Tuesday, August 12, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, August 12, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 12, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas August 2003 i ihRAUZEiTUNG Page SA Peiwts I REAP IN THE PAPER THAT SOMEONE WO WEARS ALL THE TIME COULP BE HAVING EMOTIONAL I HAVENT BEEN5LEEPIN6 Cathy GREAT MOW HERES ELECTMS HER SPECIAL PUPfN CHEW TIN FAVORITE HOW DOES A RUtfT LIKE SOU RffTC ALL THAT THERE ARE NO THERE ARE ONLS Hw Wizard of Id Annie SIR TH6 POWBR SBIC A IS ASAINf THE CITY J is WITHOUT etec AS I THOUGHT HE IS PERHAPS IT MEANS NOTHINS BUT I Shermans Lagoon RAarmaduke Rubes Along with the the ice cream is missing Of you had to have our plans for a rear attack might not come as a complete Horoscope WH6RE POE9 SHB LIVE CALLIN6 LONG PITTANCE B6HINP THAT SHRUB OVER THERE Tunbwwctds WE BROKE INTO THE FRONT AND THERE WAS FIERCE HANDTOHAND FIGHTING WITH THE TROOPERS C nttHEm Ryin DMtaM Nwti AnwUn kc THEY DONT USE DEODORANT OR MOUTHWASHI For Better of Worse BOKO SURE LOOK WTWBM AND i W J iVt HAROLD COMER i IHe PEHT IF DEAMMA I WED ANP ILL SHOW YOU SOMBOHB WHO HITS IN THP WITH A CAULS tfU Stars n Toads FUD WANTS A WHAT THATSCMZYI WEIL THINK ABOUT IF I DONt 6IVE IN TO THEIR RIDICULOUS HER THE WILL SEND OUT ANOTHER OF HER NOTORIOUS SCUD LETTERS WHY FRIEND JUST GIVE IT A EACH TERSE VERSE SENT BY THE PUD IS A DUD With over newspapers printed and distributed locally every How can TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE NEW BRAUNIIiLS HERALDZEITUNG By Bernice Bede Osol Destiny could place you in the right spot at the right time for recognition and advancement in the year It will be up to to take advantage of this unique position to further your personal LEO July 22 Its advisable today that neither you nor your mate make any decision that involves both without consulting each Chances are it wont be the right VIRGO 22 Once you set an important course of action fol low it through to the end until it is complet ed to your Nothing can be left to chance or LIBRA 23 It is imper ative today that you maintain total control of an endeavor that is essential to you until its Should you become lax or it could cost you all that youve SCORPIO 22 Leave a lot of space for interruptions today so that you can handle all contingencies thai could upset your Even your normal rou tines will suffer more disruptions than SAGITTARIUS 21 Treat everyone with whom youre involved today as an equal regardless of rank or Someone you least expect could be a big shot in the eyes of a person youre trying to CAPRICORN 19 Conditions that pertain to your financial wellbeing may be more unstable today than they appear on the Be frugal about every transaction you AQUARIUS 19 Any undertaking that requires a monetary investment on your behalf today should not be rushed into haphazardly or impulsively Caution can save you a bundle of PISCES 20March 20 You may have to be up to masterfully handling an important relationship today in order to counterbalance a misunderstanding that might Guard against selfserving ARIES March 21April 19 It wont do you any good today to try to or cover up something you should have done but It wont get you out of trouble and will only make matters TAURUS April 20May 20 tomorrow is a so if you plan to go out on the town this evening with dont make it too late a Theres a price to pay for everything we do in GEMINI May 21June 20 Lady Luck is pretty handy to have but you cant rely solely on her at all Today may be one of those days when vic tories can only be achieved through effort and hard CANCER June 21July 22 Business matters must be handled with extreme seri ousness so when involved in an important financial pay close attention to every aspect of the arrange Know where to look for romance and youll find The AstroGraph Matchmaker wheel instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for youMail to this Box OH Copyright Newspaper Enterprise ACROSS 1 Trill 7 Annex 10 Company emblem 14 Verdi works 15 KikiorJoey 16 Melville captain 17 Western state 18 had ill 19 Steakhouse order 20 Teen delight 23 Ouzo flavor 26 Seine site 27 Asian nannies 28 Theater trophy 29 Comics 30 in combos 31 Former NOW cause 32 Trial VIPs 33 Easel partner 37 Foulball caller 38 House shader 39 informally 40 Coffee dispenser 41 Kneecap 43 Flirtatious 44 singer 45 SomeMDs 46 Personal history 47 Yield territory 48 Piece next to the drumstick 51 many years 52 Less cluttered 53 Pickup option 56 As a result 57 poetically 58 Fought 62 Trudge 63 Moray 64 Clothing 65 Former JFK visitors 66 67 Gls meals DOWN 1 Oulscored 2 Primate 3 Step on the gas 4 Bold 5 Soup server 6 Rebekahsson 7 Safe to eat 8 Quay 9 Unpleasant look 10 Towninoaters 11 Maureen of the screen 12 Singer Brooks 13 Toes the line 21 Swamp gases 22 Conference 23 Finished off 24 Baker 25 Unsuitable 29 Shopping venues PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 81203 2003 United Feature 30 Major nono 32 Noted oracle site 33 The Godfather actor 34 Piano fixer 35 Gridiron deal 36 Compete 42 Holiday quaffs 46 Fumble 47 West Point students 48 Lock or curl 49 Flings 50 Gold bar 51 Whiteplumed wader 52 Mean person 54 Rejections 55 Bonanza broth er 59 Fleurde 60 Before 61 STUMPED Gall for answers Touchtone or rotary plwnes 95e par minute 900 2265934

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