Wednesday, June 27, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, June 27, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 27, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas Page HERALDZeiTUNO June COMICS LOOKJUEf JUST ME MY REPORT CARP FROM 5MMER 56WOL I 60T THREE A5 PONT TELL ME1 TMI5 ISNT A REPORT SK ITS AN APVERTl5eMENT FOR THEAAA PLUM8IN6 COMPANY THERE AWST BE SOME MISTAKE PIPNT EVEN 5TUPY wrm IN6REWENTS A tWNfc ON twt ffJTO tanv TheffizvdofM N0 MATTER WH6SE nteruve Better or Worse ue CArt CUT PUT Arnie END Of The UN6 OH FOR OUR PASSENGER HOPE THANK YOU ANO THANKS ASAIN FOR Ttf LIFT LOOKS SCffSP TO VEATH GUESS LAY OVER HGRE A RUSH OOP LITTLE HUH FOR KOOMK TOmCWROW SICK AftrttAr LETS mo OUR Shermans Lagoon we m COUPLES LfARNTOCOMW BCntR IS THROUGH Marmaduke Rubes IHOULP YOU mrs ACCURATE IM PRETTY SVREIPONT SPIT THAT YOUR HOW FOR PINNER FIRST LEfS MAR SUERI MARRI COUNSELOR HERALDZEITUNG He refuses to go back in his house until I remove the Horoscope June 2001 Sticking to enterprises or endeavors for which youve already laid a solid foundation is where youll find your rainbows in the year Move on to new projects slowly and CANCER June 21July 22 Without a posi tive attitude today and a total you could waffle and give up at the first sign of resis Be iirm and expectant about your objec treat yourself to a birthday Send for your AstroGraph predictions for the year ahead by mailing and SASE to this Box Murray Hill New NY Be sure to state your Zodiac LEO July 22 Watch yourself today that you dont weaken and release confidential information you have about a friend that could make him or her look Youd do more dam age than you may VIRGO 22 When it comes to being asked to ante up your share in a group make certain everyone is giving the Your portion might be more generous than LIBRA 23 If your objectives today impede those of your fellow they could attempt to deliberately usurp your Strive to work on something that would benefit SCORPIO 22 A situation simi lar to one with which you had to and didnt use the best might rear its ugly head again This time you should know what to SAGITTARIUS 21 A difficult todealwith firm could get on your back today over a financial Dont do anything at this time to make your situation CAPRICORN 19 You could discover today that someone you thought was in accord with your ideas is Do what you can to resolve the the dis agreement may get AQUARIUS 19 Avoid co workers today who would rather be boss than will ing should you require someone to assist you with a critical They would be a severe handicap and bollix the PISCES 20March 20 Its admirable to believe in but placing your faith today in an individual who has proven to let you down in WEDNESDAY PRIME 27 Diagnosis Murder 40973 Dave 75756 Paid Prog Worship Worship KMOL OOonnell 6737 8350 NBC News News 114 Access 466 Ed n IB 3379 Law Order SB 2263 Tonight Show 36751263 Late Night N 5738751 My 0tttt HMWfl W A 342621 Paid Paid Ladles Man Ladles Man for 5w W Sally A 28737 Ute Show N 98339640 Pokemon Cardcaptrs 3rd Rock Home Dawsons Creek 31669 Burly vampire 17089 Trek Voyager 23540 fllckl Lake W 96373 Jenny Jones A 80022 Primer Impacto 95379 Carlta de Angel 89282 AbrazameFuer 22911 El Super Blablazo 96355 El Premlo Mayor 88664 Thornberr Brady OwrmnghMrt Jowte BhysMeyew Great Streets N 53805 Charlie Rose A 50379 King of Hill Grounded FraslerA Caroline Spin City Change RlpleyBelleve 742447 Full House Fresh Heat ol Night 124094 US Open Up Close Sportscenter 327027 Major League Baseball Dodgers at Giants 170379 Baseball Tonight 568447 Sportscenter 561534 Baseball Tonight 520447 Sportscenter 903954 Ttnnw Wimbledon Second ffi 237911 NBA Draft Llva A SB 364534 See This Last Word See This 119640 SW Sports Sports BlUrtOfCh TV N 79973 NASCAR SW Sports Hollywood Lives 314553 Three Stooges 307850 460331 Night Court Newsradlo Law Order 646824 Justice 106621 ICIty Confidential 126465 Law Order 196244 Justice 545954 Designing Designing Intimate Port 835756 Unsolved 476485 Unsolved 844138 YOUr tMW House 475263 21st ZOO 967669 Wild Discovery 651756 Spies Above 102005 Deadline 108069 Justice Files loius Spies Above 177379 Twaa Ranger 206337 Texas Ranger 657805 Nash Bridges A 740069 Baywalchd79i973 Femme NIKIta 284732 RMCUM rtowues Crocodile Hunter 574535 Natural World 174599 Crocodile Hunter 924076 Natural World 462138 Martial Law A 833244 Americas Junior Miss Live A 337485 WheelsJustice 316992 StarskyHutch 8249M Hollywood 2201553 Six Feet Under Famllla A SI 580669 Sex and I tffl CitV 833263 157517 Soul Food Resurrection Blvd N 4318981 rW 55662060 BoyWofW Smart Guy BoyWorld Zorroffl Mickey the face of trouble is sheer A repeat perfor mance is ARIES March 21April 19 Tactless misjudg ments when dealing with persons whose coopera tion you need today could cost you Even if the matter is urgent to feel others out rather than plunging TAURUS April 20May 20 Someone about whom you criticized in the past may be in the position to return the favor Should he or she get let this be a lesson to GEMINI May 21June 20 Any endeavor that would cost you a lot of cash for a small return is a waste of time and Concentrate on activities today that at least possess some kind of Copyright Newspaper Enterprise Odds Ends AP Forget the One oceanographer is using Nike shoes and Lego blocks to measure ocean Curtis Ebbesmeyer and his partners at Seattle based Evans and design and manufac ture instruments that mea sure ocean Ebbesmeyer realized the ocean was filled with ready made markers whose course he could plot from ship to When a Nike shoe washed up on a Ebbesmeyer checked the serial number on the insole a ship captains which helped trace its route from where it went