Tuesday, October 21, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, October 21, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 21, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Page Qetebar 21 2003 COMICS NOP6 YOU VARMINTS WONt set AWAY FftOM fltfp stAX Activity Ar THE CtfNVENtlpN CATHY VflLUE LESS THE REBATE LESb THE TRADEIN REBflTE LESS THE ACTUATION flGTWATE 2 LINES AND WELL 6WE VOU 3 ACTWflTE 3 LINES flND WELL vou to PHONES 5 LINES FOR 3 flftt AND WELL GWE VOU W CUBIC ZIRCOMIA NflVEL AMD USE OF A TIME SHARE IN WflUl 600DB4E Iti ARMOR HELLO KNERD WITH A SERVICE FOR BETTER OR WORSEANNIE Old BE oOOOHHHHH GARFIELD JON i Meet TO EXPRESS SO IVE TAKEN UP PAINTING I CALL IT 5TUPIP IN GREEN PEANUTS I PUT OF ONE AND HALF A POZ6N OF THE OTHER SHERMANS LAGOON THERE ARENT MY ffAIRLfSS BEACH APES IN THE WATER ITS ALMOST LVNCHTIME AN MAT ARE YOU GOING TO POA00VTTHE SITUATION COMPLAIN TO YOU ABOUT IT CALL MS MSN i WW PLANS A ALONG STARS N TOADS A MANAGERS HERE FROM CORPORATE HER NAME IS DEBBIE DEMUCK IT SEEMS SHES ALWAYS BACKWARDS AND WERE RUNNING OUT OF LUCK IF I DID NOT KNOW BETTER I WOULD SAY SHES SPEAKING FRENCH BUT SINCE SHE IS SO BACKWARDS PERHAPS SHES FREAKINS SPENCH TUMBLtWEEPS Q W HOW LONG N YOU BEEN IN HE CAVALRY NABBED THIS OLD HORSE SOLDIER SERGEANT 1021 TNI WIZARP OF IP That will get you absolutely nowhere lutetillMMHuHl HOROSCOPE Tuesday Oct By Bernlce Bede Osol You may find yourself far more social in the year ahead than youve been for quite awhile However this is good because itll provide just the right amount of balance you need for your more serious nature LIBRA Sept 23Oct 23 If youre in need of anything material or financial today the place to begin looking is among your family or loved ones Theyll be the first to come through for you and give you whats required SCORPIO Oct 24Nov 22 Some people are just takers but not the one youll run into today This person will demonstrate this to you by carrying out to the letter that which she or he promises to do for your help SAGITTARIUS Nov 23Dec 21 Something nice you did for another a while back is going to be reciprocated today with a good deed designed just for you This person will make certain his or her actions will equal yours CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 Peace and quiet is not exactly what you need today Your restless spirit will welcome as much activity as possible buzzing around you from morning until night Be a mover and a shaker AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 19 opening youve been looking for to talk to an important per son may present itself today but cold feet must be warmed quickly Do not Jiesitate to utilize this very propitious moment PISCES Feb 20March 20 personality has of extra pizzazz at this time and this could make you quite an appealing person to be around 1 hope you like crowds because youll be drawing one to you today ARIES March 21April 19 Concentrate on goals today Conditions are now ripe for things to work out quite advantageously but you must do your part to Jake advantage of this propi tious day TAURUS April 20May 20 A good oldfashioned gab session with a few choice associates today could yield much more than happy times What you learn from an exchange of ideas could lighten your spirits as well as your burdens GEMINI May 21June 20 asking others could offer you their skills and muscles today in the development of a special project you have on the drawing board With their help itll be a huge success CANCER June 21July 22 Its to your advantage to be a team player today You and other partlc ipants mayeach only have a little to offer butcollectively itll add iip to adynamicconibihatibh to produce a winner LEO July 23Aug 22 It behooves you to be friendly with everybody you meet today A person you run into could prove to be of enormous help to you careerwise What this individual promises she or he will deliver VIRGO Aug 23Sept 22 It looks like the next couple of days could be quite active for you Your popularity is ascending and it may seem like everyone you know or meet will want you to share in their fun plans Know where to look for romance and youll find it The AstroGraph Matchmaker wheel instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for you Mail to Matchmaker this newspaper Box 167 Wickliffe OH 440920167 Visit for more advice Copyright 2003 Newspaper TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE Tuesday Oct ACROSS 1 Slowly disappear 5 Competently 9 Cowboys partner 14 Seine sights 15 Hudson Bay tribe 16 Tollbooth locales 17 Wedding celebration 19 Golden touch King 20SFOinfo 21 Many years 22 Tribal adviser 23 Company benefit 2 25 Buffalos lake 26 Paycheck abbr 27 Money provider 30 Selfmove firm 33 Coast 34 Importune 36 Called up 37 Locality 38 Kind of portrait 39 Struck a match 40 Sugar crop 41 Art stand 42 Umpire 44 Unit of work 45 Perched 46 Salad dressing ingredient 50 Close by 52 pries or slaw 53 One in combos 54 Be worthy of 55 Showing affection 67 Go fishing 58 Cat Tech grad 60 Was a model 61 Theyre often inflated 62 Have ah inclipation DOWN 1 Discharged 2 Comicstrip queen 3 Make compost 4 Flight dir 5 Role players 6 Pickling solution 7 Many August people 8 Itch 9 Mini or max 10 Rust and patina 11 Heckle 1g Top player 13 Snake shape PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED HHH E0 H0H0 0HBJQ SBOD QfflBHH I MRITIAITI i IOINI mnm OGDQQB 0BUILH C9QI1 HBHOl DHI3 H0DB HEia DiaraciHs LilKHH HHBH 1021Q30 2003 United Feature Sywllwfe Inc 18 Oysters treasure 22 Eat away at 24Puffsorig 28 Inspired poetry 3QWebaddr 31 Fur sgpoktrstikf 35 Qrlcllron letters 4 49 Stiff 52 Chirped