Saturday, October 6, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, October 6, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 6, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas October 2001 Page 5A DAILY Dow JONES 2001 Dow Jones Industrials gCmyf change from previous High Low Record high STOCK MARKET 52Week YTD 12mo High Low Name Last Chg Chg Chg Dow Industrials Dow Transportation Dow Utilities NYSE Composite Amex Market Value Nasdaq Composite Russell 2000 Wilshire5000 STOCK EXCHANGE fNYSE AMEX V NASDAQ GAINERS OR OR S2 OR MORE Name Last Chg Last Chg Last Chg Chg Saks UnivCmpr Enterasys CavalrH HawkCp SymblTs Acluant AtchCst MEMO Key3Md StrgCmp CapPcHI Versar EcolEn LCMInet SCEdpfC SCEdplB NthnTch LifePoint IntrgnTh FidFdB InlmetC FstCmtyF HyprtDun InterlnkE InllAir NextlPrt Datakey LOSERS S2 on S2 OR OR MORE Name Last Chg Last Chg Last Chg USBancrp TilanMet NewPwr SLInd WHXpf GPStrat Broadwing ConscpfG CablvsnNY Xerox MS qcom n WstCap MSJDS02n Selas BlondT ChadThr StonhvnRA BioLabsn Servotr eSpeed XOMA Allscrptsn SiriusS AmrUwtA SigaTech GilatSat Candla Symboln MOST ACTIVE S1 OR ACTIVE S1 OR ACTIVE S1 OR MORE Name Last Last Last Chg EMCCp 279209 Lucent 247111 GenElec 227621 Ciligrp 210998 US Bancrp203290 Compaq 169107 AOLTW 142866 133062 NortelNw 132050 Pfizer 126465 SPDR 285056 DJIADiam 80658 SemiHTr 37121 SPFncl 32784 Nabors 22703 DevonE 14221 BiotechT SPTech 10467 GreyWolf 10018 Cisco 830725 Intel 477028 DellCptr 425774 Microsft 395880 Oracles 386829 Qualcom 386061 JnprNtw 320097 WorldCom30B376 JDSUniph271450 Advanced Declined Unchanged 195 Total issues New Highs 45 New Lows 59 341 Declined 324 Unchanged 95 Total issues 760 New Highs 1 1 New Lows 8 Declined Unchanged 931 Total issues New Highs 37 New Lows 11S Volume r STOCKS OP LOCAL YTD YTD Name Ex DIvYld PE Last Name Ex DIvYld PE Last AOLTW NY ATSTs NY ATTWrls NY 95 Albertsn NY 31 ApldMatls Nasd 18 AMCC Nasd BEASys Nasd 80 BkolAm NY 12 BellSouth NY 20 BtMySq NY 23 Brdcom Nasd BrcdeCms Nasd 61 CablSWrls NY ChkPoints Nasd 22 CienaCp Nasd Cisco Nasd Citigrp NY 17 CocaCI NY 34 ColgPal NY 32 Compaq NY CnEplA NY Corning NY DellCptr Nasd 40 EMCCp NY 19 Errata s Nasd EnlerPT NY 11 EricsnTel Nasd ExxonMs NY 15 Flexlrns Nasd GenElec NY 28 GlblCrss NY 83 HewleHP NY 20 i2 Techs Nasd Immunex Nasd 67 Intel Nasd 28 IBM NY 21 JDSUniph Nasd JPMorgCh NY 20 JohnJns NY 32 JnprNtw Nasd 38 Levels Nasd Lucent NY NY 21 McLeod Nasd 48 Merck NY 23 Mcromses Nasd 31 Microsfl Nasd 44 MMM NY 26 Motorola NY NasdlOOTr Amex NetwkAp Nasd 49 NexteIC Nasd NokiaCp NY NortelNw NY Oracles Nasd 34 Peoplesolt Nasd 42 PepsiCo NY 31 Peregrne Nasd Plizer NY 41 PhmRes NY PlOClG NY 35 Qlogic Nasd 31 Qualcom Nasd RelianlEn NY 14 SBC Com NY 19 SiebelSys Nasd 31 SonusNels Nasd SPDR Amex States Nasd 51 SunMictos Nasd 37 TXUCorp NY 15 Tellabs Nasd 6 Texlnd NY Texlnsl NY 35 USBancrp NY 15 Verisign Nasd Verilas Nasd VeiizonCm NY 25 WalMart NY 37 WellsFigo NY 26 WorldCom Nasd 14 XOComm Nasd 41 XOMA Nasd afime Rale Discount Rale rederal Funds Rale Treasuries Name MONEY RATES Last Pvs Week 3monlh 6monlh 5year 10year 30year Day British pound others shov dollar In foreign MUTUAL FUNDS Total Assets Total Pet Mln Inll SMIns NAV 4wK 12mo Syear Load liwl LC SP LV LV LC XC IB XC GL American Funds A EupacA p IL Fidelity Invest Magelln Vanguard Idx Fds 500 Ameijcan Funds A ICAA p American Funds A WshAp Fidelity Invest Grolnc American Funds A GwIhA p PIMCO Funds InslhToIRt Fidelity Invest Contra American Funds A N PerA p Janus Fund Amor Century Inv Ultra Vanguard Fds Wndsll Vanguard Insll Fds Inslldx Janus WrldW Vanguaid Fds Wellln Fidelity Invest GroCo Fidelity Invest Eq Inc Fidelity Invest BluCh Fidelity Invest Puritn American Funds A IncoA p Putnam Funds A GrlnAp American Funds A FdlnvAp Vanguard Fds Prmcp t Vanguard Fds HllhCre Vanguaid Fds Wndsr Putnam Funds A VoyA p Fidelity Spartan Eqldx LG LG XV SP GL