Wednesday, January 29, 2003

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, January 29, 2003

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 29, 2003, New Braunfels, Texas Wednesday January 29 2003 HERALDZfifrUNO Page 5A Dow Jones Industrial Average Tuesday January Dow Industrials Dow Transportation Dow Utilities NYSE Composite Amex Market Value Nasdaq Composite Russell 2000 WilshireSOOO GAINERS OH MORE Name Last Chg Chg MonacoC Xerox GnCable ValueCty Mykrolis AMRCp39 Wyeth Otficemax AES Cp Waters LOSERS OR MORE Name Last Chg Chg SGLCrb Braskem HarmGwt ExtStayA WilsonGr CapMpfA SpmtPCS AnnuityLf SierrPac RoylGpg MOST ACTIVE W on MORE Name Last Chg NortelNw 436057 Xerox 384535 Lucent 347961 ATTWrls 233577 GenElec 224270 EMCCp 195318 Pfizer 188795 Texlnst 186692 ExxonMbl 151574 SpmlPCS 149912 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume 160 49 71 Name Lannett n AlarisMed ML EMC Transmont HMG ApexMtge SYBcp TutogenM Puradyn UltraPtg Name f AMEX GAINERS OR MOM Last Chg Chg LOSERS OR MORE Last Chg Chg BentPwtB ChaseCp Baker HooperH Cybergrd n Medtox ArgoCap pf FstWV IRIS Newtek MOST ACTIVE S1 OR MORE Name Last Cha Nasd100Tr630558 SPDR 456970 DJIA Diam 73266 SemiHTr 51202 SPFncI 35353 Kinross g 25632 BemaGold 21011 BrdbdHT 18156 Nabors 16060 iSh710TB n15965 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume 438 335 106 879 5 20 Name PlugPwr n Carreker SundyCmrs HPwrrs NeoPharm AlphaHosp Bankrate n MechTch Dndreon Vastera A NASDAQ GAINERS OR MORE Last Chg Chg LOSERS S2 OR MORE Name Last Chg Chg QXLric FstSvc Biopure DynOil Mediwre Navidchrs Paclnlrnel Ikonics ArcticCat MOST ACTIVE S1 on MORE Name Last Chg Cisco 615022 Intel 549467 SunMicro 478726 Microsft 414577 Oracle 340486 ApldMatl JDS Uniph255687 DellCptr 243688 i2Tech 208108 NexteIC 175785 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Mighs New Lows Volume 535 47 79 Name Ex DIvYld PE ADC Tel AOLTW AH Wits Abertsn Altria YTD Last Name Ex Dlv Yld PE Last BellSouth Biogen BoolsCts BrMySq Mam BrcdeCm 2enterPnt CienaCp Cisco Citigrp CocaCI CotaPal CnEplA DellCptr EMCCp EnterPT ExxonMbl Ftextm GenElec HewlettP HomeDp 2 Tech Intel IBM JDSUnipn JPMorgCh JohnJn JnprNtw KUTnc Lucent MBNAs Maxim McDnWs Nasd NY NY NY NY 76 13 NY 7 Nasd Nasd NY Nasd Amex NY 17 Nasd Nasd NY NY 75 83 80 16 27 64 18 Nasd NY 80 NY 60 NY 72 NY Nasd NY NY NY 92 Nasd NY 76 NY 32 NY 20 Nasd Nasd 08 NY 60 38 13 31 25 34 a 14 22 13 16 13 3 35 7 39 NY 30 NY 82 24 Nasd Nasd NY NY Nasd NY 42 86 32 13 41 H 41 YTD Merck Melawve n Microslt Motorola NasdIOOTr NexteIC NokiaCp NortelNw Novlus Nvidia Oracle Peoplesolt PepsiCo Pfeer PhmRes ProctG Qtogic Quafcofh ReliantRs SBC Com SchergPI Sears SiebelSys SiriusS SpmtPCS SPDR SunMicro TXUCorp TaiwSemi Texlnd Texlnst 3MCo Tycolnll Verilas VerizonCm WalMait WellsFrgo Wyeth Xerox Xilinx Yatoo 16 NY Nasd Nasd 16 NY Amex Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd Nasd NY 60 NY 60 NY NY Nasd Nasd NY NY NY 68 NY 92 Nasd Nasd NY Amex Nasd NY 50 NY NY 30 NY 09 NY NY 05 Nasd NY NY 30 NY NY 92 NY Nasd Nasd 17 3 28 24 17 33 35 23 20 12 25 32 65 3 17 13 5 9 U 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Invt NL NL NL 250 250 NL 250 250 250 250 NL NL NL 250 NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL 500 NL NL M Balanced GL Global Stock IL International Slock LC UrgeCap Core LG UrgeCap Growth LV LargeCap MT Mortgage SB ShortTerm Bond SP 500 SS angleStale Muni XC faCap Core XG MultiCap Growth XV MultiCap Return Chng in NAV with dividends reinvested Rank How fund performed vs oth ers with same objective A is in too E in bottom Min Ml Invt Minimum needed lo invest in lund NM Not avail NE Data In question NS Fund not in existence Sourcu Upper Inc Contact Features Editor Brian Grant 6259144 ext 222 AROUND TOWN t Towns history preserver reflects on its own First in series As the SophienburgNew Braunfels Archives and Museum of History moves forward to renovate and occupy the Dittlinger Library Building a reflection on the history of this 75yearold association is timely The following document written by Carl Schmidt was presented as a souvenir to the attendees at the May 1977 dedication service of the existing Sophienburg Museum It reveals the orga nizations history its purpose and recognizes the people involved in the museum effort from 1926 to 1977 According to the New Braunfelser Zeitung of Jan 25 the idea for a museum was germinated in the living room of the H Dittlinger family The paper reports that the ruling Prince of SolmsBraunfels had sent a portrait of Prince Carl von Solms the founder of New Braunfels to the Dittlingers with the request that