Tuesday, August 14, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, August 14, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 14, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas August 2001 HERALDZEITUNG Page 5A AigusM tarn pntMoii 000 Low Record high 11 JUNE 52Week High Low Name Last Chq YTD Chjj 12mo Chg Dow Industrials Dow Transportation Dow Utilities NYSE Composite Amex Market Value Nasdaq Composite 500 Russell 2000 Wilshire 5000 NYSE Name Last Chg Chg MEMO ColeNall teseyE s tomebase eabdyE n nfonet KaisAI ShopKo TitanMet NBGrce tame BthSptB McMoRn Mdbklns ComfrtS NalEqBv ntegES dentagCp StdCm tyland Kyocera Name Last Chg GenElec Schwab EMCCp NortelNw WalMart SprntPCS FordM JohnJn s Advanced eclined Jnchanged Total issues taw Highs Jew Lows Volume GAINERS OR none LOSERS on MORE Chg Cng 75 MOST ACTIVE S1 OR MORE 141916 124081 109608 105032 103574 102886 101385 95387 92186 87767 DIARY 192 171 35 AMEX Name Last Chg Chg GenStar lyRA UonsGt g nterlott s Hasting ShefldPhm ChadThr IntelliCk Garan SherwdB Name GAINERS on MORE LOSERS 82 OR MORE Last Chg Chfl Congolm ARVliv SalEMC04 n AdmRsc MayorsJwl Tutogen n Engex Rottlund AmShrd SelThera n MOST ACTIVE S1 OR MORE Name Last Chg Nasd100Tr481685 SPDR DJIAOIam IvaxCpS 16301 SemiHTr 13332 BiOtechT Nabors SPMid 9692 iShRs2000 8074 AbdAsPac 6759 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume 359 310 112 781 24 12 Name ChpTick MajorAuto Abatix TASERwl Bontax HudsonTc UnivAuto netguru Vestcom Concepts ft NASDAQ GAINERS on MORE Last Chg Chg LOSERS on MORE Name Last Chg Chg ROHM HarlyNts OigtIGen PhotMdxn NexMed DGSE EvrgrSIrn GWln Data 10 MOST ACTIVE on MORE Name Last Chg Oracles 464703 Cisco Intel 305211 ExodusC 291800 SunMicras245889 BEASys 197385 Microsft 160953 JDSUnlph151004 DellCptr 139008 MtrmdFb 137142 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Volume 860 132 90 YTD Name Ex DIvYld PE Last Name Ex YTD OlvYld PE last AOLTW ATTWrls AMDs Albertsn ApldMatls AMCC BEASys BellSouth JrMySq itdcom BrcdeCms Cendant ChpTick Cisco Jonexnt Conseco CnEplA OellCplr EMCCp InteiPT EricsnTel ExodusC ExxonMs FordM GenElec GWCrss Immunex ntel KLATnc Lucent McDnkfc NY NY NY NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY NY NY Nasd NY NY Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd NY NY NY NY Nasd Nasd NY Nasd NY NY Nasd NY NY 100 7 18 19 19 22 19 34 30 33 26 11 22 15 19 32 56 39 23 25 32 27 7 20 McLeod Merck MirmdFb MicronT Micros MMM Motorola NasdlOOTr NetwkAp NelwkAsc NexteIC NokiaCp NortelNw Nvidia Oracles PMCSra Palm Pfizer PhmRes ProclG Qualcom RetatEn SBC Com Sanmina s Schwab Soleclm SprnlPCS SPDR SunMicros TXUCorp Texlnd Texlnsl Verilas VerizonCm WalMart WellsFrgo WorkfCom Xerox Nasd NY Nasd NY Nasd NY NY Amex Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY NY NY Nasd NY NY Nasd NY Nasd NY NY Amex Nasd NY NY NY Nasd NY NY NY NY 23 35 50 22 28 9 67 65 13 28 11 40 21 35 48 15 23 19 24 3 37 49 33 61 14 35 45 23 25 37 28 12 575 it Last PvsWeek rime Rate Jlscounl Rale ederal Funds Rate Treasuries 3month 6month Svear 10year 30vear Last PvsDay Britain Canada France Germany Italy Japan Mexico British pound expressed In All others show dollar In foreign Name Total Assets Ob SMIns Total Pet Mlnlnlt NAV 12mo 5year Load Invt Fidelity Invest Magelln LC Vanguard Idx Fds 500 SP American Funds A ICAAp LV American Funds A WshAp LV American Funds A GwttlAp XC Fidelity Invest Grolnc LC Fidelity Invest Contra XC Janus Fund LG 1MCO Funds 18 American Funds A NPerAp GL Amer Century Inv Ultra LG American Funds A EupacAp IL Janus WrldW GL Vanguard Fds Wndsll XV Fidelity Invest GroCo XG Vanguard Instl Fds Instldx SP Fidelity Invest BluCh LG Fidelity Invest Eqlnc El Vanguard Fds Wellln BL Fidelity Invest Puritn BL Vanguard Fds Prmcpr XV Putnam Funds A GrinAp LV American Funds A FdlnvAp XV American Funds A IncoAp MP Janus Twen LG Putnam Funds A VoyAp LG Vanguard Fds Wndsr XV Vanguard Fds HlthCre HB NL NL NL 250 250 250 NL 250 NL NL NL NL 250 NL NL NL 500 250 250 500 NL NL NL NL NL BL GL Global IL International LC LargeCap LG LargeCap LV UrgeCap MT SB ShortTerm SP SS SingleState XC MuMIap XG MultiCap XV MultiCap Return Chng In NAV with dividends Rank How fund performed oth ers with same objective A Is In top E In bottom Win Init Invt Minimum needed to Invest In NA Not NE Data In NS Fund not In Source Co AROUND TOWN Contact Features Editor Betty Taylor at 625 Archives Anonymous BY BECKY LOMBARDO Special to the HeraldZeitung You are not going to believe the answer to one of the past pictures that was Remember when I was on vacation and Michelle had a picture of two redhaired children that were appar ently twins AA0158 and Gloria de la Cerda me and said that it is