Saturday, July 28, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, July 28, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 28, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas Page 6A HERALDZE1TUNG July FORUM Contact Managing Editor Margaret Edmonson at 6259144 NEW BUAUNKRLS HERALDZEITUNG New Braunfcls Zcitung was founded 1852 New Braunfels Herald was founded The two papers merged in 1957 and printed in both German and English until Doug Editor and Publisher Margaret Managing Editor Brian News Editor Editorial TOOK U6 FORTY Teen driving restrictions on the right road The trucks stop here Motor vehicle crashes are the 1 killer of Texas The crash involvement rate for teens is more than double that for all other Texas More than 40 percent of teens fatal crashes occur between 9 and 6 Any of these facts from the Texas Senate Research Center would be reason enough to sup port Texas recent passage of a new law placing restrictions on teen Under the new which goes into effect drivers younger than 18 will not be allowed to drive between 11 and 5 unless accompa nied by a licensed driver 21 or The restric tion is in place for six months after the driver secures his The measure was supported by Texas AAA and Texas ParentTeacher Association and for good In more than 320 teenagers between 15 and 18 died in motor vehicle More than 000 suffered iifiels driver education teacher Walter ille said many young drivers do not pay atten tion to the rules of the road until they have a close call with another Comal County sheriffs deputy Tim Kolbe Young people tend to make more mistakes and take greater risks than mature Many teens mistakenly believe that they are The deaths of local students in recent years remind us all that death and harm can come to even when you are While the new law places new restrictions on young the rules steer Texas in the right Today in History BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is July the 209th day of There are 156 days left in the Todays Highlight in Histo ry On July a Army bomber crashed into the 79th floor of New Yorks Empire State killing 14 In King Henry VIII chief Thomas was the same day Henry married his fifth Catherine Its no news to most Texans that the North American Free Trade has been a driving force in our states strong NAFTA is the most pro ductive trade alliance in the with nearly 400 million people producing close to trillion worth of goods and services and Texas has benefitted greatly from being situated at the very center of that whirlwind of economic By the value of Texas exports to Mexico had reached up from billion in In 47 percent of all exports to Mexico originate in This has brought us thousands of highly wellpaid positions in high technology and other the trade agreements potential has yet to be realized in its Under the 1994 Mexican trucks and drivers were given access to border zones in By foreign owned trucks were to have full access to all high which hasnt hap pened because NAFTA does not and cannot require the United States to admit vehicles that dont meet American stan Concerns over safe ty and other issues have postponed full implemen tation of NAFTAs trucking Texas is at the center of the ongoing NAFTA truck as Nearly 70 percent of current truck traffic coming from Mexico KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON into the United States enters impacting our roads and state inspec tion facilities to a greater extent than any other Texas witnessed million crossings of Mexican trucks last That number stood at the year NAFTA was One of the major stum bling blocks to full imple mentation is the absence of resources that would allow and Texas offi cials to thoroughly inspect and monitor trucks operat ing on our roads and high To accomplish we need Inspection facilities with the capacity to handle the increased traffic Adequate numbers of welltrained inspection personnel The ability to enforce weight Mexican trucks are per mitted to carry a maxi mum gross includ ing the truck of compared to a limit of pounds for trucks and The ability to collect reliable information on and monitor the safety records of all trucking firms and their regardless of their country of Right now we are able to inspect only a small per centage of trucks that cross into commercial zones along the Of the ones that are inspect a third are turned away for safety additional inspec tion facilities and staff are needed Congress and the President are moving for ward to make the NAFTA trucking provisions a reali The Senate Appropriations Committee last month approved a measure I outlined that provides million for border inspection inspectors and other border infrastructure improve the lions share of which would go to our It only makes sense for these resources to be Ibcated in places where they will be most This legislation reflects Congress commitment to full implementation of and to keeping American highways safe at the same It outlines rigorous safety oversight requirements that cannot be met unless we also pro vide the resources needed for comprehensive monitoring