Thursday, October 9, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, October 9, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 9, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Page October HeraldZeitimg Setving New Brauttfels atid Comal County since New Braunfels ZeitufigyteS founded 1852 New Braunfels Herald was founded The two papers merged in 1957and printed in both German andEnglish until 1958 Managing Editor NeWS Editor Features cram Brian Editor ahd Publishef GirculatiOfi Director Pdtiatofiay Advertising Director Business Manager nathy Heaihif Grant OUR OPINION Free press remains freedoms bulwark Newspapers are the voice for the standing on the front lines as watchdogs of America would not be America without the free T his is National Newspa per and the Her aldZeitung offers an ode to the Fourth Estate and its place among free Since National News paper Week has observed newspapers impact on the everyday lives of and the theme for this years cele bration is The A Nation Talking to Newspapers are indeed a of the by the people and for die The free press tells those sto ries in a way nothing else in die first draft of As that draft is Americans mustnt for get the role the founders foresaw for free press in nor can they allow erosion of their Newspapers are the voice for the voice standing on the front lines as watchdogs of Those are tenets of journalists and they take that charge Freedom is Gods gift to not governments prerogative to and nothing can more mightily preserve that freedom than a free Edmund an 18thcentury British states made perhags the most famous observa tion of that In the British caste the clergy comprised the First the nobility the Second and the commons the But Burke recognized journalists inherent value to He one day looked upon the reporters gallery in Parliament and Yonder sits the Fourth more important than diem And so it Short of anything more America wouldnt be America without a free nor would any place else where live in freedom as newspapers stand Enjoy reading your and challenge it to better serve you every If it the someday could decide which news you need and which you TODAY IN HISTORY By The Associated Press Today is the 282nd day of There are 83 days left in the Todays Highlight in History On the public was first admitted to the Washington On this date In religious dissident Roger Williams was banished from the Massachusetts Bay In the Collegiate School of later Yale In a group of Spanish missionaries settled in presentday San In Laura Ingalls became the first woman to fly across the United States as she completed a ninestop journey from Roosevelt to In die first generator at Boulder later Hoover Dqm began transmitting electricity to Los In Pope Pius XII He was succeeded by Pope John In Uganda won autonomy from British In Latin American guerrilla leader Che Guevara was executed while attempting to incite revolution in In Soviet scientist Andrei Safcharov was awarded the Nobel Peace In letters postmarked in were sent to senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy the letters later tested positive for Ten years ago Special envoy Robert Oakley traveled to Somalia in an attempt to revive a ten tative peace agreement reached by Somali clan The Newspapers V Nation Talking to tbself LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Vision for city seems limited to drunk ugly sprawl Whats with these monster commercial bill board sproutinglike mushrooms all over town I can see seven of them on 725 be tween Zipp Road and Theyve popped up around the Memorial schools and everywhere else in There will be one every 20 feet before we know I a reasonable signage ordinance would be considered If our goal is to make New Braunfels look like Pat Booker we are well on our When we all volunteered to be on those Urban Planning Committees a couple of years our recommendations did not include plans for hun dreds of giant Silly Is our vision for New Braunfels limited to another drunk tourists and ugly urban sprawl New Braunfels residents and our govern ment are allowing a jewel of a town to be Oh at least we can tell our grand children that war New Braunfels DickBuhl New Braunfels Youths message to adults Act like good sports you talk about Two friends and I went to the Canyon versus Dripping Springs volleyball game During a there was a questionable line Some of the fans of both teams expressed their surprise over the This was but there was a lady on the visiting side who was being a bad She taunted the line judge for at least 10 more She was rude and inconsiderate of every one else who was there to watch the The line judge was doing her and she was a volunteer from the How do adults expect to tell us kids how to be good sports when we see adults being bad sports Shame on that Alexandra Lawson 4th grade New Braunfels Purchase of new gas grill makes citizen a criminal by ordinance On the City Council of New Braunfels passed a new Section which has just been brought to my I am now a criminal simply because on or about that date I purchased a nifty new little out door gas grill to match the new patio furniture for my new a single multiple apartment complex that this newspaper has des ignated the 1 apartment complex in the city of New all residents of the Augusta at Gruene were notified of this City council get your heads out of the sand Grills and barbecues are to Texas what lib erty and the pursuit of happiness are to the Con stitution of the United How dare you tread on my constitutional rights My guess is that none of the members of the council voting for this ordinance have been But