one Louie and this picture was taken before and after his Thank for helping us solve the The photo of the drum major and majorettes was from the New Braunfels High School class of 1959 The ladies are Mary Ann Linda Mary Mary AA0162 Lynn Charlene Mueller drum Jo Ann Joyce Kathy Becker and Sharlynn Thank Charlene Mueller Fred Baetge who was their band Gloria de la Betty Friend and Linda The children from Goodwin School AA0161 had a class project to make this children are Arlon Sue Cone Schwab and Dorothy Weltner and their teacher was Mrs A great big thanks goes to Len Heimer who provided me with all that informa With school right around the I saw this little girl AA0162 and it reminded me of the face of a child I dont want to go to Do you recognize this cute lit tle face from 1957 This group AA0163 was at picture was taken in and I think the top of one of the plaques has American Cancer I know that in the very back is Tim AA0163 Rudeness at checkout occurs on both sides of the counter DEAR Your reply to Cashier With a Mission was morally cor since the person should not shortchange customers who talk on cell phones by forgetting to put items into their bag or accidentally charging them My problem was a little I recently brought some items to the register in a bath and beauty shop at the The girl behind the counter was using her cell It was obviously a personal She rang up the took my bagged the merchandise and did not even bother to thank chatting on her cell phone all the As a matter of she didnt even look at CORAL IN BOYNTON DEAR CORAL Of course civility is a two DEAR ABBY way You would have done both yourself and the manager a favor had you politely pointed out that the store needs to upgrade its customer rics Professional Certification Classes now forming for HR Manager HR Generalist Classes available at RAFB Call now to enroll 7332635 SAN ANTONIO San Antonio College Continuing Education Workforce Deveiopment 1 300 Son Pedro AvenueSun 782 12 Sun Antonio Coifcge a an For any accommodations taiwi or an alternate contact San Antonio Cofcge JiiAiilUTY Support Smka at fe If your child is between the ages of 4 and he or she may qualify for an asthma research Qualified volunteers receive compensation for Call for more information 6Q9000 I II III Ml II Kl si II As keep keep remembering and keep Call us at 629 1900 orvisit the Sophien burg 200 the old city hall larket Times Good Aug 10th Aug 16thI I 651 Business IH 35 I Matinee Daily 836 6254400 IM ARI HARBOR Al Artificial Intelligences i Scary Movie 2 B ID Required Final Fantasy EB 61 The Score ID Required Iffi Original Sin B lITRequired SWUM sum SOUND own SCREEN WJHTORUM American Pie 2 ID Required Osmosis Jones snatm sanno SOUND GIANT SCREEN AUOTOHUH Spy Kids Special Edition AMERICAS SWEETHEART PG13 All Day Tuesday LEGALLY BLONDE PG13 All Day Tuesday All Day Tuesday JURASSIC PARK 3 PG13 All Day Tuesday THE OTHERS PG13 All Day Tuesday STARPLEX 12 1250 WONDERWORLD DR 830 6254411 ALL ROCKING LOVE SEATSI ALL STADIUM ALL DIGITAL AMERICAS SWEETHEARTPG13 AMERICAN PIE 2 R FAST AND FURIOUS PG13 LEGALLY BLONDE PG13 PRINCESS DIARIES G OSMOSIS JONES PG SCARY MOVIE 2 R DOLITTLE PG RUSH HOUR 2 PG13 JURASSIC PARK 3 PG13 ORIGINAL SIN R THE OTHERS PG131 PLANET OF THE APES PG13 SPY KIDS PG TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Kind of daisy 7 Actress Chong 10 Capitol topper 14 Hair color 15 Finale 16 Mild cheese 17 Chirped 18 Fib 19 Mom 20 Tropicalpunch flavor 23 Speck In the ocean 26 Coop dweller 27 Novelist Michener 28 Suitable 29 Rovers greeting 30 Slnbads bird 31 Testtube site 32 Winter malady 33 War years 37 to a bard 38 Hang back 39 Cap 40 Jaunty hat 41 Shellfish orders 43 Hirt and Gore 44 Ripen 45 Dress part 46 Urban transport 47 Clay pot 48 Tomato jelly 51 Perlman or Leibman 52 Less bold 53 56 Actor Douglas 57 Cheat 58 Miniature tree 62 Buffalos lake 63 Do a math task 64 Band of color 65 Go young man I 66 Legal matter 67 Mind DOWN 1 Drain 2 Tint 3 Actor Vigoda 4 Dined 5 Pick up the tab 6 No or buts 7 Public assistance 8 Charged atom 9 Idyllic spot 10 Take away from 11 Concert hall 12 An Osmond 13 Puts forth 21 Shoulder gestures 22 North Sea Inlets 23 Ice hut 24 Full of suds PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 81401 25 Earring sites 29 Frighten 30 Muddies the water 32 Sheeps coat 33 Show off 34 Austrias neighbor 35 Bird of prey 36 Blur 42 Underbrush 46 Limits 47 Famous short story writer 48 Lopsided United Feature Syndicate 49 Skyline feature 50 European capital 51 Island 52 Piggybank features 54 Blemish 55 Recipe 59 Part of a 60 Sigh of satisfaction 61 Eisenhower nickname STUMPED Call for Answers Touchtone or Rotary Phones 85e per minute 19003709800 code 500