Thursday, October 23, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, October 23, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 23, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Page October HeraldZeituttg SetvMg Neiv Braunfets rtftrf since 1852 New Brauhfeis Zeitung Wfas founded 1852 New Brauhfeis Herald was founded 1890 The two papers merged in 1957and printedin both German and English until 1958 Managing Editor E Malitefld News Editor Features Editer Brian Edifof and Publisher Circulation Director Doug ToflfiV Advertising Director Business Mjftagef Grant OUR OPINION Experience joys of Kids Hunt Five years ago Texas Parks and Wildlife officials started a unique pro gram that has become very popular with hunting enthu siasts Kids Hunt weekend o ne of the great things about the sport of hunting is the enjoy ment of spending time with family and friends in the out doors Its a cultural tradition passed down from generation to generation Five years ago folks at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recognized this and started a unique program that has become immensely popular with hunting enthusiasts the Kids Hunt weekend The twoday hunt which occurs this Saturday and Sunday is billed as a chance for parents to take their children under the age of 16 into the fields and woods to hunt big game Whats great about the program is it comes one week before the start of the general season This gives young hunters a sporting chance to shoot game without competiting against veteran hunters What a cool idea And if the spike in license sales is an indicator its become a very popular project as well We can think of np better way for fathers and mothers to pass along to their children the love of sport hunting than participation in the Kids Hunt weekend Those moments in the field can become life time memories and bonding as they were for previous generations TODAY IN HISTORY By The Associated Press Today is Thursday Oct 23 the 296th day of 2003 There are 69 days left in the year Todays Highlight in History Twenty years ago on Oct Marines and sailors in Lebanon were killed in a suicide truckbombing at Beirut International Airport a nearsimultaneous attack on French forces kjlled Orfihis date 2 In 1864 forces led by Union Gen Samuel R Curtis defeated Confederate Gen Stirling Prices armyin Missouri In women marched in New York City demanding the right to vote In 1942 during World War II Britain launched a major offensive against Axis forces at El Alamein in Egypt In 1944 the World War n Battle of Leyte Gulf began LETTERS POLICY Letters must be 250 words or fewer The HeraldZeitung reserves the right to edit all submissions Guest columns should be less than 500 words and must be accompanied by a photo Address and telephone number must be included so authorship can be confirmed Dems believe Hillarys experience as virtual president could be helpful H Mail letters to Letters to Editor HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New Braunfels TX 781311328 Fax them to 830 6063413 email them to illary Clinton will host an Iowa Democratic dinner next month as new rumors swirl she would accept being the vice presiden tial running mate She has been the YP before Her record as virtual president includes virtual health care reform Burger King announced Sunday its restaurant at Bagh dad Airport is doing huge busi ness It needs a new slogan As long as the White House maintains that Iraq had weapons of mass de J ARGUS HAMILTON Argus Hamiltons daily column of jokes on the news is carried in more than 100 newspapers across the United States and is also read and heard by millions on the Internet and by email at TheReagansuaifson CBS next month as a TV movie It depicts the former president as uncaring on social issues and Nancy as a pill addict It was origi nally titled The Rush Limbaugh Story but at the last minute they changed all the names to avoid getting sued Niagara Falls made the news Tuesday when an American lunatic survived leaping off the falls Hes the first ever to survive the 200foot jump without a bar rel or a life jacket Those Reform Party primaries are nothing if not exciting Barbara Bush revealed Monday she descends from President Franklin Pierce It adds to her sons woes Any president whose father and greatgrandfather were both presidents has enough royal blood in him to be suspected of running Princess Diana off the road Kobe Bryant was ordered to stand trial for rape in Colorado despite the judges view that the evidence is thin At the very least its a learning experience forJiim Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy and had no idea that Colorado was Confederate ter ritory General Jerry Boykin ignited a storm in Congress by saying the War on Terror is a fight against Satan and that God put President Bush in the White House He is in real trouble President Bush just gave him five years to shape up or ship out The White House vowed to veto the billion Iraq funding bill if Congress requires Iraq to pay half h back The president feels its just wrong Asking Iraq to give back trie f money mightobligate us to give back the country President Bush flew to the Wednesday for a meeting in Bali He was protected during his threehour visit by warships an armored limousine and cops The president wanted to show Americans that its safe to travel again Stars and Stripes ran appll showing troops in Iraq have low morale The Bush Administration gomplained the poll wasnt scientific Of course if there were any scientists hi Iraq we would have found weapons of mass destruction by now Howard Dean spoke in Howard Coun ty Iowa Wednesday keeping a promise to speak in all 99 counties lowans hate to see this end When the candidates go home next year the farmers will have to go back