Sunday, April 17, 2005

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, April 17, 2005

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 17, 2005, New Braunfels, Texas Page DRUGS CONTINUED FROM Page 1A MOST POPULAR DRUGS IN NEW BRAUNFILS Marijuana green or leafy or compacted vegetative matter often carried In plastic bag gies J Cocaine white powder or crystalline In its cheapest it comes in whjte Heroin tan or brown stored In little Intricately folded paper or very small stings like those seen on tel evision cop shows theyre Methamphetamine white powder or crystalline substance Manufactured in home laba in 26 felony arrests made since January labor intensive in an environ ment where detectives get at least several new cases to work So far this weve pros ecuted 26 felony drug and thats not counting the misdemeanor which is at least twice he Twentysix cases in three and a half months Do the math Its more than 7 felony cases each Rust there have been five deaths attributed to drug overdoses in New Braun fels over the past One is too and weve had many more than Rust Weve tried to warn people that the stuff theyre putting in their system is not sometimes it can kill Rust said the cases only rep resent a very small percentage of what cops know is out But knowing it and proving it legally for probable cause for a search warrant or beyond a reasonable doubt are very dif ferent Rust For the Constitution to protect law abiding it must also offer some level of protection to he Rust knows that can be frus trating for a citizen who calls to report a drug dealer or sus pected drug dealer because its hard to explain that there are legal criteria to be the cops cant just kick down the doors like on TV We need probable Rust Probable cause is more than just a phone call telling us that someones deal ing drugs out of a That doesnt mean police dont want people to call because they This is a community prob lem and if we could get die community dealing with it would be Rust Any call is good information important information because it helps us put togetiv ef a total Sometimes one call isnt But every call is a Im sure every one in New Braunfels sees something related to illegal they look carefully at Over at the Comal County Sheriffs Dennis Koepp is in charge of CID and the Comal County Metropoli tan Narcotics Task a joint New Braunfels County Sheriffs Office unit comprised of undercover narcotics detec The task force was started in the late Koepp when Sheriff Bob Holder and other local officials realized they might be able to take some of the regions larger drug players off the street if they could dedicate detective time directly to the The operation is a local one and includes detectives from the NBPD and CCSO who do nothing but work undercover narcotics The district attorneys office also partici New Braunfels and Comal County as well as around the United smoked or dis solved and Mushrooms small caps and sold by the gram in baggies A strong hallucino genic trip similar to which has also been reported in New Koepp So most of the cases the task force has made have been pleabargained away without coming to although there have been a couple of spec tacular trials in recent years involving the local drug trade and the Mexican Mafia that have resulted in decadeslong Several other big ticket drug cases are now winding their way toward local We realized we might be able to do more if we did it Koepp We got with the and they Before the task county detectives working narcotics cases would have to approach the city when a case crossed the city Under the task force model and the interlocal agreement that supports the officers work where they need Under the they work with us in the and we can go into the city to work with Our officers work so its an easier Koepp We just get on with business and dont have to worry about the political The local task force also works with a regional Depart ment of Public Safety Task Force headquartered in New and works with oth er for a drug case comes under inves tigation in the Guadalupe County part of New the regional task force and Guadalupe County officers can also An advantage of that sort of blending of resources is it brings many into the be compro mised because someone local ly might recognize an under cover one can be bor rowed from The hardest part of any drug investigation is to get into the inner circle of a major deal Koepp In the Koepp said he sees many of the kinds of arrests the NBPD makes in the suspicious traffic stop or officers who are called to a domestic disturbance and see signs of drugs at the But the local drug task Koepp have been enjoy ing a good year finding drugs and finding facilities for manufacturing one of the most common drugs here We started this year right off the bat with several search Koepp What weve been seeing lately is a steady increase in the number of meth labs popping up in both the city and the an ille gal stimulant sometimes called speed or crank can be manufactured by those with the knowhow from available industrial chemicals and an overthecounter Recent laws designed to cur tail availability of the medica tion have led to its being replaced with a chemical used in we had a meth lab in Koepp we had one in New The meth labs are problem atic because they are so dan Koepp When offi cers encounter they throw a cordon around it and call in a hazardous materials team to take it apart for fear of explo sion or Cleaning up a meth lab costs between and much of it paid through federal Task force officers are trained through the FederaHDijug Enforcement Administration to deal with the mechanics of investigating meth The DBA provides them training and equipment that keeps them safe in dealing with the hazards of taking In Home SENIOR CARE HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS Personal Care 5 Hourly Or 24 Hour Live In Care W Meal Appointments P Housekeeping Long Term Care Insurance Accepted 0 Free Consultation Bonded Si Insured 83O 6247124 DOGGONE CLEAN MOBILE PET WASH 1 OFF FIRST VISIT DISCOUNT FOR REGULAR SERVICE Call LeAnne for y 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even bred by the drug We had that homicide in Solms a couple years Koepp They didnt get the guy they were looking but that was over drug if not thefts go topay for drugs as Koepp Like Koepp said his offi cers welcome and would inves tigate tips provided by the pub When the public gets thats an extra set of eyes and ears to steer us in the right he you can keep your children away from drugs By Ron Malonay Staff Writer Is there a drug problem in your house Believe it or there could be and you might not even know about The lead undercover inves tigators in Comal Countys Metropolitan Narcotics Task Force look a lot more like dope dealers than they do police Thats because in their they hang out with dope both detectives will tell can be The officers offered hints to the HeraldZeitung under condition that their descriptions or photos not be published by the The very first thing I always tell parents is to nev er be afraid to go through their kids the first officer Youre responsi ble not only for your childs but for his behavior and his Worry more about being a parent and taking care of your kid than what the kids going to think about you going through his A drug problem ignored will not get better on its the officer The situation needs to be confronted and help sought counseling help and law enforcement the detective These problems dont go away on their General they only get What ever you dont ignore the detective You have the option of handling it confront your kid and you have the option of calling We encourage parents to call us to help them deal with this Call a dispatcher and an offi cer will be sent right Watch for cigarette rolling papers or other materials that could be used to smoke the the detective For hard er watch for small balloons balloons that can be used to store powdered hypoder mic spoons with handles bent slightly so if theyre sitting on a table See PARENTS Page 10A ABOUT RACE ton YOUR CONFIDENCE Aesthetic Skincare Center We change the FACE of Come in 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