Friday, July 11, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, July 11, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 11, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2B HERALDZEITUNG July Peanuts JUST BECAUSE THOSE SIRLS WENT AWAY TO CAMRTHEY THOUGHT 1SHOULP MISS TM6M 6IRL5 ARE HARP TO UNDERSTAND EVERY NOW AND THEN ILL COME ACROSS A BOX OF COOKIES THAT 1JU5T DONT UNDERSTAND AT Cathy WERE BACK IT THE WHOLE TWO DAMS TO OUR WN TWO DAMS TO OUT fl TWO DAMS TO HAUL THE WE MADE ROOffl FDR A CAR IN THREECAR I rtW HUSBAND TO TAKE A 6flRA6E VACATION BUT HE SAID ITS TOO Trw Wizard of Id NOTHING TO ANP BUINEP Shermans Lagoon IM A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER WOVFROINfP IM GOING TO me TO RESHOOT me umei FAMILY PHOTO 15 Years Marmaduke Rubes Gonna give Marmaduke a The original Seeing Eye Cat program was not without its Horoscope GarfiiM 1 PIP ON OUR LAST PATE t tH6UOHt THE TWIRWNO BOW Tie WAS A STITCH lUKMNeWMflS RELAX LADSI THE STERN MARTINET YOU SEE IN COURT IS NOT THE REAL ME ACTUALLY IVE BROTHERLY FEELINGS FOR THE COMMON MANI YOU REALLY MEAN JUDGE GREAT GALLOWSI WHAT MORE MUST I SAY TO GET IT THROUGH THOSE THICK SKULLS7I M HTK IMUM k Nmtli AJiwUn For Better or Worse YOUD LIKE HES IM urwi MY FfclENDfe CHgATlNOON i CAUT Stars n Toads THIS HASTING WAS A GROT IW SO GlAP I HAP WHY YOURS IS ALSO A HOW ATOUT IF YOO LEAP Trit OWJWTTH TO STUDYIT JUST WHAT I NEEP WORE NEXT HUE IU KEEP MY GREAT TO MYSELF AEWCRTiSO VMth over newspapers printed and distributed locally every How can July TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS NUW BHAUNIBLS HERALDZEITUNG July By Bernice Bede Osol In the year ahead you could be doing things on a grander scale than youve done in the It could mean a bigger a bigger income or a bigger CANCER June 21July 22 Dont waste this auspicious day on insignificant Spend today working toward increasing your earnings or Its a fortunate day for those who put forth the LEO July 22 If you sense that your popularity is moving upward your perceptions are You have something extra going for you that others will find most VIRGO 22 Its the endings that count the not necessarily the Even if things dont start out as youd you could soon be whistling a happy you where you need to SCORPIO 22 Conditions in general are favorable for you but your best breaks appear to be stemming from activities that stimulate your career and financial SAGITTARIUS 21 The aspects are trending towards success in all of your affairs It behooves you to devote as muah time as possible to matters of personal CAPRICORN 19 Lucky You could profit today from something just because you happen to be in the right spot at the right Be sure to say AQUARIUS 19 Shed any reclusive Get involved in some type of activity that requires collec tive Benefits come through PISCES 20March 20 opportunities than usual exist espe cially in areas that affect your Be LIBRA 23 Be hopeful even if things dont seem to be going alert for Lady Luck to put something in your Luck is your ally and will take your path you can capitalize ARIES March 21April 19 If you dont have an immediate use for a creative idea you get file it away in your memory Something good will eventually come from TAURUS April 20May 20 You wont have to look beyond your own baili wick today for a way to fulfill a financial Someone with whom you have pow erful emotional bonds will come through for GEMINI May 21June 20 Fortunate circumstances are found in activities in which you are working in conjunction with another for a common up to double your Get a jump on life by understanding the influences which are governing you in the year Send for your AstroGraph yearahead predictions by mailing to this Box OH Visit Copyright Newspaper Enterprise 1 6 Jazz style 11 Pilots sighting 14 Historian Durant 15 Thorn 16 Jungle snake 17 Cherokee or Semlnole 18 Waterfowl 19 Sitcom planet 20 Flightless birds 22 Sudden downpour 24 Make damp 28 Add honey 30 Married Fergie 31 Does pullups 32 Placid 33 Skyline features 36 Villains laugh 37 Forgo 38 Thurman 40 Easy to carry 43 Not as common 45 Hindu mystics 46 Muss 47 Found 50 Picnic hampers 51 Maria 52 JekyHs other half 53 Oklahoma town 54 On the upandup 57 Expeditions 62 Family 63 Avoid capture 64 Kind of pool 65 Golf peg 66 Pocket change 67 Durable wood DOWN 1 Large tank 2 Puckster Bobby 3 Catos three 4 Society newcomer 5 Rained Ice 6 Air rifle 2 7 Psyches beloved 8 Whos Who entry 9 NATO cousin 10 Now 11 tusitania sinker 12 Specialty 13 Bucket of song 21 Vets office sound 23 Muchachas coin 24 Hot Lips show 25 Saloon sign 2 26 Wyoming neighbor 27 28 Push 29 to George 31 Bedsprings 33 Fanatical 34 Feminine accessory 35 Refine bauxite 37 Earnings PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED BH0EH BHDH HfflHQ liQHQQ B1EJBQ BmDg HfflHHDIHEl HHBHC10 BOH naoBB DQOI1EB EBBBC HBH BHHH HHSQB QBHH QQQ HmnraH DHHSB nranra nncis BDHH lUHHf 71103 O 2003 United Feature 39 Herns son 41 Pitcher Nolan 42 Summed up 43 Leopard spot 44 Razorbilled bird 46 Skosh 47 Slightest 48 Classic tune 49 Desist 50 Data storage units 52 Stash away 55 Yale alumnus 56 Bubble 58 Umbrella part 59 once 60 neighbor 61 Stallone nickname STUMPED Call tQf WffiNiaK ToueWane or rotary