it be placed in the city museum Mrs Dittlinger vol unteered to keep the portrait safe until such a time when a museum would be built EG Blumberg was mayor at the time The Dittlingers invited the Blumbergs to their home for a showing of the portrait and there Mrs Dittlinger proposed to Mr Blumberg that he investigate to see if the Sophienburg Hill proper ty could be purchased for the purpose of locating a muse um Mr Blumberg reported the to the city commission The commis sion reported however that there were no funds in the city budget to buy the prop erty although Mrs Johanna for 50 Thursday Fund drive to buy Sophienburg Hill prop erty held in 1926 Courtesy SophieburgNew Braunfels Archives and Museum of History New Braunfelsers attend the grand opening of the Sophienburg in 1933 Runge of Austin who owned the property was enthusias tic about the idea of building a museum and agreed to cut the price of the property if the museum would be built there The idea of a museum on Sophienburg Hill caught on and within a short time a committee was formed EG Blumberg mayor 2 Carl Roeper county judge 3 Walter Staats fire chief 4 E Eikel Lions Club 5 Ad Henne chamber of com merce 6 Mrs Julius Mehlitz Civic Improvement Club 7 Mrs H Dittlinger Child Welfare Club 8 George EikelSchmidt American Legion 9 Mrs Ottie Coreth Ladies Auxiliary 10 Emil Fischer Boy Scouts of America 11 Mrs Ed Schleyer Protestant Frauenverein 12 Mrs Alfred Liebscher Catholic Mothers Society 13 Mrs George Behrens Methodist Missionary Society 14 Reynolds New Braunfels Band 15 Mrs Thekla Wright Choral Club 16 Wm Kuehler 17 Ludwig Echo Home Association 18 Oheim press 19 Ed G Bell press On Feb 18 1926 Server at family restaurant has to carry nieces load putting myself through col lege working nights as a server in a small family owned restaurant There are only two servers work ing nights and a couple of nights a week I share my shift with Jane takes her table orders then expects me to deliver the food refill drinks and anything else the people at her tables might need in addition to working my own tables My problem is that many of the patrons at Janes tables directly hand me their tip saying I deserve it more than she does Even though I dont think Jane deserves to be tipped I feel guilty taking the money and always end up putting it in Janes tip jar Also according to our employers policy I could get fired for keeping the money To make matters worse Jane is the boss niece This makes me reluctant to take the problem to him Would it be wrong for me to tell the patrons at Janes tables that I cant keep their tips and leave it up to them whether they leave any thing for Jane Maybe it would force Jane to work harder Or should I keep things as is and trouble WORKING MY WAY THROUGH SCHOOL IN INDIANA DEAR WORKING I DEAR ABBY have a tip for you The boss niece feels entitled and in the interest of family unity your boss will probably back her up This cant be the only restaurant in town With your experience you are an attractive candidate for a job else where Start looking Larry Taylor IVbby Taylor NS llllMliilulll Advanced hearing care wtih the attention you d local 8306278660 toll tree 8666278660 Common Street Professional Bldg 1583 Common Street Suite 100 New Brauniels Texab 78130 IRS PROBLEMS VETERAN EXIRS AGENTS ft TAX PROFESSIONALS Tax Settlement Analysis Ccxridwifel Interview In Our Loci Office 8003787533 loltfnt Frtt InsiderReport How to End IRS Probtau Fomwri 8774519111 ToWrw 24 Hem tefenty molt WGMMM buHMdufen The Wai Street Journal JK Harris ft CompanyNewBramrfeU 475 Offices Ntionwkfe Sophienburg Memorial Association was formed with Pfeuffer as president Geo Eiband vice president Louis School secretary and Nuhn treasurer 13 W Nuhn served as treasurer WALNUT 6 IH 35 WALNUT 830 6296400 STARPLEX12 1250 WONDER WORLD DR 830 6254411 Lone Star Theatres Oun Wefaite 4t See IM Ac Texai Oldnt Dance Hall MCCUNTON Saturday Night HAIKETCHUH Sunday 48 pm Kay Kay The Rays Live Texas Music Every Saturday Sunday ADVANCE IIAIKIKIIIM Tickets oilline anil 96RLtf Wednesday Jan 29 2003 TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE 1 ACROSS Outback marsupial 7 Big rigsradios 10 Wheel joiner 14 Moonshot mission 15 Sitcom planet 16 Hat attachment 17 Endure 18 Stooge with bangs 19 Christie 20 Tasty fish 2 23 Motor coaches 26 Furniture wood 27 Salon offering 28 Heron kin 29 holder 30 Ad 31 Egg drink 32 Playing marble 33 Reduced 37 Block as a stream 38 Actress Thurman 39 Fiesta shout 40 Corroded as acid 41 Validated 43 Thicken 44 Fraternity letter 45 Gorilla 46 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