BL XG El LG BL MP LV XV XV HB XV LG SP NL 250 250 NL 250 NL 250 250 NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL 250 500 250 NL NL NL 500 NL BL GL Global IL International LC LargeCup LG LargeCap LV MT SB ShortTerm SP SS SingleSlate XC MulliCap XG MultiCai XV MulllCap Return Chug In NAV with dividends Hank How tund pertained oth era wilh same objective A Is in top E In bottom Min Inll Invt Minimum needed lo Invest in NA Not NE Data In NS Fund not In Source Stock g or cains In Cdn stock in n Now In past 52 Preferred s a Split o etock dlv ol ZO pet or more In past 62 co PE over dd toss in last 12 it u Units V Trading lialtud on primary vj In bankruptcy or When wl When Issued wt E wvy With Mutual Fund Footnotes x Ex cash NL No uplront sales p Fund assets used lo pa distribution Redemption foe or continfwnt deferred sales load may I a Both p and Gainers and muel be worth ol least to be Haled IH tables at toll Most must be worth loaol Volume In hundreds of Source The Associated Sales llgures aro unotMul Co AROUND TOWN Contact Features Kditor Betty Taylor at 625 Looking Back 125 years ago 1876 Translators Carl and Ethel Saur The Big Exhibition of Howes London Circus under the management of Barnum will be held October It is a large circus with many ani mals and There will be two Christoph as will sell by auction at the Courthouse door on November 1 the property of Rudolph 100 years ago 1901 Translator Betty Pfeuffer Triesch A gift of a Bible from Queen Augusta Victoria of Germany was given to the German Protestant Church and The Bible and stand are decorated with 50 years ago Rosa Linda De La Cerda NEU BRAUNFELSER ZEITUNG continued from 1 who edited the paper for nearly 20 said in his final edi torial As far as I I myself have never made use of the columns in this paper for personal because I consider the newspaper an auditorium for public opinion and the property of the public and not an instrument for pri vate I have never spoken against my convic My political oppo nents have nevertheless honored me with the title but have never made use of my offer to publish proof of the accusation in the New Braurifelser though they have frequent ly been invited to do Perhaps never did a Roman say with more Happy is he who is negoti ating his then I who say goodbye to the ROSEMARIE LEISSNER GREGORY newspaper Lindheimer died December 1879 at the age of The files from Volume 2 to which contain the sub stitute paper are preserved in the State Library in The first volume is in the Sophienburg Museum Volume 70 and subsequent ones arc preserved in the basement vaults of the First National Bank In Anselm Eiband succeeded Lindheimer as After Eibands death in Ernest Koebig managed the paper for two The next owners and editors were Julius Halm and who were succeeded by Lundolph In the early 90s Eugene Kailer became Julius business In Ben who had been employed by the Zeitung from his 14th boLight an interest in the and Oheim joined the partnership as Captain Giesecke later sold his interest to the partners and they continued with the paper until their Oheim relin quished the editorship in 1941 due to his being succeeded by his son and died in at the time of his death in had been actively associated with the publication of the Zeitung for 60 The Zeitung is now owned and edited by Frederic who had been with it in every capacity from print ers devil to editor for more than 30 Alfred Jung Cell phone opponents caught driving while being distracted DEAE ABBY I would like to share a recent experience with those of your readers who are anticell I understand the anxiety concerning motorists who use cell I was recently on the freeway and found myself following a van that had a bumper sticker that Shut up and drive with a picture of a cell The van unexpectedly swerved to one side and braked as though the driver was I wondered if something was wrong I am