Wednesday, August 22, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, August 22, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 22, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas Page HERALDZEITUNG August COMICS Peanuts Garidd LOVE REAPING THE COMICS I 6UE5S ALL REAP AT SEEMS TO INTEREST I t UEARN FROM MISTAKES THERE GOE6 THE WORUPS SMARTEST Cathy Tumbleweeds 15 ftWRlED ON THE FflCE OF A VOWS Vlrt WIRELESS WE6 RflPPELINfr DOWN WITH HIS BRIDE RECEPTION TO FOLLOW Of fl CRA66V ACCeSSIBLE ONLV STOP WOULD W HAVE WflNTED me TO ee THAT BRIDE flT LEflbT SHELL KNOW WHflTTO WELL AT LEAST SLIP THEM DUDS AN1 LEMME HOSE YA DOWN YA TRY TO BE I The Wizard of Id For Better or Worse Annie TOrtl SHORT A LflSBR SeTTlNe OF 100 JV SUV SHOULO fTWTHE CRAB LIZ EMAIueD ME HER BRIDESMAIDS DRESS Frrs BLTT IN UNDER THE V SHESAUSSHE isVir SURE IF ERIC WIUU BOTSHE HOPES HE SHE SHE MISSES EVERYONE AND SIVE EDDW ASREifT HOS FROM HER ANP IN WHEN we sHgpfflese Shermans Lagoon Marmaduke Rubes OTHER SNIFF flS A MATTER OF I SMELL A MATGOOP POEQ IT PO WW8 BRIGHT NOSE n IVE REGfllNEP m SLIGHTEST TRtte OF BUOOP MILfS POTENTIflLVICTIM SNIFF BOUT W MILES TOO LAZY TO FAR HERALDZEITUNG MU5T8E AIUOILINSUAL AND HAVE A Horoscope 2001 In the year ahead you could be drawn into a exciting and stimulating group who will turn out to be both business associates and good Much can be accomplished LEO July 22 If you are involved in a venture today that you believe you understand better than your dont let the control of the situation slip from your treat yourself to a birthday Send for your AstroGraph pre dictions for the year ahead by mailing and SASE to this Box OH Be sure to state your Zodiac VIRGO 22 Family matters youve been unable Jo resolve can be worked out amicably today if you use more logic than emo Put your desires aside for the moment and deal only with the LIBRA 23 It doesnt matter that you might not be too fond of an individual who now deserves a pat on the do so any Be courteous and gracious about SCORPIO 22 You could do everything right in handling your resources all day but as the day wears your prudence may Dont ruin that which you took such pains to SAGITTARIUS 21 Get an early start today on working on your immediate Youll be more upbeat and positive early in the which will help you past the rough CAPRICORN 19 You can actually be luckier today through other peoples accomplishments than you might from your Enjoy the free ride while you AQUARIUS 19 Although you may feel flattered when someone who usually doesnt seek advice comes to you today for guid you may later learn this person was merely trying to put you on the PISCES 20March 20 Your judgment is reasonably good so long as you keep emotions out of your Introducing feelings or passion into things will lead you ARIES March 21April 19 Carefully check all the details when forming a partnership arrangement because although initially it may appear to be favorable to things might WEDNESDAY PRIME 22 ShopDrop ShopDrop News Candid Camera 43795 TouchedAngel 17193 Diagnosis Murder 43753 Rosle ODonnelt 5483 Law Order SI 6209 Tonight Show 64716B03 Star Trek Voyager 4629 Special Unit 2 n 3377 Miss Teen USA Live 0 Sfl 73193 Late ShOW N 83872006 Se Anunclari 51160193 Pokemon Batman Rlckl Lake W 61919 Trek Voyager 87396 Jenny Jones n 80526 Carlta de Angel 47700 Primer Impacto 42735 Amlgas y Rlvales 86667 Melores Famlll 75551 El Super Blablaio 52261 EIPremloMayoraaiea AllFamily AllFamily Live From Lincoln Center Mostly Mozart 11377 American High 27964 Charlie Rose A 14025 King of Hill Grounded Family Guy News GB 6976700 Simpsons Seinfeld Spin City Change Full House Full House nipleyBelleve 494803 RlpleyBcwve 493174 Oprah Winfrey 97209 Brady 2803 Inside SA Downtown N 13735 Nlghlllne Entertain Feet Facts Hair Loss 7th Heaven n 162349 FfM Attraction Orgma A 678919 Heat of Night 774532 Suddenly Caroline Inside Stuff Up Close Sporlscenter 248993 Major League Baseball Teams to Be Live 13 389025 X Games Day Sporfscenter 213990 X Games N 269193 Sportscenler 568830 Law Order A 411367 Pretender Si 412700 Bluetorch TV N 33629 See This SW Sports Major League Baseball Houston Astros at Philadelphia Live 244735 SW Sports Sports See This UstWord Hollywood Lives 361342 Three Stooges 767396 Pwaltax ff 257735 My fair Lady f64 MatFair Lady 562656 129087 Law Order 209342 Justice 865377 City Confidential 772613 Law 4 Order Biography 821193 Justice IOOBSO Designing Designing Intimate Portrait 561174 Unsolved 104803 Designing Designing Any Day Now 0 409014 Your New House 134919 Wild Discovery 619025 Wild Discovery 387174 TltanlcDawson 870209 Justice FlteS 853532 Titanic Lost 836025 TltanlcDawson 115762 Texas Ranger 309261 Nash Bridges A 492445 Texas Ranger 765803 Baywatch B 467919 FemmeNlklta 889236 X Games N 2100716 RPM2Nlght NFL2Nlght Little League 8716483 Little League World Series 9789700 Major League Baseball Teams to Be Live S 3201735 WTA Tennis 1766830 Reverb N A 223377 Feet Under A Private Knock A Bl 130613 Mara Knocks Training CampRavens 222648 Soul Food The Kings of the Ring Legends of Roof ITV N 64876938 jeavywelght Boxing 33762223 Jersey BoyWorld Smart Guy IBoyWorld turn out quite TAURUS April 20May 20 If you feel your work truly warrants a raise and youre thinking of talking to the boss about do so early in the Do not wait until later when might be tired or GEMINI May 21June 20 So long as it fits in with your youll honor your commitments the minute your commitments interfere with what you would prefer to itll be another Keep your CANCER June 21July 22 You may start the day off in a whirlwind of but it wont take long before you burn yourself Set a pace that you can sustain throughout your Copyright Newspaper Enterprise Odds Ends LONDON AP Andre Agassi said he and Steffi who are expecting a child will get mar The actual question has been dealt I have asked her to marry me and we are committed to our future Agassi said in an interview published Friday in The Daily We will definitely get One hundred It feels like we are married it kind of feels that He gave no date for the and said in July theyre expect ing a baby the first for both tennis stars in mid