Wednesday, June 27, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, June 27, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 27, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas June 2001 HERALDZE1TUNG Page 5A 1A June Dow Jones industrials change from previous High Low Record high 2000 MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE Dow Industrials Dow Transportation Dow UtiVrties NYSE Composite Amex Market Value Nasdaq Composite SSP500 MidCap Russell 2000 WilshireSOOO t NYSE AMEX ft NASDAQ GAINERS S2 OB OR OR MORE Name Last Chg Last Chg Last Chg Chg Silvrlnlmp Hyprcm Xcelera BlueMartn Adminsifs Unova InputOul Wyndnam Sifverine vjFinova Metals Wabtec LOSERS OR OH OR MORE Name Last Chg Last Chg Last Chg Chg FWPCapf Viasyslem BthSpfB FoslerWh CwnCork ColeMyr CmpTsk BthStp n MerrLyns TRC MOST ACTIVE S1 OR ACTIVE OR ACTIVE OR MORE Name Last Last Last Chg GenElec 308038 616024 EMCCp 193877 79698 548590 NortelNw 189891 488262 MerrLyns 189879 19086 Lucent 175648 S 336248 Honwlllntl 170953 12664 310969 Motorola 146171 12064 306938 Citigrps 125388 9867 Hmstke 117257 9830 272733 AOLTW 112696 7990 Uniph263573 Advanced declined Jnchanged 912 Total issues issues issues Mew Highs Highs Highs 126 Yew Lows Lows Lows 97 Volume YTD Name Ex DIvYld PE Last Name Ex DIvYld PE Last AOLTW NY NY 15 ATST NY 80 Nasd Atertsn NY 16 NY 36 ApWMatis Nasd 21 Nasd 40 AMCC Nasd NY 25 Ariba Nasd NY BellSouth NY 18 Amex BrMySq NY 22 Nasd 59 Brdoxn Nasd Nasd BrodeCms Nasd NY NY NY CMPoints Nasd 50 Nasd 45 CienaCps Nasd Nasd Cisco Nasd Nasd 52 Citigrps NY 20 CocaCI NY 35 NY 29 Pfeef NY 44 10 46 4221 CdgPal NY 34 NY Compaq NY 72 CnEptA NY Comings NY 27 DeCptr Nasd 30 EMCCp NY 35 EnterPT NY 12 BicsnTel Nasd ExodusC Nasd ExxonMob NY 17 GenEtec NY 38 NY 22 24 Ologic Nasd 64 Quateom Nasd Redback Nasd RetantEn NY 20 SBC Com NY 17 Schwab NY 2 44 SiebelSyss Nasd 87 SPDR Amex GblCrss NY Nasd 29 HomeDp NY 43 NY 14 Hmstke NY Nasd 9 HonwIW NY 25 NY 14 i2Techs Nasd NY 37 Intel s Nasd 30 Nasd IBM NY 25 Nasd JDSUniph Nasd NY 12 JPMoraCh NY 19 Nasd 79 JotmJns NY 29 NY 34 JnprNto Nasd 51 NY 19 LeveG Nasd NY Lucent NY Nasd 12 McDnlds NY 19 Nasd Merck NY 22 Nasd Last PvsWeek 3rime Rale Discount Rale Federal Funds Rale Treasuries 3monlh 6monlh 5vear 10vear 30V6ar Last Pvs Day Britain Canada France Germany Italy Japan Mexico British pound expressed In All others show dollar In foreign Name Total Assets Total Pet Mlnlnlt SMIns NAV 4wk 12mo 5year Load Invt Fidelity Invest LC Vanguard IdxFds 500 SP American Funds A ICAAp LV American Funds A WshAp LV Fidelity Invest Grolnc LC American Funds A GwthAp XC Fidelity Invest Contra XC Janus Fund LG PIMCO Funds IB American Funds A NPerAp GL American Funds A EupacAp IL Amer Century Inv Ultra LG Janus WrldW GL Vanguard XV Fidelity Invest GroCo XG Vanguard Instl Fds Instldx SP Fidelity Invest BtuCh LG Fidelity Invest Eqlnc El Vanguard Fds Welltn BL Fidelity invest Putta BL Putnam Funds A GrlnAp LV American Funds A FdlnvAp XV Vanguard Fds Prmcpr XV Janus Twen LG American Funds A IncoAp MP Putnam Funds A VoyAp LG Vanguard Fds Wndsr XV Ftttty Spartan Eqkte SP NL NL NL 250 250 250 NL 250 250 NL NL NL NL NL NL 500 250 250 500 NL NL NL NL NL NL NL BL GL Global IL International LC UrgeCap LG UrgeCap LV UrgeCap MT SB ShortTerm SP SS SimlaState XC MultiCap XG MultiCap XV MuWCap Return Chng In NAV with dividends Rank How fund performed oth ers with came objective A Is In top E in bottom Mln Intt Invt Minimum needed to Invest In NA Not NE s Data In NS Fund not In Source Majors base salary when he left CISD was Trustee Bertelsen said he still had concerns with Grunerts