Friday, July 11, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, July 11, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 11, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas 4A HfcRALDZEiTUNG July FORUM Contact Managing Editor Gary Mattland 220 NHW HERALDZEITUNG New Braunfels Zeitung was founded 1852 New Braunfels Herald was founded The two papers merged in 1957 and printed in both German and Knglish until Doug Editor and Publisher Gary Managing Editor 830 6259144 Other views The BryanCollege Station Eagle on Rick Perrys efforts to pass a bill making preliminary budget documents secret Its our and Texans want to know how our government plans to spend If Rick Perry gets his none of us will know until it is too late to do anything about Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled earlier this year that the governor had to release the docu ments and working papers he and his staff used in developing the state The governors claim such preliminary plans could give Texans a false impression of how their money ultimately would be spent didnt sway the attorney Perry wasnt happy with the and now he is trying to do something about He is ask ing the Legislature to pass a bill making preliminary budget documents Lawmakers should reject the governors It is bad for o D Texas and bad for Rick Perry who hag more mterest the state budget than the people who pay the bills If the governor gets his we wont have a clue how our money is being spent until it is too late to do anything about The governors claim that releasing the docu merits would give Texans only a distorted view of budget deliberations that might cause them to make wrong assumptions is All of us with budgets in our homes and in our work Texans are smart enough to know prelimi nary figures are just we want to know those to get an understanding of how the budget is shaping Are programs important to us targeted for cuts Are tax increases being contemplated These and other questions are paramount to all Texans and the answers should be available so we can have input into the final Texans have fought long and hard for open gov Texans believe the best government is one that operates in the not behind closed With very limited documents generated and maintained by the state and any of its workers should be available to any Texan who wants to see Perrys efforts are a naked power grab by the gov ernor to give himself more power than Texans have been willing to give Texans traditionally favor a weak governorship because we think the best is one that has the closest ties to our local We want the most important decisions made by legislators who live and work in bur not a governor who only drops by pn special Once we elect those we want them to keep us informed of what they are doing every step of the After it is our not Policy The HeraldZeitung en courages the submission of Letters must be 250 words or and the Herald Zeitung reserves the right to edit all Quest columns should be less than 500 An address and telephone which are not for must be included so authorship can be No letter will be published until it has been Mail letters to Letters to the Editor clothe HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New TX 781311328 Fax 830 6063413 email Letters To The Editor Library card fee a slap in teachers face I am a teacher with Comal Independent School Dis 1 grewn up here in New Braunfels all of my life and have held a New Braunfels Library card since 1 was 6 or I found out teachers who do not reside within city limits cannot renew their library member ship when it expires with outpaying the I was shocked AH a I probably visit and use the public libra ry more than most citi zens of this city I have al ways been an avid support er of most of the services and programs the library Top that with all that is being taken away from us with budget insurance TRS teachers Write Em President George Bush 1600 Pennsylvania NW 20500 Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison Room 284 Russell Senate Office Building 20510 202 2245922 Fax 202 2240776 8023 Vantage Suite 460 San Antonio 78230 John Cornyn Senate Russell Courtyard 5 20510 202 2242934 Fax 202 2282856 Austin office Jennifer state director Beth field director 221 West Sixth Suite 1530 dont have much left Charg ing us to renew or ob tain a library card in order to educate children of this well that adds insult to injury my four chil dren who attend CISD schools can continue to check out books with their library cards that at least until city council decides they should not be allowed to if they do not live in the city limits Robin Toepperwein Seguin Too many chiefs in educational system Is anyone out there upset other than myself The June 26 article Tea chers pay raise would put CISD deeper in the states there are 80 adminis trators in the Would anyone please tell me and other taxpayers just Austin 78701 San Antonio office Daniel regional director Suite 210 San Antonio 78205 Congressman Lamar Smith Room 2231 Rayburn House Office Building 20515 202 2254236 1100 NE Loop Suite 640 San Antonio 78209 Governor Rick Perry State Room Box 12428 Austin 78711 800 8435789 what these people do What are these administratorsjob descriptions