Saturday, May 14, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, May 14, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 14, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2B May COMICS ANNII SHINMANS LAOOON A600PRFfSONFOR NOT KIN6 TME MURDERED POLICEMAN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SINKMOtEIT SEEMS H6 WAS o WARS AGO A 1 1 TO MADAME SANTANAS i Are ui AND IN FACT WAS SUCH THE VBRV NISHT THE GOOD JUDO6 WAS goMF UORK FOR YOUR NCbl FRAMIN6 LKYIT m PARTY i HAP IP LIKE TfffM I MF INVITE YOU HAP A PARTY LMT WIY VftBNT I TftFRF I WAVE JUST HAP A MOST PISTUftmiNa CAUFROM MV CHIEF ASSISTANT BACK IN CANCUNJ HAWTHORNES TUMBLIWIIDS THE HUNTING PARTY IS IN A NASTY MOOD NO FRESH TOWELS AND THE LOCKER ROOM HAIR XJDRYERS ON THE BLINK I MISS THE OLD DAYS KNOWftJR BUT THE WIZARD OP ID vou Hflve PUT LITTLE ELECTRA y LOOK flT THIS FAT LOOK AT TH15 BUTCRBfllLf VOU V flRE SO FOR BETTER OR WORSE Marmaduke IN me ME USING ME MVMILK GARFIELD SHE UBFT IN THE NIPPLE OF THE M6AU WITH THE VALET WSEEMEDSO Mother I want my bubble bath PEANUTS HAVE YOU E THOU6HT ABOUT WRITING SORT OF A MEMOIR YOU PUTTING DOWN THINGS YOU REMEMBER ABOUT THE This is what I remember about last HOROSCOPE TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE May 2005 ACROSS 1 Ice skating event 6 Macho sort 11 Taxform ID 14 Orlando attraction 15 Birch 16 Chinese way 17 Hearth tool 18 Established 19Situps strengthen them 20 Conjecture 22 Really excited 24 Walloped 28 Applied gold leaf 29 Major appliance 30 Reddish tint 32 Pavlova of ballet 33 Reeves of The Matrix 35 Steps to the Ganges 39 Jetty 40 Pay for 41 Disco dancer 42 Graceful wrap 43 Wee bits 45 Pack 46 Building block 48 Isolated 50 Melville or Wouk 53 Clinks 54 Territories 55 Snowy 57 Pentagon VIP 58 More than ache 60 Harebrained 65 Crack pilot 66 Boxer Griffith 67 Permitted 6Q 69 Was overfond 70 Pounces DOWN 1 Lots of energy 2 Military 3 Gross 4 Lobster eggs 5 Greet the cat 6 Extreme 7 Thicke of Growing Pains 8 Inventory 9 Nectar gatherer 10 Predetermine 11 Far from flighty 12 Buffalo puckster 13 Sniffed at 21 Gratuity 23 Getting tired 24 Trades PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 2005 United Feature 25 Passion 26 Lou Grant portrayer 27 Magnetism 28 Wildebeest 30 cuisine 31 Gaelic pop star 34 Poets black 36 Valet employer 37 Nimble 38 Randall and Danza 43 Type of microscope 44 Mask feature 47 Sampled 49 The Hairy Ape penner 50 Comicstrip Viking 51 Not slouching 52 Walk 53 Agreed 55 Judicial order 56 Cavity 59 MD employer 61 Society column word 62 Khan of note 63 Snooze 64 PGAer Ernie May By Bernice Bede Osol The year ahead could turn out to be one of the lucki est times of your It appears that fortuitous breaks could occur for you in a number of areas where you will derive benefits thatll help achieve your TAURUS April 20May 20 on labors of love today that youve been putting off doing in lieu of doing necessary Itll give you that lift in spirit one gets from accomplishing his or her hearts GEMINI May 21June 20 is an excellent day to get together with your friends or family with whom you like to Whatever you plan will turn out to be CANCER June 21July 22 Overall conditions look particularly fortunate for you but your greatest luck is likely to occur in situations where you are able to do things for those who are closest to your LEO July 22 warmth of character and good sense of humor will bring sunshine into the lives of your companions today and have a powerful influence in making those who are down feel opti VIRGO 22 Persons who have your best interests at heart have been cognizant of your needs and today they could step to the fore and do something about making sure you get what you require and LIBRA 23 is a time when even some of your exaggerated hopes and desires can be so get out and put your energies into doing something youve wanted to bring into SCORPIO 22 Establish worthwhile projects and devote the best that is inside you to attain ing them Major achievements are possible at this point in so make hay while the sun SAGITTARIUS 21 Focus your most diligent efforts on projects today that you feel strongly about getting Hopes can be fulfilled now in ways beyond your CAPRICORN 19 Because joint ven tures look especially promising for you try to arrange a coalition with those who can contribute a great deal toward achieving the largest possibilities for AQUARIUS 19 natural leader ship abilities can bring divergent interests together today for a collective beneficial Under your all can be joined together into one dynamic PISCES 20March 20 to implement any changes youve been contemplating that you feel could improve your working Favorable conditions exist today where you can get what you ARIES March 21April 19 you know it or your personal appeal with your peers will be highly accentuated so dont be surprised if youre the center of attention wherever you Know where to look for romance and youll find The AstroGraph Matchmaker wheel instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for Mail to this Box OH Copyright Newspaper Enterprise ZEITUNG 707 LANDA STREET NEW TX 78130 8306259144 METRO 8306060846 3 MONTHS SAVE 13 FROM REGULAR 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