Thursday, September 27, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, September 27, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 27, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas September 2001 HERALDZEITUNG Page 5A Dow Jones Industrials change from previous High Low Record high 2000 JUNE JULY Name Scor Avehtis wt BP AmWesI yson Lydall JucatiM Slewlnfo Airlease Heico Name AESCp rimedia WinDix AESpfC BMC fexlron SenTek Micron MasseyEs Name Last Chg AESCp SenElec Micron MCCp Compaq tizer AOLTW NortelNw Citigrp 52Week High low Name Dow Industrials Dow Transportation Dow Utilities NYSE Composite Amex Market Value Nasdaq Composite MidCap Russell 2000 Wilshlre 5000 Last Chg Chfl YTD 12mo f NYSE GAINERS OR MORE Last Chg Chg LOSERS OR MORE Last Chg Chg MOST ACTIVE S1 OR MORE 514437 263746 236491 216338 195934 186188 179230 167477 153543 140883 DIARY Advanced eclined Jnchanged Total issues New Highs Jew Lows Volume 177 23 196 Name Simula RetractT n HLMDs EnvEle IvaxCps Chadthr OlyCasc McRaeB StrgCmp BSHO Name AMEX GAINERS OR MORE Last Chg Chg LOSERS OR MORE Last Chg Chg HiShearT PionDril n TgtHD04 n Polyair g Identix Inetlnlra B2B Inet Servotr MSJDS02n QkslvRs MOST ACTIVE OR MORE Name Last Chg Nasd100Tr590566 SPDR IvaxCps 53978 DJIADiam 38897 Nabors 35154 DevonE 30331 Idenlix 20447 SemiHTr 20251 BiolechT IShRsSOOO 16814 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume 352 368 91 811 5 31 Aulolog n AksysL BoydBros Energis ArlngtnHs Lakelnd UltimSott Quadrmd Aristotle Datakey I NASDAQ GAINERS OR MORE Name Last Chg Chg LOSERS OR MORE Name Last Chg Chg UniylTwt ReslHrd SabaSftwr SmrtForce AdeptTech InetCmce SupTech BbqsGal DgtlThnk MOST ACTIVE OR MORE Name Last Chg Cisco 829533 Intel 470121 JDSUniph391049 SunMicros389731 Oracles 375582 WoridCom299163 Microsft 281480 DellCptr 272284 BrcdeCms238684 ChartCm 198033 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs Nsw Lows Volume 842 24 271 Name Ex DIvYld PE YTD Last Name Ex YTD DIvYld PE Last NY NY NY AESCp AOLTW ATT Wits NY Albertsn NY AlleraCp Nasd ien Nasd Mails Nasd C Nasd AlHome Nasd BedBalh Nasd BellSouth NY NY s Nasd NY Calpine NY Cendant NY ChartCm Nasd OenaCp Nasd Cisco Nasd NY CttrixSy Nasd NY ColgPal NY Corncsp Nasd Compaq NY CnEolA NY DellCptr i Nasd Disney NY MCCp NY inron NY EnterPT NY EricsnTel Nasd ExINetw Nasd ExxonMs NY GenEtec NY GblCrss NY HewtettP NY i2 Techs Nasd nlel Nasd BM NY JDSUniph Nasd 10 A 89 30 23 52 17 39 20 21 46 15 11 15 36 35 31 10 32 67 19 20 11 U 13 27 19 27 20 31 693 JPMorgCh JohnJns JnprNtw Lucent McDnlds McLeod Merck MemIILyn MicronT Microsft Motorola NasdIOOTr NexteC NokiaCp NortelNw Oracles PMCSra Palm PepsiCo Pfizer PhmRes ProctG Qualcom RFMicD ReliantEn SBC Com SpmtPCS SPDR SurMcros TXUCorp Texlnd Tycolntl Verisign Veritas VerizonCm WalMart WellsFrgo WorldCom XOComm Xilinx NY NY Nasd NY NY Nasd NY NY NY Nasd NY NY Amex Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY NY NY Nasd Nasd NY NY NY Amex Nasd NY NY NY Nasd Nasd NY NY NY Nasd Nasd 19 31 26 19 22 21 11 38 24 30 37 34 13 20 31 13 29 25 35 26 15 325 Last PvsWeek rime Rale Discount Rale ederal Funds Rale Treasuries 3monlh 6month 5vear 10vear 30year Last Pvs Day Britain Canada France Germany Italy Japan Mexico British pound expressed In All others show dollar In foreign Name Total Assets SMIns NAV Total 4wk 12mo 5year Pet Mlnlnlt Load Invt Fidelity Invest Magelln LC Vanguard IdxFds 500 SP NL American Funds A ICAAp LV 250 American Funds A WshAp LV 250 Fidelity Invest Grolnc LC NL American Funds A GwlhAp XC 250 PIMCO Funds IB NL Fidelity Invest Contra XC American Funds A NPerAp GL 250 American Funds A EupacAp IL 250 Janus Fund LG NL Amer Century Inv Ultra LG NL Vanguard XV NL Vanguard Instl Fds Instldx SP