Saturday, July 7, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, July 7, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 7, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2B HEHALDZEITUNG July 2001 COMICS Peanuts Garfield MAV0E THERE U 8E 50METHIN6 600P IN 1C I THINKING THE SAME THINS WHO KNOWS LIKE THE P06 TURNS OUT TO 86 THE HERO I UlONPER WHY IM 60IN6 TO THIS MOVIE THOSE TWO 6UY50NTV IT THI6 MAKE ME LOOK Tumbleweeds WflMT A ELECTRfl A TREflT 465 mi ATREflT HERES THE TREflT BOX CflN MOU SIT UP CflM MOU BE6 VES THE TREflT DflMCE 6000 GIRL HERES MOUR TREflT WHflT ft 600D IF I HflD TO DO FOR ONE WHflT ON EflRTH WO SHE DO TO DESERME fl WHOLE The Wizard of Id For Better or Worse EMEFWOtfEHPiS DOUBTS THEIR IM GOttlGTb Annie AND H6R6 THB H6LLO TO FmSHOS XWMD SANTWSO VWSHW6TON I I lefguMriNS JN W 1 I SHOULD DROP COU WHER6 yOU BUT WE my DEAR Aiy BSEN WORKING TOGETHER EXPEDITION SHORTLX CHESTER LADIES PLEASURE M5A CO WHO PATROLS Trip WHITE Ol CREATORS SVKDICATE AtiP A CO BEATS APOUMP THE Shermans Lagoon FAT WAT ON EARTH ARE YOU Marmaduke Rubes IM FILLING IN MILE HES AT POETRY CAMP I FIGURE ON OF US SHOULP BE SESN IT GIVES THE LAGOON A LITTLE Ji YOU I IUA6 JUST PLEASEP I TO GET ONE NEWjWpFELS HERALDZEITUNG Then all of a sudden he just lost it was too late when Ronnie realized he was shooting Horoscope July Investigating all the developments that are occur ring in your field of endeavor might be a very advantageous thing for you to do in the year Updating yourself could bring more CANCER June 21July 22 Being a bit more ciirious than usual has its place so long as you use it for constructive pry ing into areas where youre not invited is an inva sion of Trying to patch up a broken romance The AstroGraph Matchmaker can help you understand what to do to make the relationship Mail to this newspa Box Murray Hill New NY LEO July 22 It behooves you today toTirst attempt to figure things out for yourself PRIME 7 before you go scratching someone elses You already have the answers if you put your think ing cap VIRGO 22 Adhere to logical procedures in all matters today that have a direct effect upon your work or Attempting to take short cuts could be an exercise in LIBRA 23 you might be inclined to warn a friend about something you over heard another say about him or If you didnt get the entire your remarks could be out of SCORPIO 22 Theres a strong chance you might have opened your big mouth and promised to do something for another you now it would be hurtful to disappoint this Keep your SAGITTARIUS 21 Chances are your first thoughts will be your best ones especially if they pertain to your work or Dont talk yourself out of believing in your CAPRICORN 19 The early hours hold the most effectiveness for productive as the day wears you could find yourself full of excuses as to why some thing can AQUARIUS 19 When you get on a stay the course as long as you Once you decide to shut down your chances are youll not be able to rev them up again PISCES 20March 20 Listen to the wise counsel of a friend today who tries to tell you how much people think of Otherwise you could find yourself in a believing nobody M TwiceUletlme 96213 Paid 95939 32674 Saturday Night Live A SB 15026 AboveBeyond 87910 Hollywood Up n Eight Is Enough 53378 Auto Racing NASCAR Winston Cup Live Poll Celebrity 83945 Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant Live 15262 Clonod 97 Elizabeth A ED 832129 Scariest Places 226246 The Haunting Hsroy 69 62600 Anwlnfl Stories The Movie IV379620 Jeopardyl CBSNews News 6026 Big Brother N A 63216 Texas Ranger 76736 District n SB 69200 7835021 Xena Warrior 42755 Andromeda 83 5804 Xena Warrior 68378 Outer Limits n 42866 ImogensImpel 49194 Sfibado Glgante 386668 Mexico Baking Health 2113 Redwall A Austin City Limits 54H3 Lawrence Walk 21200 Ratting Alaska 55020 Is GodNumber 27484 Pearl JamBand 20571 Rock Roll EJ 24674 Austin City Limits 88682 Queen o Swords 52262 Spin City Drew Carey Cops 53991 Most Wanted 47804 Baywatch Hawaii 34842 Cobm f86 15W0633 Hour 88 Jackie 358262 Fulling Down 5773630 First Strike 96 Jackie 31639 Humbte In th Brew Best Commrcls 14910 Real Estate Paid Sportscenter 971842 Hank Greenberg 665939 Johnny Bench 132026 3QO NASCAR This Morning 62823 Beyond the Glory Teisi Boxing Camacho Lacoursiere 29620 Beyond the Glory 89842 Beyond the Glory 25804 Backstory Young Sllvtr Snwk City Confidential 127674 Incrble Collctr 506552 Behind Closed 207939 Biography Atlas 854216 Mldsomer Murders Destroying N 76155 Biography Atlas 716262 Stiy he NlQhi 116736 Beyond Chance 426264 Strong Medicine 276741 511484 Prosecutors 205571 TreasuresEarth 772668 Justice Files 752804 New Detectives 755991 105330 Parti f9 Howard A Backstage Grand Opry Backstage Grand Opry StarskyHutch 936910 Dukes of 486798 Stoning SO R m 8424428 Birthday to Me 6287533 Boxing Boxing After Live A S 8641129 Playboy 2000 The Party Continues iTV A SB 657571 Famous BugJulce Heartbeat Zorro SO ARIES March 21April 19 Thinking friends should be doing more for you today than what theyre actually contributing is putting a price tag on Good pals arent friends just because the other guy can TAURUS April 20May 20 So long as what youre doing today brings you closer to your objec its important to appreciate the positive direc tion in which things are Be patient with small GEMINI May 21June 20 Dont defend nor complain about an unfamiliar position another has taken Gather all the facts and figures first or wait until theyre at your disposal before you offer an Copyright Newspaper Enterprise Odds Ends AP City leaders of the selfpro claimed Sailfish Capital of the World admit there was something fishy about the present they gave Jeb Bush was presented with a fish paperweight Tuesday during the governors Capital for a Day But the fish was a not a City Manager Dave Collier admitted to the mixup say ing he bought the gift at a hotel gift Most of my fish come on a Collier Local artist Geoffrey Smith offered to replace the gift with a 22inch tall bronze sailfish