of all commer cial trucks and I voted for NAFTA and I support free But we cannot throw open our bor ders completely until we have put in place the per sonnel and facilities neces sary for conducting large routine inspections at all trucks that cross our Kay Bailey Hutchison represents Texas in the Contact NEW BRAUNFELS CITY COUNCIL 424 Castell 6082100 Email counciM Mayor Stoney Williams 6082138 270 city hall 6297381 home 6252420 work Email District 1 Sonia Munoz 6082138 204 District 2 Larry Alexander 6091242 home work District 3 Debbie Flume 6292496 District 4 Robert Kendrick 6431177 home 281 6867480 work District 5 Lee Rodriguez 6294901 work 6299156 home District 6 Juliet Watson 6205656 home CITY STAFF Police Department Airport dphillip@texas.nefIJ City Attorney City Manager Assistant to City Manager City Secretary Engineering Finance Director Finance Golf Parks Fire Department COUNTY County Commissioners Keep Social Security out of the hands of Wall Street brokers AUSTIN Im afraid Karl Roves timing is off You cant pass a huge tax cut tilted heavily toward the rich and then announce Social Security is about to go People make the If only hed waited til next year the Washington press corps cant remember anything longer than six But Rove has cut it too fine this time people are just now getting their rebate checks and hearing that Social Security is a disaster area at the same the peppy idea of putting Social Security money into the stock market doesnt look all that good since the market has lost about trillion in the current down Pfffft lets put our retirement money into that suck er and watch it shrink The Bush commission has the singular distinction of being com prised entirely of people who already agreed with George Bush that Social Security needs to be Let me count the ways this is a truly bad One and this is the leading reason for proposing this daft MOLLY IVINS notion in the first it will take a huge amount of money out of Social Security and put it into Wall Street brokerage You know how brokers work They make money when you and they make money when you A nolose proposition for Literally billions in commissions await and thats the lobby thats pushing the privatization Social Security happens to be run at a miniscule administrative cost government does do some things If we break off some of the money into private administrative costs and brokerage fees will eat more of our you know perfectly well a lot of people will get ripped off if they control their own retirement Older people are particu larly vulnerable to con artists itll be a gold mine for gold diamond finds and eveiy other pieinthesky scheme thats ever come Think only the feebleminded will lose Who lost money in high tech Wasnt it all those brilliant young hotshots we kept hearing about Wasnt it the NASDAQ that went down 60 percent Then there is the unhappy set of matching numbers to be con The Bush tax cut 35 per cent to the richest 1 percent of the people eventually will cost about billion in annual rev The estimated SS shortfall by 2038 comes to Maybe if you invest your rebate setting aside the 28 per cent of you who arent getting any money and the other 12 percent who will get less than in the stock youll be able to retire in a few But dont count on You will hear more damn lies and statistics about the state of Social Security in the coming months andyears than even Mark Twin could have dreamed The Social Security on whose numbers the Bush com mission are using an exceedingly grim it makes more sense to use those forecasts than to use Rosy Scenario and assume theres nothing we need to do about According to the experts at the Center on Budget and Policy and everybody we do have longterm problems with Social Security that need to be addressed but we are near a crisis and the crunch is further out than the Bush commission Republicans have traditionally accused Democrats of fearmon gering on Social the Republicans have now taken it The most unfortunate thing about the commission report is not just that its but that it further polarizes a debate that will have to be solved by both The commission announces doom in because thats when the line of payroll tax receipts crosses SS but they are not counting interest from the enormous SS which should be by then tril As Alan former vice chair at the Federal said cheerfully Thats not chopped Henry author of an excellent book on Social Security and a senior fellow at Brookings says our situation is like that of a family saving for the college education of the That education may well cost more than the familys current but the two things you do about it are to pay down the mortgage the national debt and increase your So by the time the kids get to youre in finan cial shape to afford Ken former SS commis says the good news politi cally is that Congress is now treating Social Security as a sepa rate rather than as part of the total federal Who said But the Bush tax cut is so large it may tempt Congress into using the Social Security surplus to finance gov ernment and then we would be in the Molly Ivins is a syndicated