selection at Grunerf s the Cleburne ISD removed the districts 20 percent home stead When they removed they did not lower the tax Bertelsen Under the 20 percent of a residents prop erty value is subtracted from the total before taxes are He also had concerns about the salary ratio between Cle burne administration and In the last four their administrators had a 10 per cent increase while teachers had a 6 percent he Bertelsen talked with Grunert before the meeting 1A about the Grunert told Bertelsen the increases accommodated those with long tenure at Cleburne Bertelsen also said he had concerns with Cleburnes SAT and ACT scores dropping from 72 percent to 60 percent in a four year period and the districts Texas Academic Assessment of Skills test scores being below the state Trustee Gonzales said she objected to a preliminary draft contract being presented to Grunert without other board members being made aware when two board members vis ited him at his current school 1 felt railroaded into going a certain she Gonzales said the boards split vote had the potential to divide the Trustee Nichols said he sees Grunert as someone with the NBISD Band Director Beth Bronk said 900 students between grades six and 12 participate in the band pro Of 300 use dis trictprovided she A freshman who plays in band spends about to out of pocket for uni Bronk If that stu dent participates in band and color he or she spends to not counting incidentals such as reed lessons or costs associated with band I understand why were going to these Bronk told the 1 dont think any of our boosters have a problem with the Our con cern is what people are spend ing to be involved in I dont want to price us out of the band Athletic Director Rick Rhoades said there are about 800 student slots in district extracurricular prc He expressed under standing that the fees were but echoed concerns about what they could mean for some All trustees who spoke on the issue stated concerns Modesty raises hot tub guests temperatures installed a hot tub several years We are always naked when we use when we enter tain we let them know in advance that it is their choice whether to wear bathing suits or If they opt to wear we ask if they care if we or other guests are Most guests opt to soak in the nude those who dont have no problem with oth ers being Recently we invited new neighbors to our house for a welcoming party with other They informed us they would be uncom fortable if other guests were We have no problem with this after we have plenty of opportunity to enjoy our spa naked but some of our neighbors They felt put out that about the impact the fees could have on district stu Board Secretary Bette Spain called on district staff to exercise care in assessing and collecting the We need to be careful how we collect the fee so that no child who gets free or reduced meals need verbalize she told Lets be as dis crete as we A participation fee for ath letics programs was shelved until next year pending more information about costs asso ciated with the programs for District Superintendent Ron Reaves said of the districts million in transportation costs is for bussing students to sports and other extracurricular The transportation budget this year has taken a hit for increased fuel District officials estimate the annual transportation fee will raise The music instrument fee is intended to help defray costs associated with the dis trictowned band instruments some students including repair and DEAR ABBY after years spent enjoying our hot tub in the they now had to cover This has created dissen sion in the and our