Thursday, August 7, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, August 7, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 7, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2B August Peanuts GtffitM I THINK III IMPRESS THAT LITTLE R6PHAIR6P JUMPING OPF THE HI6H OR MAvee ILL IMPRESS MER BY JUST JUMPING OR ILL JUST SIDE OP TH6 OR MW06 ILL JUST IMPRESS HER 0Y MOW MANY HOT I CAN TSHIRTS 4ND o 0 0 0 0 0 0 UNUS5 60 WEIL WITO IIWINfr OM OUR IK WHICH ILL WANT FLIRTV TANK TOPS AND 00 ttflLW WEIL IN WWtH CflSG TIL WAKT SUNKV SUOKV SrtSSV MUCH WtRE SO NAKED AS WHEN SOmBNE SEES OUR SIX FUlLOf f ROTTEN CARDS THATS WHAT I GET FOR PLAYING WITH A TINHORN The Wizard of Id For Better or Worse Annie ANO weve NOT LOST I W OF OF Shermans Lagoon MARTm toWP IT OOOPI Stars n Toads I THINK OUR ACCOUNTIN6 FOLK ARE USING FUZZY MATH TO ADD THESE Marmaduke Rubes DOUBLE CHECKED TRIPLE IT STILL DOESNT ADD ITS NOT FUZZY MATH ITS FUZZY BRAINS Youre hardly the ideal coffeebreak its Our whiskers are roughly the same width as our body and are primarily used to see If we can fit through an There exceptions to the With over printed and distributed locally every How can yoiLmiss TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE NUW BHAUNIBLX HERALDZEITUNG Horoscope By Bernlce Bede Osol People with whom you team up can play beneficial roles in both your personal and work related affairs in the year Choose to work in tandem only with those with whom you have a good LEO July 22 Although you may sense that you have the upper hand in a critical exchange with another this evaluation could be entirely Change your thinking or be prepared to look VIRGO 22 Be partic ularly careful who you employ to perform an important service and dont leave anything up to his or her If you gee things arent turning out stop the job LIBRA 23 Attempting to keep up with the Jones is downright but its exactly what you might attempt to do Buying what a rich pal purchases may turn out to be worthless to SCORPIO 22 Heres a good motto to hang on the inside of the to your home or office for all to see Be sure that what you see here and say here stays here when you SAGITTARIUS 21 Just because someone with whom youre associated today can yell the loudest doesnt mean you should knuckle under to his or her A mouse may roar like a but hes still a CAPRICORN 19 Be financially prudent and dont be taken in by someone who is attempting to turn smoke and mirrors into an investment WhafheW she is dangling is all hot AQUARIUS 19 If oth ers arent being as cooperative with you today as they usually stop and ask yourself if you might be the one who is set ting the You get what you give in this PISCES 20Marcb 20 Dont kid yourself about your abilities and Taking on a task that is beyond your capabilities will put you in a risky situation physically and could damage your ARIES March 21AprU 19 Usually youre a rather accommodating and friends find you an easygoing person to be around in most today these splendid traits could be nowhere to be TAURUS April 20May 20 Its OK to want to be left but if this extends to being too selfserving with no regard for your fellow human associates will start to deliberately place obstacles in your path to trip you GEMINI May 21June 20 Normally youre one of the most openminded and flexible people to be much to the chagrin of your companions you may choose to behave in ways that are totally the CANCER June 21July 22 Being loose and frivolous with your money is one but today your taste could be out to lunch and you may find yourself purchas ing a number of outlandish and grotesque Trying to patch up a broken romance The AstroGraph Matchmaker wheel can help you understand what to do to make the relationship Mail to Box OH Copyright Newspaper Enterprise ACROSS 1 Penpolnts 5 Sports zebras 9 Winged Victory 13 Port near Kyoto 15 Charles Lamb 16 Did slangily 17 Go to see 18 Strong cheese 19 Not spicy 20 Hearth residue 21 Flightless birds 23 Resolute 25 Overcharge 26 Sleazy 27 Nod or wave 30 Historians word 31 Expect 32 Weekdays 37 Shade plant 38 Trounces 40 Civil disorder 41 Uke gardenias 43 Nlnetaaded monster 44 Ancient 45 Ukesome new shoes 47 Tent dwellers 50 Contented sound 51 Newspaper feature 52 Ink spot 53 Travelers stop 56 Leatherworking tools 57 Patricks domain 59 Quay 61 Pace 62 Blackthorn 63 Put up 64 Inspects 65 Stitched together 66 Invites DOWN 1 Variable star 2 Osirissister 3 Big party 4 Have winter fun 5 Take to task 6 House wings 7 For shame 8 Links 9 Put the finger on 10 More aloof 11 Gene or Grace 12 Vortex 14 Did not cook 22 Scratch 24 Low cards 25 Undercover lob 26 Not loose 27 Iron fishhook 28 Big pitcher 29 Poet Teasdale 32 Edge a dolly 33 Hafr care convenience 34 Verdi opera 35 Famed sergeant 36 Remain 38 Ms condition PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED wwrau raHms DSBQ wmnm IRIOICIKIEITI8IHII S MDH HQeriH BDDD WQO UHHH OHUHH HHDH wuara S703 O 2003 Unlttd FMkvt 39 Oddsand 42 Prowl 43 Rush past 45 Internal organ 46 Status 47 2wds 48 aanscomlctol 49 Requirements 51 Zoo enclosure 52 Hill edge 53 Noted lithographer 54 Head support 55 Beautysalon Items 58 Notre Dame sight 60 STUMPED input phonst