Friday, March 28, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, March 28, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 28, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Page 6A HERALDZEITUNO Friday Match AROUND TOWN Dow JWIM Industrial Average Thundty March a 2003 I DEC JAN FEB MAR Dally Chfl Dally Chg Daily High Dally Low 52WMk High Low Chfl Market fNYSE AMEX NASDAQ GAINERS OR OR OR MORE Name Laat Chg Laat Chg Laat Chg Chg WHXrs WHXpf WHXplB THirfgr FteelEn TritonPCS ReliantRs LamSes FredMpIR WDigitl IntelliCk OhloArt ColLb Aerocntry AIMI86 GolfTrst FrkEPubl IvaxDiag fladtotogix FaroTch FstCtypf GoodTm HSASec Pozen RschFmt WD40 OpinRsh XMSat LOSERS on OR OR MORE Name Last Chg Laat Chg Laat Chg Chg Pediatrx AMRCp39 Natuzzi AirNetS MirantplA VimpelCm NWstnCp INCOwt CIIAIrB Rhodia MSbrcmn MMed AdmRsc Emeritus PaxsnC VermontP MeritgH ImpPark Polyairg ElderBr MedDsg SYNERGX LbtyHA CenGardn MSBFnc Ogtebay UnVision GoldEn MOST ACTIVE OR ACTIVE on ACTIVE OR MORE Name Laat Laat Last Chg Lucent 381362 AOLTW 246119 GenElec 208740 Pfaer 164940 EMCCp 144963 Houshlnt 142815 Sears 132154 AMR 128212 ReliantRs 125347 SBC Com 120398 SPDR 517890 DJIADiam 89436 SemiHTr 55212 WhitmE 26086 ISnSPSOO 14370 IvaxCp 14308 OilSvHT 14014 Nabors 13156 OevonE 12817 S590395 Cisco 502691 Brdcom 463952 Intel 457447 SunMicro 397511 Oracle 292082 ApkJMatls192972 JDS Uniph183653 DellCptr 183516 Yahoo 176310 Advanced Declined Unchanged 159 Total Issues New Highs 35 New Lows 37 Volume 357 Declined 359 Unchanged 129 Total issues 845 New Highs 11 New Lows 8 Volume Declined Unchanged 536 Total issues New Highs 78 New Lows 33 Volume tame Ex Atmel Auspex BEASys fcHSouth BootsCts YTD fflvYld PE Last Name Ex YTD DIvYld PE Last 75 76 33 14 62 19 4 18 BrcdeCm CabUWrb JenterPnt CotaPal CnEplA 55 NY 84 16 Amex NY 22 Nasd 32 90 ill 27 40 32 60 22 13 68 31 96 25 OJIAU DeUCptr Disney eBaylnc EMCCp EntoPT ExxonMbl GenElec HewtettP HoroDp Houshlnt Intel IBM JDS Until JPMorgCh NY NY NY NY NY Amex Nasd 35 NY 21 33 NY NY NY NY NY NY NY Nasd NY 16 92 21 76 19 32 24 16 9 08 5 38 60 7 40 NY 31 76 2855 JohnJn JnprNtw KLATnc Lucent McDnUs McronT Microsoft s Mont Motorola NasdtOOTi NflxteC NokiaCp NortelNw Nvtia Oracle PepsiCo Pfizer PhmRes ProctG Quafcom Refanfis SBC Com SchergPI Sears SiriusS SPDR SunMicro TXUCorp Texlnd Texlnst 3MCo USUwid VenzonCm WaMart WeteFrgo XMSat Xinx Yahoo NY 82 Nasd Nasd NY 86 NY 24 NY NY Nasd 08 NY NY 16 Amex Nasd NY 28 NY Nasd Nasd Nasd NY 60 NY 60 NY NY Nasd 20 NY NY NY 66 NY 92 26 54 18 3 29 30 29 22 21 18 26 5 66 4 12 13 5 Amex Nasd NY 50 NY 30 NY 09 NY Nasd NY NY 36 NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd 5 26 30 24 7 30 14 14 71 21 Prime Discount Federal Funds Australia Last Day Switzerlnd British pound expressed in dollars All others show dollar in foreign currency NWM Total AMMs SMIns NAV Total 4wk 12mo 5year Pet Mln Init Load Invt Vanguard kfaFds 500 SP Fidelity Invest Magettn 1C American Funds A ICAAp LC IB American Funds A WshAp LV American Funds A GwthAp XQ FideSty Invest Contra XQ FdeXy invest Grolnc LC Vanguard MT American Funds A IncoAp MP American Funds A EupacAp IL American Funds A NPerAp GL Vanguard Insd Fds tostldx SP Vanguard BL Fidelity Invest Puntn BL Vanguard Ux Fds TotSnd IB LG Vanguard Fds Wrdsll LV 2027 Fideily Invest Eqlnc El Frietty Invest BtuCh LC 16297 PWCO Admin IB Janus Fund 13 Welly Invest GraCo XG FKtty Invest LowPr MV Stock x XV 14214 American Funds A FdlnvAp LC 2124 Vanguard te Fds TotSft XC SS 722 NL 250 NL 250 250 250 250 250 NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL 256 BL Balanced QL Qtotoel Stock IL International Stock LC LargeCap Core LVLargeCap Vto MT Mflflgm 88 ShortTyro Bond 8P 84P 500 SS SfiiflteStelo Muni XC MmfrCflp Core XG MuBtCat VaMoUtf Return Chngin NAV en wWi tame A top E in bottom Mn Init Invt Minimum S needed to knot In fund NA Ntt aval NE Dale In In existence Upper Inc Contact Features Editor Brian drant ext 222 Notes Photo submitted Barbara Hall 2003 Weihnachtsmarkt vice chair congratu lates 2002 Chair Rose Marie Zipp This years Weihnachtsmarkt a German Christmas market will be Nov 21 through 23 For information or to volunteer call Ann Kuehler at 6256100 Monthly shower exam can catch testicular