NL Janus WridW GL 3737 NL Vanguard Fds Welltn BL NL Fidelity Invest GroCo XG NL Fidelity Invest Eqlnc El NL Fidelity Invest BluCh LG NL Fidelity Invest Puntn BL NL American Funds A IncoAp MP 250 Putnam Funds A GrlnAp LV 1636 500 American Funds A FdlnvAp XV 2aO Vanguard Fds Prmcpr XV NL Vanguard Fds HlthCre HB NL Vanguard Fds Wnda XV NL Putnam Funds A VoyAp LG 500 Fidelity Spartan Eqldx SP NL BL GL Global IL International LC LaroeCap LG LargeCap LV LargeCap MT SB ShortTerm SP SAP SS SingleState XC MultiCap XG MultiCap XV MuifrCap Return Chng in NAV with dividends Rank How fund performed olh ere with snme objective A Is In top E In bottom Min Init Invt Minimum needed to Invest In NA Not NE Data In NS Fund not In Source A Vo AROUND TOWN Contact Features Editor Betty Taylor at 625 Club Notes Each September brings a new beginning for members of Captain James Jack Chapter Daughters of the American Revo Regent Wanda Perry called the 10 10 She welcomed guests Ella Miller and Ruth prospective DAR mem bers Betty Linz and Elisabeth transferin members Janet Mary Lee Roberts and Virginia and new members June Brewster and Nell La The regent lead the open ing ritual assisted by Chaplain Peggy Mary Colson led the Pledges to the Texas Flag and Americans Dit Justiss read a mes sage from NSDAR President General Linda Tinker The DAR magazine American Spirit featured First Lady Laura Bushs program Educating America on the Carol Phelps reported on the DAR resolution to reaf firm the missile defense Two new items feature American Indian minutes read by Peggy Edwards and a contest for individual DAR member participation in printed Committee reports were given by chapter librarian Ann Collins American his tory by Linda Webb DAR Good Citizen Program by Jan Baertle and scholar ships by Dona Dit Justiss discussed plans for Constitution Week activities to include a short video by the Regent and herself on local ringing of church bells and a city DAR members were invited to join with the SAR on the patriotic float in the Comal County Fair in late Speaker Doris was intro duced by Marydean Brown provided a Freedom is Not The Comal Springs Colonial Dames XVTIth Century met 27 in the Educational on Mill for a planning President Fairy Edwards Yearbooks were Treasurer Delitha Guenzel reported that all members except 5 had paid their there was a increase to the national Edwards discussed how the chapter could celebrate Colonial History Month in She appointed Delitha who is chairman of the Pocahontas Mothers patronizing attitude insults her disabled daughter DEAE ABBY I am in my 30s and have a I live with my The problem she belittles and shames It is bad enough to deal with schizo phrenia without constantly being I have heard her tell peo ple that I have ruined her I have never been I have always taken my and I do practically everything in the Im clean and I dont party or do I dont drink or I have no I have never been promiscu and I am a Mother tells people that when she she knows that my older siblings will put me in a This is because I am intelligent and can handle my own It also hurts because it implies that no one cares about She has even said that the only reason people associate with me is because of As though our family and friends belong only to What I have mentioned is only the tip of the Im so tired of being disre but I have put up with it this long without offering a single word in my own How should I go about letting my mother know that I deserve the same respect she so readily gives to everyone else DISCOURAGED IN THE SOUTHEAST DEAK DISCOUR AGED Since such a large part of your moth ers existence revolves around being a martyr it probably wont be Waste no time in enlisting some The psychothera pist who