Tuesday, May 27, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, May 27, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 27, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Tbesday May MERALDZElTUNO Page 7A COMICS Peanuts HOU CAN VOU TEACH SOMEONE WHO THINKS THE6R6AT6AT50VWA5 IN THE OLD TESTAMENT I MEARP VOU KICKED HIM OUT OF YOUR CLASS WHAT WAS HIS NAME Cathy THE VXWANLX CURVES OF CATHERINE THE VOLUPTUOUS ALLURE Of PUT IT AW TOGETHER AND WHAT ME TO SQUASH THREE INTO ONE WOT OF The Wizard of Id PLEASE TO OLIVER WARBUCKS S ANN PERHAPS I CAN 00 Shermans Lagoon GJRUCTURE OVER THERE Y00B HOUWLLWI GJOPfiSKINGMe Marmaduke Rubes The excitement keeps building I can hardly wait to see wha happens CrMlon SiiMdkttt jf X What nervel Its another packet of free address labels from The Disabled Whalers Society trying to guilt trip us into making Horoscope Garfield VOU WANT TO BE BRU3H6R RIGHT Tumbleweeds 0 MM Tbm K Rim DMrtaM by Anwrtwi Inc For Better or Worse A BUS RIDE TO AS PADDYS PIG FAITH AND BGORRAI SAVSOODBVE HOW mey Stars n Toads LONG WBKWS ARE ALWAYS HOWDY SUPER HOW ARE YA SOBER FOR SUPER THATS ON A ROIL TMtf With over newspapers printed and distributed locally every week How can yomniss TutKiiy May TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE NOW BKAUNIIILS HERALDZEITUNG Tuesday May By Bernlce Bede Osol The year ahead represents a favorable growth cycle for you The harder you work the better the returns and the more things will work out for you Many of the devel opments have been a long time in the mak ing GEMINI May 21June 20 The secret to success today is to adopt an I can do it attitude early on in the day Youll be amazed as to what youre capable of doing once you get your hands wet CANCER June 21July 22 Dont be discouraged if the returns youve been expecting from an enterprise havent as yet lived up to your expectations Starting today you should begin to see a turn around LEO July 23Aug 22 If you are called upon today to make a difficult deci sion dont hesitate to do so What makes you such a good judge is that you dont ignore the needs of those involved VJJM3O Aug 23Sept 22 Give a commercial situation the time and attention it needs and chances are everything will work out quite profitably for you today Keeping your hand steady on the helm will bring you into port LIBRA Sept 23Oct 23 A pleasur able social gathering today might turn out to be very advantageous for you from a business standpoint There could be an out standing contact among the hors doeuvres SCORPIO Oct 24Nov 22 Although youll be quite productive per forming tasks unaided today you could do even better with assistance In either case the secret is to work in conjunction with what others have going SAGITTARIUS Nov 23Dec 21 The proper time and circumstance to get something off your chest youve been har boring for a long time could present them selves today Itll work out well CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 The profits for which youve been looking are available today However they cant be had without the proper effort and desire to suc ceed A little elbow grease will go a long way AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 19 What will help you advance your selfinterests today is taking a nononsense approach to matters that are important to you Others will fall in line when they see that you mean business PISCES Feb 20March 20 An old obligation that has been hanging around for some time is about to be cleared up today in a most astounding way While the debtor is working on something for himself or her self the results will benefit you ARIES March 21April 19 A friend of yours may be in need of a favor from you today Even if it requires some sort of sacrifice on your part dont let this person down Theres more in it for you than you realize TAURUS April 20May 20 Things could look far more intimidating today when viewed from a distance Once you jump into the fray however itll surprise you how up to the task you are Know where to look for romance and youll find it The AstroGraph Matchmaker wheel instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for you Mail to Matchmaker this newspaper Box 167 Wickliffe OH 440920167 Copyright 2003 Newspaper Enterprise Assn ACROSS 1 Skimpy pullover 9 Recital pieces 10 Library sound 14 Shampoo additive 15 Blow as a volcano 16 Asian princess 17 Quote 18 Nonsoclalone 19 Type of tradition 20 Nut 22 Pegboardgame 24 Scoff at 25 Hitching post 26 Bank vault 28 Shelf 32 Flaky 35 Frothy brew 37 Tourists staple 38 Stadium cry 39 Muck 41 42 Tubb of country music 45 Ooze off 46 Ready to eat 47 48 Admirer 50 Silly 54 Enter data 59 Send to the bench 61 Weather warmer 62 Mellow as brandy 63 Pledged 65 Door sign 66 Quick reminder 67 Boxer 68 Ceremony 69 Marrow rival 70 Varnish ingredient 71 Plant a lawn DOWN 1 Pushpins 2 UFO passenger 3 4 Most eager 5 Auction off 6 Cortesquest 7 Letsdo 8 Musical work 9 Remove paint 10 Math homework 11 Paretskyor Teasdafe 12 Ruin nylon 13 Piece of flooring 21 Victorian 23 Composer Bartok 25 Monks quarters 27 Swift 29 NYC eatery 30 Handlebar feature 31 Gutter sits 32 Did batik 33 Space preceder 34 Canine tooth PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 52703 O 2003 United Feature Syndicate Inc 36 One to Helmut 37 Yield territory 40 Dick 43 Provoked 2 44 Muddy up 46 Sled pieces 49 Feel under the weather 51 Contributor 52 Trolls cousin 53 Rocker Jerry Lee 55 Elf 56 Linkup 57 Carried 58 Like before 59 Nowill 60 Floor model 61 Paradise 64 Bulldogs backer STUMPED Call or answers TouchIons or rotary phonos