efforts to be respectful of others is back Have you any sug gestions on how we can resolve this DOIN WHAT COMES NATURAL LY DEAR DOIN5 Dont let your straitlaced new neighbors throw cold water on your hot tub Entertain them separately so your lessinhibited neighbors can enjoy all the thera peutic benefits of soak ing in their birthday suits without anyone pointing Im sure everyone would prefer TEXAS HERMANN SONS Serving Texas Families Since 1890 Fraternal Life Insurance Newboms Children Senior Adults Whole Life Term Life Annuities 1877HERMANN Fraternal Benefit Services Camps Dance Classes Retirement Home Junior Chapters Lodge Activities 18002344124 Area Lodges New Braunfels Albert Branch Prinz Soims Order of the Sons of Hermann in Texas San Texas strong moral character who possesses an ability to under stand school 1 want someone that would take us to the next not just someone to steer the boat in the same Nichols Cleburne trustees recently bought out Grunerfs citing philosophical differences between the board Lone Star Theatres and Cleburne Trustee Ben Shanklin said trustees believed Grunert could not guide the district in the acad emic direction they Shanklin said the district needed to focus more atten tion on attaining state rec ognized The ranking is based on a schools student performance on the FAST AND FURIOUS PG131 TUESI SWORDFISH IR1 TUES MOULIN ROUGE PG131 TUESI THE ANIMAL PG131 BRIDGET JONES DIARY Rl STARPLEX12 1250 WONDERWORLD DR 512 805 8005 THE MUMMY 2 IPG131 SHREK PG PEARL HARBOR PG131 THE ANIMAL PG131 MOULIN ROUGE PG131 WHATS THE TOMB RAIDER PG13 SWORDFISH R ATLANTIS PG1 FAST AND FURIOUS PG131 DOOLITTLE PGI Times Good I June 22nd June 26th 651 Business 1H 35 Matinee Daily 836 6254400 i The Mummy Returns I ON 2 SCREENS A Knights Tale ON 2 SCREENS PEARL HARBOR SIMM Sumo SOUC JUT SCSBH UO1DHUI ON 2 SCREENS Ig H 1 ATLANTIS T II i LOST E M I I E 5TACMISEAIWJ WfUL SOW GUWT SCflffll MJCrTOflHI ON 2 SCREENS AFTER DORA Board Certified in Family Practice 20 years experience NEW MEDICARE PATIENTS WELCOMED 62A40248 6pM to 9pM Accepting New Patients 8AM tO 12 NOON 1323 Sea Breeze New TX 78130 TO 0PM Sdt1 June TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Thai neighbor 4 Rowboat 9 Its charged 12 Future daffodil 13 Footpath 14 Broad smile 16 Labor leader 17 Beatle Starr 18 Cathedral area 19 Kind of point 21 Pixies 23 Cunning 25 Strong 26 Take into custody 29 Bass or alto 31 32 Prospectors guest 33 Coin receiver 37 Kitchen pest 38 Some necklaces 41 Blonde shade 42 Leaning tower town 44 Goddess of discord 45 During 47 Females 49 One way to meet 50 Beset 53 Sparkle 55 Employee of 57 Across 57 American or Delta 61 Tease 62 Firewood bundles 64 Selves 65 Desiccated 66 Got ready to PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED pray 67 Pu Pup or circus 68 Cincinnati baseballer 69 At and sevens confused 70 Canonized DOWN 1 Grease job 2 Baldwin or Guinness 3 Helped out 4 Narrow channel 5 Food for baleen whales 6 Singe Janis 7 Sticky fruits 8 More like a computer disk 9 Kindles 10 Deliver a speech 11 The Pink Panther actor 12 Not good 15 Plovers home 20 One of the arts 62701 United Feature Syndicate 22 Legendary bird 24 Drawing forth 26 Cousin of PDQ 27 Jaipur princess 28 Grooves 30 Some poems 32 Knowledge 34 Placed 35 European capital 36 In that case 39 Canadian conifers 40 Do you solemnly 43 Anticipated 46 Villages 48 Fossil fuel 49 Steals 50 Feigns 51 Planter 52 Steeple 54 Chili server 56 Pulitzer winner Morrison 58 the picture 59 Zilch 60 New York 63 Tyrannosaurus STUMPED Call for Answers Touchtone or Rotary Phones per minute 19003709800 code 500