Saturday, October 4, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, October 4, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 4, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Octdber 2003 TV LISTINGS Page 3B SATURDAY 4 6 am 8 am 9 am am rn am 12 pm 71 pm pm I 3 pm I r4 pm Paid ipaw Paid 432655 129452 I5B452 Paid Paid Paid Paid I Paid 57723 I55758 Il5384 Is96t7 NASCAR Racina Busch Series Goodcenls Breeders Cup Preview 26346 ILivei A J8i 878013 Exquisite Gemstones 540162 Pried df t Bfotert Heart Drawa College Football Alabama at Live I51 Notiel Notici LuchadeVuella 17094 Garni AeaFest 90155 FuturfiSport Science Ftetioti TuDesayunoAlegre 275742 AmigoaporSlempre 265365 Control 46839 Callefite 28487 Primer ImpactoiFlnSeman MLB Baseball Division Senes Teams Wsfed Desire it Seine Kind dWdfldttful Feotlooae DtaM PA Kim Rangers Rangers NBA PGA Golf World Poll Champion College Gameday 176549 College Football 700704 Paid Sports Paid College Football Teams lo Be Live 242988 Jesse JarnsB Western Hlndenburd Dra Rich In AmericaMagazine 3904 Biography 445100 Sting Sacred Love ffl 457810 traveler Year Sell White Hot MurderTodd 647471 n Qtorja M m 452907 AM Style 9th Anniversary 91630 25 Countdown 586487 MTVSpeC573704 RealWrl RealWrl Challenge472636 Washington Journal Live 692617 Washington Journal 280723 87tn Precinct Heatwave 69B9742Mws Baeit to Sdiool Fishing Fishing 8452891 MLB Baseball Division Series Teams TBA 6717810 Fox and Friends Saturday Forbes Cashin Weekend 8976471 Wayne Newton THS 267365 true Hollywood Story f f9S Meg 15616 Duvall Garden Garden Glitter 01 Marian Carey Bug Offlrai Steve At Itoaxto foa Jackie And Starring Pancho Via g45 Holyfield 215 Married lo the Mob 88 2121810 Michelle Sidewalks of New York Hardball f Drama Keanu Comedy Mnrtin rAnnil nnnipn rd BurriSa IB S2907S88 PBJOt Stanley IwigglesJJoJo JWigglesJSlanleyRolle JRecess Smart Even Proud The Scream Team 02 ffi 7osse Recess I Recess Kirr Orange County A Joshua A 6106BMB Love Bites C92 53540487 Who Framed Roga Navy SEALS Adventure Sleepers Drama Kevin ARffi 255181 Clones 021 Ewan PG George Little Colorado Territory 49 Joel 1S Cool Hand Lute Drama Paul Gsorae is The PrWe of the Yankeea 42 Gary SI 38987471 It The Terror From Beyond Space 1048162 Virginia Mavo BRAVO lActStudlo 221384 Paid iQueer Eye 412433 Profiles 432297 LActStudio534094 SATURDAY 4 T5 pm I y6 pm 7pm f8 pm v9 pm mOpm I Y11 pm I am I 71 am I 73 am I T4 am Enterprise Rajiin A 1617 She Spies N A 517365 Texas Ranger A 6013 jewelry En vogue 108766 College Football 793907 Hack Presumed Guilty N 65988 Joss Acklahd 6153582 Futbol de la Llga Mexlcana 54013 Futbol de la Liga Mexlcana 32605 Star Trek Voyager SI 37161 the Cradle Cheaters N A m 36013 Billy Clasicos de Sabado Gigante 577143 All That Romeol Amanda Skeeter Cosby Blues Piano Blues N A American Family A El 67907 Blues While and Blues A DVS1899 Austin City Limits A 379698 Nicky 00 lafta ft College Football Teams to Be Live 773810 College Football Teams to Be 79933538 CHIPS Moving Violation 854747 Basle Instinct fog 549346 Coral Ridge Hour 742 Heroes ol the Bible Joy of College Football 435988 ISportsCenter 57703297 College Football Tennessee at 23434452 College Football 685679 Midnight in the Garden oJ Good and Evil Drama Murder in the Rrj f95t Drama Chtistisn Kevin John IB 867097 Kevin Gary football College Football Teams to Be Live 952758 Beyond College Football 533143 College Football Texas MM at Texas Tech Live 505384 John ThftElgerSanction Jeffrey iCIInTEastwood R26770ioo 155 Uatmo loflraif Doge 92 m 36865 4IOO and Pffllacti99 Wild Card 202966 Missing 307510 Substitute 2 Schools Out 6464i4SgJ Substitute 3 Winner 221389 Cosla 6760756 Northern Nights 6711566 College Football Jackson Stale at Florida 577636 Comic view Playrf A Hip HopStory BET Inspiration 307969 Sorority ISororlty Frat life Llle Camp Cribs A Cribs A Cribs A Cribs A Orman 4359704 Kudlow 3137389 Outside 5618476 Insomniac Music Theater A 858327 American Perspectives 908618 American Perspectives 643549 Book TV Book Events9026278 USA Gold Holiday Preview Jewelry Gills Under Fitly Dollars zodiac Yu Gl Furors XMeo Toon Toon Bugs 4754872 Jerry Pile Out 992094 Trading 376100 fading 376920 Pate 976164 Street IMLB Baseball Divisions Paid Paid Paid Paid Mlrador IMundo iDestinos Econ Mundp De Escen World Poker Tour BellagJoffl Investigates Paid iPald Investigate Paid iPaid I Paid Paid Paid IHGTV 18734810 Even IvAnu I AH 2616 61B7384 Stand Up Thumb Hookers A Johns JTrick 5301394 I Famous I Honey 587018 Jersey Lloyd lAnatote IPQA Golf 981029 l6oB CM Nationwide Tour 515580 DEARABBY DearAbbyis written by Abigail Van also known as Jeanne and was founded by her Pauline Write Box Los Angeles or visit her Web site at Supervisor leaves worker no place to turn DEARABBY I have a seri ous problem with my supervisor at Ill call her I began working for Lydia last year after being laid off for four months from another com Since Ive been picked on and harassed I find myself walking on eggshells and feeling anxious every Lydia is constantly looking for something about me to criticize She does not treat anyone else this and I cannot figure out the best way to deal with Please dont tell me to complain to the human resources department because I have already tried I was told to fill out a grievance report and submit it to Lydias boss who I have heard say Lydia makes all the deci 1 trust her judgment and I support her to the I have been documenting Lydias treatment of me since last I cannot afford to lose my job how I dont know if I have the emotional strength to tolerate the abuse much OF GET TING YELLED AT IN DAY OHIO DEAR TIRED Make sure youre doing a good job and are punctual about Continue doc umenting Lydias treat Since complaining has not present copies of your documenta tion to the human resources That should get the directors If the situation doesnt start looking for another job and send a copy of your documentation to the Equal Employment Oppor tunity Commission along with a letter of DEAR ABBY My 35year old moved back home to live with my husband and She recently attempted sui cide and is now going to counseling for substance abuse and I have tried hard to avoid bringing up old issues that have created problems between us in the One issue that keeps is the embarrass ing way Linda The clothes she wears make her look cheap and Should we bite our tongues and keep our mouths shut SILENTLY HURTING IN GEORGIA DEAR SILENTLY HURT ING Refrain from saying anything critical that could be blown out of pro portion at sensitive Your daughter is dealing with far more seri ous issues than fashion faux pas right When ifs her coun selor will probably address the issue of how she is packaging So be In situations like timing is