associated Press Today is June the 161st day of There are 204 days left in the Todays Highlight in History On June Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in On this date In the north African state of Tripoli declared war a dispute over safe passage of merchant vessels through the In Italy declared war on France and Britain Canada declared war on In the Gestapo massacred 173 male resi dents of in retaliation for the killing of a Nazi In the Senate voted to limit further debate on a proposed civil rights shutting off a fili buster by Southern In the Middle East War ended as Israel and Syria agreed to observe a United Nations mediated LETTERS POLICY Letters must be 250 words or HeraldZeitung reserves the right to edit all Guest columns should be 500 words or less and must be accompanied by a Address and telephone number must be included so authorship can be Mail letters to Letters to Editor HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New TX 781311328 Fax them to email them to Serving New Dmunfcli anii Comal County since New Braiinfeis Zeitung was founded 1852 New Braunfels Herald was founded The two papers merged in 1957 and printed in both German and English until Managing Editor Editor and Publisher Circulation Director Advertising Director Business Manager News Editor Gary Maltland riDouj0fenty Jaff Fowler ShUldt David RupkaMt CWTHANP1HE DOWNIW3 STREET LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Outraged that Humane Society killed a microchipped cat I am responding to your letter to the editor regarding the Humane I am outraged by what happened to Kristina Flemings poor cat and the callous response she received from the assistant direc tor at the Humane Correct me if I am but I believe city residents tax dollars pay their To whom are they held ac countable Fleming is clearly someone Who loved her animal enough to a have it registered and arid b have an expensive microchip Hello this could happen to any one of our What is the point in having licensing and microchipping Should we resign ourselves to the fact that if our pets they will be killed After our humane city employees dont have to use the tools our tax dollars pur chased for them to return lost Are to con tinue on our Most everyone is aware of the incidents that occurred at the pound in San Are those awful things happening here in New Braunfels Betty Van Fossen New Braunfels Responsible employees should have their paychecks docked I extend my deepest sympathies to Kristina Fleming for the loss of her pet I found the response given to her by the assis tant director of the Humane Society quite con cerning for several First of are these city employees so hard ened by their jobs that they cannot see fit to at least try and attempt to reunite people with their lost pets If perhaps they are in the wrong line of I would like to know to whom these people are held accountable for their as a wouldnt the actions surrounding the loss of Flemings cat be considered a loss of revenue for the City of New Braunfels In order for a person to retrieve their pet from the Humane isnt there some sort of fine involved in the pets recovery Should the deci sions involving potential city revenue be placed in the hands of these people I am sure that any citizen who would put forth the effort and money to have current a city license and a microchip would also gladly have paid any financial remunera tion to have their pet Perhaps those responsible for the death of Flemings cat should have their wages docked for amount of the financial loss to the Maybe next time they will think to use the microchip scanner the city provided them Catherine Crislip New Braunfels When it comes to eating bigger meals are not better It looks so delicious on that big huge plate of shrimp from Red all 30 of them Eat Large at Wendys is their slogan now with the Beefasorous Whats better than one Bells slogan Eat Outside the What a Churchs Chick Daiiy Burger Joes Crab Kentucky Fried Pizza and most of the restaurants you see on street corners in this country want you to eat lots Whats going on here Bigger is better Eating more is better Give me a break Ive been studying health and nutrition for over 20 I help people lose Im ask Do you know what marketers are doing They are trying to convince you to buy some thing you dont need in the first Its a a to manipulate you into spending and eating You dont need more food We all know youre wasting your money and ruining your Eating too much is a major problem in our soci Marketers know you dont need all that Thats why theyre trying to entice making it look so Never clean your plate ask for a doggie bag So your weight problem is not all your Marketers are sabotaging your diet Where will it end Kathy Thompson San Marcos UnltMl Government PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH 1600 Pennsylvania NW 20500 SEN ATE KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON Russell Senate Office Building Room 284 20510 Telephone 202 2245922 Fax 202 2240776 Web Send emails through Web 145 Duncan Suite 120 San Antonio 78226 Telephone 210 3402885 Fax 210 3496753 JOHN CORNYN Russell SenateHart Room 517 20510 