to fertilizing the crops them selves United States Government PfiESlbEMt Seorge W BUsh 1650 Pennsylvania NW Washihgten 26600 IKAY BAILEY HUTCHISON Fussell Senate Office Building ftedrrf 284 Washington 20510 Telephone 202 2245922 FaxJ 202 2240776 Web Send emails through Web SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 8023 Vantage Suite 460 San Antonio 78230 Telephone 210 3402885 Fax 210 3496753 JOHN CORNYN Russell Senate Courtyard 5 Washington 20510 Telephone 202 2242934 Web Send emails through Web AUSTIN Of 221 West Sixth Suite 1530 Austin 78701 Telephone 512 4696034 SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 600 Navarro Suite 210 San Antonio 78205 Telephone 210 2247485 Fax 210 2248569 CONGRESSMAN LAMAR SMITH Rayburn House Office Building Room 2231 Washington 20515 Telephone 202 2254236 Fax 202 2258628 SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 1100 NE Loop 410 Suite 640 San Antonio 78209 Telephone 210 8215024 Fax 210 82T5947 Texas Government Illlllllllllllll GOVERNOR RICK PERRY State Capitol Room Box 12428 Austin 78711 Telephone 800 8435789 Fax 512 4631849 STATE HOUSE CARTER CASTEEL 254 E Mill St New irftttftjs Telephone 830f 6270215 Toll Free 866 6874961 WHILE IN AUSTIN Box 2910 Austin 787682190 Telephone 512 4630325 Fax 512 4739920 Email address STATE SENATE JEFF WENTWORTH 1250 NE Loop 410 Suite 720 San Antonio 78209 Telephone 210 8267800 Fax 210 8260571 WHILE IN AUSTIN Telephone 512 4630125 Fax 512 4637794 Email address JUDITH ZAFFIRINI Box 627 Laredo 780420627 Legislation for money Delay camp sees no ethical dilemma I like about the new radical rightwing Republi can takeover of this country is how easily they blow past all our defens es against dejavu theyalldoit cynicism There you youre way too old and have been around this block too many times to suddenly up and evince moral out rage over a little callous ness here or a dollop of fav oritism there Suddenly ypu find yourself whomper iawed outraged stupe fied with disbelief 4 Scout again after all these years If s enough to make me believe in Molly Ivin is a columnist for Cre djpes york 1m appeared in Esquire ayirgmagajnevenjf VOWrenotaYWpU swear to goodness these fojfe can Meed Radio and the McNeiULehrer pro produce IJWaples My latest wj3lWngon water moment whilst was readjng an Austin Statesjuarj article about BroJfefir Tojn now ttoe in America right after Dick Cheney It was a lanwUar story to those of us wa follow DeLay who is he has said hell bent to stand up for a Biblical world view in everything I do andeverywhere I Brother Tom is given both to preaching holy propriety and running a political machine so shameless it would make Boss Tweed blush Those who were privi leged to see him in action during the last days of the peculiarly hideous process of redistricting the state of Texas know that ruthlessness and Christianity can be combined no matter what Jesus had to say on the subject Among those newly started by Delays tactics last week were according to the pour House Judi ciary Committee members who protest ed after ah article in me Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Gdl reported that DeLay planned to slip an amendment f evising trade statutes into me wpuaj de fense Now yaw may WnJs that revising trade tjon bUJ is procediwaJjy unusual such was the content of the pjotest ainendjrjienjt ted not heeh properly vet ted by judiciary panel which is sup posed to oversee trademajkiaw still not m stewover this eh er designed to help the nun folks vagup memories of tropical worlds oldest rum labels Havana Club Not being an expert on fundamentalist theology 1 have nq idea whether assist ing a rum company fits into a Biblical worldview but I can tell you mat Eacar diMartini me is a Bermuclabasecl cQmpanyrun by a family of prominent Cuban exiles who happen to be very generous very large campaign donors They have been especially generous to Torn Delay for several years now This lil 61 amendment of Delays car ries some history in 1998 Connie Mack a Florida Republican in serted an obscure amendment called Section 2U into a bill that was pages long Turns out 21 1 gave Bacardi a way to win its Jongnjnnmg lawsuit over Havana Club a label also claimed by PernodRicard the French company that now sells that brand name in partner ship with the Cuban government Oops this touched off a major interna tional stink France eojnplamed to the World Trade Qigajuatipn which ruled the United states had violated treaty obligations to proteet mpyrigfrfe The WTQ has given the United states wntil the end of the to revise the law So what is trying to do here Is fts wfth the WTQ ruJtag white cflnjgrjijInstQ give thf edge According jh5 rations have joined in asking Congress to repeal Section 211 altogether to avoid possible retaliation by the Castro govern ment against their own Citteens Against Government Waste a conservative watchdog group opposes special treatment for Bacardi We mink it has an adverse influence on the taxpayers on consumers and on the said the group Note In the nowdefensive formerly liberal God forbid anyone should ever call us part of the Uberal we are pleased to have an actual conser vative group protesting along with us here because if it would eare A connection between special legislation for Bajpardi and huge campaign contributions What are you a commie OK now that you have been fujly ped on this deaJ I give you tite Outrage Moment One Jonathan GreUa mjnfor Tom Delay when asted about ai this said wrong and Jink JfigisMve aptivitijs to campaign make sure we all understand what is being said here GreJia asserts that jjiere is ao coniyict of inieresjE between a public official using his power to change oceujs groups poirji back to the 1930s Several major when I weAt slackjawfid connection Thafs