Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 21, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page 4 April Pieces of history will be on display at car show By JORM Staff Writer A piece of New Braunfels history will be offered for sale during this weekends swap meet and car show at the Comal County Fred the events co will try to find a new home for Howard McKennas 1967 Cadillac Sun It looks like brand he Its only got miles on She didnt drive it The Cadillac is only one of three cars Willard will have on He also plans to bring his 1938 a prize posses sion because the two were made during the same I was bom in and my daddy bought one just before AT A GLANCE I What New Braunfels Swap Meet and CarJhow I When Begins at 8 Saturday and Sunday I Where Comal County Fair 803 Common I he We drove that car all through the This ones identical to Willards other show entry is a 1950 The annual swap meet and car in its 13th is a great place for old car enthu siasts to stroll down row after row of automotive It also provides the best oppor tunity for local hobbyists to pick up parts for the next Barney another of the events said he expected to have vendors come through the gates A lot of people even from out of he Last we were and we expect to do the same this Calvert has been so busy organizing the business end of the weekend he has not had time to get any of his own vehicles ready for the I thought about bringing my 1974 Ford pickup that Willard and I ran in the Great Race Texas several weeks but I just havent had he While an avid col lector who trailored his car collection to New Braunfels from Texas when he moved here almost 20 years collects parts to take to the swap Willard will be readying his frontend loading My job during the meet is to take peoples large purchas es back to their cars for he One I moved this engine three times between The next it was back and I had to move it If the projected shoppers come through the gates between Friday and Willard will be Were expecting a good and we dont think its going to he The swap meet is not just for Vendors will offer parts for all kinds of including Although most parts will be for cars 20yearsold or some items will be available for newer TECHNOLOGY CONTINUED FROM Page 1A Bill would give schools option of buying textbooks or computers said Kent who authored the The measure converts the current text book funding into a new which school districts could use for either text books or technology from an approved list of Districts would get per student for instructional materials arid starting in the 200607 school The allotment would be per student for the 200506 school Districts would be required to use a portion of the allotment for a technology immersion program at a specified cam grade level or student The remaining money could still be used to purchase Grusendorf said he hopes that a quar ter of Texas high school students will have laptops in the next two Next well have data on how that program was implemented and well hopefully take the next step to get the same tools in the hands of the rest of the Grusendorf By using digital textbooks and interactive teaching students could have updated information imme rather than waiting for the six year textbook adoption process the state now For students next fall could have instructional materials nam ing the new pope and citing last years tsunami Grusendorf Vendors would submit their products to the State Board of Education to verify that the materials meet the stateman dated Approved materials would be placed on a from which schools could select materials to pur EAA CONTINUED FROM Page 1A Reunion brings 130 toNewBraunfds In the early days after World War II and until the control of air traffic consisted of pilots reporting their position along their route of so air traffic control could track the air crafts Bode satellite communica tion sites were installed and so direct communication with pilots became which was real Then long range radar came along until entire control areas were covered by state oftheart computer systems are used by air traffic con trollers to control traffic from coast to Airspace is divided into or highways in the Bode Commercial traffic flies anywhere between and he And each or air is separated by Bruce still works for the FAA in Fort He worked as an air traffic con troller 12 years before being promoted to It was kind of like being a fireman or he There were times that it got extremely stressful and hectic when traffic backed but usually it was pretty even Prather said he enjoyed his career as an air traffic con Id do it all over he It was the kind of job that you felt like you were doing something But when you left the job at the end of the you left your work at the office so to All three men said they each had their share of close I was controlling an F4 one Prather The plane was flying a training mission over West Texas and hit an eagle The crash knocked the cockpit off and he front pilot was injured so badly he couldnt fly the plane so the copilot in the back seat had to fly the which was But we finally got them To relieve the all three said laughter and jok ing were common in the con trol Its a serious and youre constantly responsible for a lot of Beard But you had to relieve the stress Bode said the annual reunion began in the Close to 130 FAA vets came to New Braunfels this week to look back on their Asked how she coped with her husbands Mary Lou said humor If air traffic controllers did nt have a sense of theyd all end up in the booby she Better Better Now Open on Mondays Mixed Drinks Now Available thru 119 1110 1153 New Braunfels 830 6201234 730 San Marcos 512 3961700 l RMtwwit Private Event FaeMHy RESTAURANTS BAKERY LUNCH TIME SPECIALS INCLUDE BE A PART OF THIS HIGHLY READ PAGE EVERY THURSDAY Chicken Schnitzel Chicken Fried Steak Grilled Sausage Sampler Sausage Plates 3 Sizes Potato Pancake Plate Soup Sandwich Chicken Dumplings Grilled Pork Tenderloin Medallions And a whole lot morel JUST Off IK EXIT OH HWV MEW TUM OPEN EVERYDAY FOR LUNCH DINNER ft