a medical practitioner and cautiously crept up along When I looked I saw a family with the husband The wife was hold ing a container of ketchup for him to dip his fries into while he held a hamburger with the other At one she even shifted gears for him I was I still cant get over the How hypocritical for those people to have a bumper sticker criticizing drivers who use cell while actually doing something more dan gerous I waited for my chance to shake a finger at but they were too busy eating and passing food around to COMMUTER IN DEAR COMMUTER According to the litera ture I have seen regard ing the use of cell phones behind the the driver is as impaired as someone who has had three shots of Not a happy DEAR ABBY peo ple driving on public roads using no hands and expecting a passen ger to do the gearshift ing are beyond the pale a danger to them selves and Tb receive a collection of Abbys poems and send a self addressed plus check or money order for funds to Dear Abby Keepers Box Mount IL Postage is included in the Freiheit Country Stores former owners Shorty and Rosie are back and would like to invite every one to join us October 6th for a free dance on the Music by County Line From 812 Come Join the Fun in editor since 25 years ago 1976 Myrn Leo Adams Goff Grand Marshall of the Cotnal County Fair Parade none other than his the governor of the State of Texas Dolph The governor was helicoptered in for the Joni daughter of and Arthur Lee was named Comnl County Fair queen at cere monies at the Civic She was crowned hy Debbie the outgoing Submitted by the Comal County Historical Commission and the Sophienburg Museum and 91ace Times Good Oct 11th J 651 Business IH 35 Matinee Daily 836 62544001 No Early Shows MonFrl Max Keebles Big Move Training Day Dont Say A Word Zoolander Q 5 1 Hardball M The Glass House BQ The Musketeer El Captain Corels Mandolin I 10 REQUIRED FOR THIS SHOW ID REQUIRED FOR THIS SHOW l LONE STAR THEATRES Dijftnneel 1 WALNUT 6 IH 35 WALNUT 830 6296400 Steve Zahn Leetee SobiesH All Day Tuoadayl R frTO RUSH HOUR 21PG13 All Day Tuwdayl S PG13 JEEPERS CREEPERS R All Day Tiwudayl HEARTS IN ATLANTIS P013 No oariy shows STARPttX 12 1250 WONDERWORLD 830 G2M111 ROCKING LOVeSEATSI ALL STADIUM AJABIGITALI JOY RIPE IR1 RUSH HOUR 2 PG13 THE OTHERS T30 THE MUSKETEER IPG131 HARDBALL PG131 GLASS HOUSE HEARTS IN ATLANTIS PG131 DONT SAY A WORD Rl TRAINING DAY Rl No early allows TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Njght hunters 5 River transport 9 Family vehicle 12 Go to he mall 13 Brightly colored fish 15 Window glass 16 Hawaiian port 17 me 18 Terrier ol lilmdom 19 Composure 21 Amusement park transport 23 Cubbyhole 25 Eat last 26 Plane 29 Rock group 31 Festive events 35 MDs group 36 Dull 38 Untamed 39 Firewood bundle 41 Leaves a mark 43 Gush over 44 Webloolod animal 46 Clumsy person 48 Lawyers charge 49 Give 51 Foals parent 52 Too badl 53 Prowl 55 Overdo the TLC 57 Wakefulnass 61 Roofers need 65 Pepperoni seller 66 Kind of balloon 68 Hazard at sea 69 Sign by a door 70 Swamp grass 71 Money guru Greenspan 72 bank 73 Forest dweller 74 Grapefruit skin DOWN 1 Safety 2 Make frothy 3 Laze around 4 Table utensil Lake rentals PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 6 Gl address 7 Homestead 8 Ache 9 Pedros house 10 Opposed 11 Actual 14 Church council 15 Business associate 20 Unruly crowds 22 King of Norway 24 Flair 26 Reformer Riis 27 Wax melodramatic 28 Bitesize pies 30 Clock features lOflOt l Uniliill FunUilu Ryinliftiln 32 Skill 33 Gutter locales 34 Glossy 37 Stonohengo priest 40 Motor city 42 Toddlers carriage 45 Motel unit 47 Actress Catherine 50 Wishes for 54 Bogged down 56 Psychic Cayco 57 Thought 58 Coming up 59 Like most models CO Helper 62 Painter of limp watches 63 Verve 64 Pull apart 67 Birthday number STUMPED Call lor Answers louch lonu or lloUiy Ilionus sic pur rnuiutu 19003709800 code 500