Telephone 202 2242934 Fax 202 2282856 Web Send emails through Web AUSTIN OFFICE 221 West Sixth Suite 1530 Austin 78701 Telephone 512 4696034 Fax SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 600 Suite 210 San Antonio 78205 Telephone 210 2247485 Fax 210 2248569 CONGRESSMAN LAMAR SMITH Rayburn House Office Building Room 2184 20515 Telephone 202 2254236 Fax 202 2258628 Web address Send emails through Web SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 1100 NE Loop Suite 640 San Antonio 78209 Telephone 210 8215024 Fax 210 8215947 HENRY CUELLAR 1404 Longworth House Office Building 20515 Telephone 202 2251640 Fax 202 2251641 Web address SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 1149 Commerce Suite 210 San Antonio 78205 Telephone 210 2712851 Fax 210 2776671 SAN MARCOS OFFICE Suite 205 San Marcos 78666 Telephone 512 3922364 Fax 512 3922834 GOVERNOR HOW TO CONTACT Texas Government PERRY State Room Box 12428 Austin 78711 Telephone 800 8435789 Fax 512 4631849 CARTER CASTEEL 254 Mill New Braunfels 781 30 Telephone 830 6270215 Toll Free 866 6874961 Fax 830 6273895 Email address JEFF WENTWORTH 1250 NE Loop Suite 720 San Antonio 78209 Telephone 210 8267800 Fax 210 8260571 Email address us Deep Throat was a fictional device to jazz up book ANNCOULTER Ann Coulter is an attor author and a columnist for Universal Press My only regret is mat Mark Felt did not rat out Nixon because he was ticked off about rap prochement with China or detente with the Rather more Felt leaked details of the Watergate investigation to The Washington Post only because he had lost a job promotion making him the Richard Clarke of the Watergate This will come as small consolation to the Cam bodians and Vietnamese tortur ed and slaughtered as a direct result of Nixons At least we got a good movie and Jimmy Carter out of it must pain liberals to be praising an FBI man who ordered illegal searches of their old pals in the Weather Underground in the early For those Felt was later prosecuted by the Carter only because of Watergate which Felt help ed instigate could a nitwit like Jimmy Carter ever become president a perch from which Carter pardoned draft dodg ers and prosecuted Mark Also ironic is that Felts flower girl daughter was estranged from her father for decades on account of her re jection of conventional bourgeois insti tutions like Now she is She lives in a house bought for her by her father evidently skirting the stan dard as long as you live in my house youll live by my rules lecture and said she decided to reveal her father as Deep Throat to try to make some more At Felts Nixon gave powerful tes timony in Felts He was convict ed About six months Rea gan pardoned Nixon sent Felt a bot tle of champagne which Nixon selected from his nowinfamous Wine to celebrate his pardon with a note Justice ultimately All this Nixon had suspicions about Felt being Deep Others may attribute Nixons kindness toward Felt to Nixons high principle and I prefer to think of it as Of in Felts he wasnt Deep There was no Deep Now we As most people had generally assum the shadowy figure who made his first appearance in a late draft of All the Pres idents Men was a composite of several sources among Mark But in telling the glorious story of How The Washington Post Saved it was more thrilling to portray Deep Throat as a single mysterious indi spilling his guts to Bob Now that Woodward and Felt are both claiming Felt was Deep the jig is The fictional Deep Throat knew tilings Felt could not possibly have such as the 18 gap on one of the White House Only six people knew about the gap when Woodward reported All of them worked at the White Felt not only didnt work at the White but when the story he didnt even work at the Deep Throat was a smoker and heavy neither of which describes Woodward claimed he signaled Deep Throat by moving a red flag in a flower pot to the back of his balcony and that Deep Throat signaled him by drawing the hands of a clock in Woodwards New York But in his 1993 Deep Truth The Lives of Bob Woodward and Carl Bern Adrian Havill did something it had occurred to no one else to do He looked at Woodwards old apartment Havill found that Woodward had a sixthfloor interior apartment that could not be seen from the Even from the back of the apartment the balcony was too high for any flowerpot to be So unless there was a second visible from a nearby grassy the red flag in the flowerpot story is full of red In newspapers were not delivered doortodoor in Woodwards apartment building but were left in a stack in the Deep Throat could not have known which newspaper Wood ward would pick We might have known all this before 1993 if Americas evervigilant watchdog media had half as skeptical of Bob Woodwards claims as they were of Juanita Woodward and Bernsteins former lit erary David has always said Deep Throat was a fictional device added to later drafts of All the Presidents Men to spice it up kind of like everything in a Michael Moore Obst scoffs at the notion the 2 man at the FBI would have time to be skulking around parking lots spying for red flags on a reporters theres not a chance one person was Deep he told The New York