I am now breaking the bring it on boys and Come on over and do an inspection and try to fine me simply because I own a gas The gasgrill will but come election perhaps some of the members of city council will not And you right should Darren Brinkkoeter decide to send out his troops to conduct sbme search and destroy locating my illegal grill will be harder for you than finding Donna LWiant New Braunfels If you cant afford then stop having children In the past couple of months I have read with great interest Letters to the Editor regarding the subject of exorbitant school I would like to refer to a letter datedJuly concur with his remarks that if you cannot afford then stop having Why should an unmarried person pay die same tax if not more than someone having four or five children We have a number of excellent contraceptions on the market It seems as though there must be something available to suit your we have some simple medical procedures one is able to resume normal activities after a day or I am told we are now able to send 4yearolds to school with free breakfast and Could we call this free babysitting The headline in the 15 HeraldZeitung read CISD to pay Grunert to Who paid for this We are slowly becoming and it is time for people of childbearing age to consider Violet Smith New Braunfels LETTERS POLICY V Letters must be 250 words or Guest columns should be less than 500 words and be accompanied by a Address and telephone number must be Mail to Letters to Editor HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New TX 78131132 Fax them to 830 6063413 email them to United States Government PRESIDENT George Bush 1650 Permsylvaflia NW 20500 KAY Russell Senate office Building fioorn 284 20510 Telephone 202 2245922 Fax 202 2240776 Vlteb Send emails through Web SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 8023 Vantage Suite 460 San Antonio 78230 Telephone 210 3402885 Fax 210 3496753 JOHN CORNYN Russell Senate Courtyard 5 20510 Telephone 202 2242934 Fax 202 2282856 Web Send emails through Web AUSTIN OFFICE 221 West Sixth Suite 1530 Austin 78701 Telephone 512 4696034 Fax 512 4696020 SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 600 Suite 210 San Antonio 78205 Telephone 210 2247485 Fax 210 2248569 CONGRESSMAN AM AR SMITH Rayburn House Office Building Room 2231 20515 Telephone 202 2254236 Fax 202 2258628 SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 1100 NE Loop Suite 640 San Antonio 78209 Telephone 210 8215024 Fax 210 8215947 Texas Government iiiimmimii GOVERNOR RICK PERRY Room Box 12428 Austin 78711 Telephone 800 8435789 Fax 512 4631849 STATE HOUSE CARTER CASTEEL 254 Mill New Braunfels 78130 Telephone 830 6270215 Toll Free 866 6874961 Fax 830 6278895 WHILE IN AUSTIN Box 2910 Austin 787682190 Telephone 512 4630325 Fax 512 4739920 Email address carter, STATE SENATE JEFF WENTWORTH 1250 NE Loop Suite 720 San Antonio 78209 Telephone 210 8267800 Fax 210 8260571 WHILE IN AUSTIN Telephone 512 4630125 Fax 512 4637794 Email address JUDITH ZAFFIRINI Box 627 Laredo 780420627 SAN ANTONIO OFFICE 12702 Toepperwein Road San Antonio 78233 Telephone 210 6570095 Fax 210 6570262 ARGUS HAMILTON Argus Hamiltons daily column of jokes on the new is carried in niore than 100 newspapers across the United States and is Arnold Schwarzenegger won the California governorship Democrats are scrambling to retool their They had thought the voters wanted health care an4 but it turned out matnothing sells tickets like Hitler arid Schwarzeneggers home town in waved torches Tuesday night to celebrate his victory in Cal Their joy was unbound eel Due to the language thought they were eelebfattng hjs victory over Democrats cried foul returns gaye SchMfajze like Hitler and the female anatomy negger a huge Technology made it Spme of the touch screens in Brentwoodwere shaped like grapefruits and Schwarzenegger got to spend all morning voting for Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Maria Shriver stood onstage with Schwarze negger during his victory They heard about his womanizing and steroid use and they knew one No politi cian will ever tell Schwarzenegger youre no Jack Schwarzenegger appeared onstage Monday with women supporters who call themselves Remarkgble Women for Its a mature Colleenvely they take so much iron that halfway thjoygh each they slowly begaji CaJGJprnja election officials expressed reW that no recount was necessary because of faulty Thg punch card ballots caused absolutely no propr lems in los Angeles Hanging Chad spent all day surfing at Hedpndo The Agriculture Department began a probe into the tiger attack pn Roy Horn pf Siegfried and They want to know if the tiger was mistreated Calif ormans told pollsters Tuesday they tossed Gray Davis fer giving drivers thats what did If Gray Davis stpod the situationhP would have rnade hes ready IP work with Deader of the FreeWorld is npieriougji lush tostwcied bolder pajrpl agents to meet with American Indian law eiiforcemeuuuthorities this week to bolster security along the Mexican bor What is going on here First Bush thinks there are weappns of mass o structjon Iraq and now he believes that Jndianj can keep people out of Pentagon held a huge sale pf unused weapons this past They sold thousands olmissiles at discount prices from their warehouse m The Peiwagpn it wUl have the same effectas putting a WalMart just MorJi Koreas Pope Joto ptuj gppeargd hjaJWer dwring a visit to Pprnptjj on itosday wMe Yasser Arafat was reported to 1 after a mild heart Tfes mm reeetttty to the em 2te to fei tort p Araftj not carrying a gunj ajid for the first Orne in two thpusajid the pope