responsibili ties and salaries It seems to me that 80 administrator positions is excessive to the ratio of I think taxpayers would be more understanding of CISD if the HeraldZeitung would acquire an organiza tional chart with job descriptions and salaries for each It is deplorable to pay to per month in taxes to live in your own Would anyone from the CISD superintendents office like to respond Earl Evans New Braunfels Fly flag dont wear it as clothing The flag of the United States is a proud symbol of our devotion to the freedom Today In History BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is July the 192nd day of There are 173 days left in the Todays history highlight On July the Marine Corps was formally reestablished by a congres sional act that also created the Marine In Pope Clement VII excommunicated Englands King Henry In John Quincy the sixth president of the United was born in In Vice President Aaron Burr mortally wounded former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a pistol duel near In Confederate forces led by Jubal Early began an abortive of our There are men and women today giv ing their lives for that flag and for what it stands The thought of using that flag or anything resembling it as clothing is a slap in the face to those devoted men and you do not use the flag to clothe your body or as a as I have seen it The flag is a symbol of our proud heritage and should be honored as We vet erans did not put our lives on the line so some people can think they are proud Americans by misusing the flag for Go to the or go on the to find out the proper use of the Im sure you will learn some Fly the flag the proper Dolezal New Braunfels invasion of Washington turning back the next In President Franklin Roosevelt became the first chief executive to travel through the Panama In the Republican national meet ing in nominated Dwight Eisenhower for president and Richard Nixon for vice In the Air Force Academy was dedi cated at Lowry Air Base in In the Medal of Freedom was awarded posthumously to the Martin Luther King In the abandoned space station Skylab made a spectacular return to burning up in the atmosphere and showering debris over the Indian Ocean and Its time to restore services to Iraqi people Some folks used to believe the Bibles Garden of Eden was locat ed near the Euphrates and Tigris in the heart of what today we call If it was ever it has been long Right the temperature in is in triple If the wind blows at it blows hot like a blast Electricity and air conditioners go on and The I water goes on and The flies The sewage American youth who thought the road home led through Baghdad have discovered Bagh dad is going to be their home for Ithe foreseeable They arent Neither are Iraqi They suffer from the same the same aggravating lack of reliable but they also suffer from having no jobs for no Their infrastructure is in lousy CHARLEY REESE Their schools are in lousy Their hospitals are in lousy They are living under for eign They have no idea or they will get to govern Their streets are no longer The euphoria of getting rid of a dictator is dissipating Amer icans never were greeted by danc ing in the as the most prowar of the neoconservatives Saddams brutality was exagger at least in its for war propaganda He never killed as many Iraqis as Ameri can warmongers If he the country would be depopu and its a strange kind of dictatorship when practically every Iraqi had a There were 40 gun stores in I bet thats about 40 more than there are in Im not trying to paint Saddam as a Im just pointing out that if you kept your mouth you could pretty much go about your More in the mean Saddam despite terrible sanctions fed the people he kept electricity and telephones operative he provided security for the people and he had a com munications The unfortunate truth is since occupying we have done a worse job in all of those areas than Our ineptness is in danger of rehabil itating Saddam in the eyes of many We are proving to be worse at governing than he and if we show too much brutali ty in putting down we will even erode our moral advan an American Army vehicle ran over a 10yearold It didnt That did not sit well with Iraqis who saw it I hope it was the case that the soldiers didnt realize they had hit A skinny 10yearold wouldnt make much of a bump to a heavy Army But the boys family thinks they They think the American soldiers just didnt care that they had killed an Iraqi This is the kind of incident under the right can cause an The first intifada in the West Bank was started by an automobile accident involving a truck with a Jewish driver who hit some Palestinians Didnt Pentup rage burst The question does our occu pational government under the reign of Lord Paul Bremer of Baghdad realize it doesnt have a lot of time to restore basic ser vices to Iraqi people I wish I had more but its rather a long time since Ive met a highranking American official who wasnt arrogant or a bureaucracy that didnt move with the speed of We arent in a guerrilla war and there is no reason to use the word since we volun tarily stepped into this garden If we dont do it right and do it even President Bush will wish he had never beard of Charley Reese is a syndicated