issues your pre scriptions is in a posi tion to advocate for you and to clarify for your mother and siblings the degree to which you are able to live on your own if and when the need In contrast to decades there is much information available about schizophrenia for anyone who is interest The World Psychiatric Association DEAR ABBY sponsors a Web Schizophrenia Open the Doors and you can find refer rals to local chapters of the National Alliance for the Mentally 111 NAMI that provide emotional and educational support for people with and families of people with all the major mental The tollfree number is 800 9506264 The Web address is Although you might feel isolated and all alone in your mental ill nothing could be further from the I urge you to reach out and join a support group of other people who are coping with the same problems you DEAR ABBY My prob lem concerns people who are chronically Im talking about my mother When shes invited for dinner or a family out I can count on her being the last to arrive 30 to 45 minutes my side of the family gets tired of waiting for her while din ner gets cold on the My husband her son insists that we wait until she arrives to begin while I think we should go ahead and start without My husband says I am who is most rude TIRED OF DEAR TIRED Instead of wasting your time debating who is the rud deal with the prob lem Since you know your mother inlaw is always 30 to 45 minutes invite her to dinner an hour earli er than you want her to to be in charge of the An Indian exhib it will be presented at the New Braunfels Public Library Several people are work ing with registrar Vera Niemiec on application Members who attended the Salado workshop were Fairy Sarah dela Marydean Wanda Perry and Delitha arket lace Times Good I Sept 14th Sept 20th I I 651 Business IH 35 I Matinee Daily 836 62544001 Two Can Play ThatfB nericans Sweetheartffll The Animal Hardball M The Glass House BB The Musketeer B Summer Catch 19 Bubble Boy ID REQUIRED FOR THIS SHOW Captain Corellis Mandolin I ID REQUIRED FOR THIS SHOW ROCK STAR RUSHHOUR2IPG13 All Day Tuesday JURASSIC PARK 3 All Day Tuesday PLANET OF THE APES PQ13 All DayTuesdayl THE OTHERS iPG13 JEEPERS CREEPERS R All Day Tuesday GUTTER PG13 All Day Tuesday No early shows STARPLEX 12 1250 WONDERWORLD DR 830 6254411 ID REOUIRED FOR THIS SHOW Spy Kids Special Edition 3DQDEXXKC AU ROCKING LOVE SCATS I STADIUM DIGITAL GLITTER tPG13 AMERICAN PIE 2 PRINCESS DIARIES G RU8H HOUR 2 PG1 THE OTHERS IPG131 RAT RACE PG13 JEEPERS CREEPERS R TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME R ROCK STAR Rl THE MUSKETEER PG13 HARDBALL PG131 GLASS HOUSE PG13 No early TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Fugue composer 5 Brick ovens 10 Knife handle 14 Nautical hello 15 Make happy 16 Garfield pooch 17 Stringed instrument 18 away soon 19 Rhine port 20 Tropical fruits 22 Small bay 23 Columnists 24 Extinct bird 26 Travelers stop 28 Safety item 32 Foundation 33 Coral formations 34 Harsh cry 35 Musician Clapton 36 Coup plotters 37 Delhi wrap 38 Sash 39 Babysits 40 Continental employee 41 Strongman 43 Egypt s neighbor 44 Picnic intruders 45 Call 46 Mistletoe unit 49 Card game 52 Potting soil 53 Orchard pest 55 Lemony taste 57 Early Peruvian be kidding 59 Sommer 60 Highschool student 61 Trimmed 62 moss PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED DOWN Ridiculousl Whaler of fiction Puppeteer Baird Spellbinding Gist Homeric work Dawdles 4 5 6 7 8 9 Harden 10 Rub elbows with 11 Archaeologists find 12 Finish a jacket 13 Nomads home 21 Mimics 22 March date 24 Cuts calories 25 Like falling log 26 Curie 27 Basket weavers willow 28 What a bank does 29 Florida city SHB 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