cancer early DEARABBY Two months ago I discovered a hard lump in my husbands testi cle I urged him to see his doctor but he put it off for many weeks He finally went two weeks ago The doctor diagnosed him with testicu lar cancer That same day my husband underwent surgery to remove his testi cle Two days after that he underwent CT scans of his chest abdomen and pelvis The five days of waiting for the results were excruciat ing Thankfully his cancer had not spread He must undergo scans every four months for the next two years but his chances for a full recovery are excellent After reading about Lance Armstrong fourtime winner of the Tour de France cycling I had encouraged my husband to practice regular testicular selfexaminations He did not To me this was as simple as my monthly breast selfexam Had I not known the signs my hus bands treatment might have come too late We are inun dated with information about DEAR ABBY breast cancer but testicular cancer is rarely mentioned Abby please suggest that your male readers practice monthly testicular exams My husband and I have heard stories of men from 17 to 70 with this cancer The cure rate is very high and the cancer is fairly easy to detect WIFE IN s DEAR LOVING WIFE Im pleased your hus bands prognosis is a good one He is blessed to have such an alert and caring spouse Testicular exams are quick and simple and can easily be performed in the shower For informa tion contact the American Cancer Society at 800 2272345 Web site with Q purchase of a ChickfilA Combo receive o free medium drink Expires March 01 2003 Closed Sundays 1031 S Walnut New Braunfels TX 1 aily at 3 p m Mar 28 John Evans Hot Rod Country Mar 30 Meister Meister Americana Mar 31 Alan Voiglu Unplugged Blues Every Tuesday Songwriters Open Mic Apr 2 Randy Rogers Americana Apr 3 Michael Waters Blues Apr 4 Hugh Faaal Texas Music Apr 5 Rodger Wilfeo Americana Apr 6 Jerrys Kids Grateful Dead Covers New Mondays Jeff Plankenhams Songwriters Showcase featuring Jejjf and other Qreat Musicians Come out for great music people fun tuj or SlO o srs arket lace1 LONE STAR THEATRES rimes Good Fri Mar 28thThura Apr 3rd 651 Business Loop IH 35 N I Matinee Daily 830 62544001 IMEW HEAD OF STATE B NEW THECORE B PIGLETS BIG MOVIE I AGENT CODY BANKS W1LLARD m TEARS OF THE SUN GODS AND GENERALS I OLD SCHOOL DHREDEVIL I Experience The Dlfferencel 11 WALNUT 6 IH 35 WALNUT 6400 MATINEES TIL EVENING SHOWS JUNGLE BOOK 2 Q All Day Tuetdayl BOAT TRIP R VIEW FROM THE TOP PQ13 THE HUNTED R KANGAROO JACK PG BASIC R No early shows Mon Frl jit ROCKINO UWB SCATS ALL STADIUM HOWTOLOOSEAGUYi CHICAGO V Acadamy Award Winner Best Picture of 2002 No Early Shows MonFri THE CORE PG13 CHICAGO PG13 BRING DOWN HOUSE PG131 VIEW FROM THE TOP fPG13 PIGLETS BIG MOVIE G TEARS OF THE SUN R THE HUNTED R BASIC R AGENT CODY BANKS PG OU SCHOOL R SEATING BOAT TRIP P913 DREAMCATCHER R No early shows Mon Frl Fridiy March TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Dashboard abbr 4 Close friend 9 Move quickly 13 Galleon cargo 14 Romance in Rome 15 Journal 16 Insult 2 18 Saying 19 Workday 20 Undermined 22 Aloft 25 Put on the brakes 26 Tangle 28 Booths 32 Use a microwave 35 WriterNin 37 Kayak user 38 Thunderstruck 40 Handed over 42 Metric pound 43 Observes 45 Star Trek regular 47 Jungfrau 48 Votes in 50 Met celebs 52 A Great Lake 54 Hong Kong boats 58 Dentists clients 62 Wizardry 63 Dark complexion 64 Track event 2 67 Waterlily painter 68 Communion table 69 Marker 70 Mellow fruit 71 Requires 72 Before to Byron DOWN 1 Makes fun of 2 Trick 3 Like Swiss cheese 4 Kerchief 5 Actress Thurman 6 Monastic title 7 Sketched 8 Ouiandja 9 Type of cafe 10 Misery costar 11 Try to persuade 12 Changed hair color 15 17 Regulations 21 Yankovicand Molinaro 23 Called up 24 Bathtub feature 27 Hopping mad 29 Darths daughter 30 Calm PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 32803 2003 United Feature Syndicate Inc 31 Layover 32 Author 33 Errant Gls status 34 Tennis pro Sampras 36 Big rigs 39 Liar 41 PBS series 44 Lane 46 Whines 49 Major nono 51 Train for boxing 53 Actor 55 Dumbfounded 56 Friendlier 57 Stage set 58 Grandeur 59 Bum soother 60 Turner of Private Dancer 61 Part of a foot 65 66 Dejected STUMPED Call for answers phones