Tuesday, May 1, 2001

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, May 1, 2001

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 1, 2001, New Braunfels, Texas May HERALDZEITUNG Page 5A 1A April Dow Jones Industrials change from previous High Low Record high JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL Dow Industrials Dow Transportation Dow Utilities NYSE Composite Amex Market Value Nasdaq Composite Russell 2000 Wilshire 5000 NYSE GAINERS OR MOBEi Name Last Chg Chg Telron AMedSec Unova GtAtPc Wipro n HrstArT NCI Bid Silvrln Imp PlanVista Silverlne n LOSERS OR MORE Name Last Chg Chg DollarG s DlrGnST PieM vjFinova ParkEls PennTrty SpeedM Indymac LabChile CompAs MOST ACTIVE OR MORE Name Last Chg Lucent 316414 DollarG s 231234 NokiaCp 228875 AOLTW 205445 Cendant 188651 Agere n 186701 GenElec 182303 NortelNw 175955 EMC s 162473 WmsCom 161380 DIARY Advanced Declined Jnchanged Total issues New Highs Lows Volume 212 154 11 AMEX GAINERS on MORE Name Last Chg Chg MLRusOl WirelessT EagleW HiShearT SecurAsc Refac IntlgSys Inverness QkslvRs MSJDS02n LOSERS on MORE Name Last Chg Chg lomed ATechCer MatecCp s ImageWr SciGames StonhvnRA SomisCg eMagin MagnHunt WintonFn MOST ACTIVE S1 OH none Name Last Chg Nasd100Tr716321 SPDR DJIADiam IvaxCp 15463 BiotechT SemiHTrn 14102 Nabors 12071 DevonE 11059 GreyWolt 7292 SPMid 7217 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs Mew Lows Volume 390 289 99 778 23 ft NASDAQ GAINERS OR MORE Name Last Chg Chg Toymax AuroraBio Inlrliant JunoOnl RB Rub s CentEr MethdBs KMGCh GSI Lum Cellpoint n LOSERS OR MORE Name Last Chg Chg Biocryst AksysL LatCom GMXwIA eMrgelnt Tmsgen TiVolncn GMXwtB DISC WattdW MOST ACTIVE OR MORE Name Last Chg Oracle 900280 Cisco 864140 SunMicros439953 JDS Uniph426470 Intel s 385027 Microstt 344335 DellCptr 338495 JnprNtw 321236 CienaCps321093 WorldCom240931 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs NewLowV 853 150 Ml 26 1 Name Ex YTD DIvYld PE Last Name Ex AOLTW AMDs Agere n Aibertsn ICC Ariba BEASys BellSouth IrMySq IroadVisn Irdcom BrcdeCms CabUWris Cendant ChkPoints ienaCps ISM Sligrps toaCI ColgPal Jompaq CompAs CnEpfA Comings DellCptr TollarGs MCs EnterPT jicTels jxodusCs ixxonMob lextms GenElec GlWCrss 2 Techs nlels BM DSUniph PMorgCh NY NY NY NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY NY NY NY NY NY NY NY NY Nasd Nasd NY Nasd NY NY Nasd NY Nasd 25 11 18 57 20 19 23 22 61 39 19 37 32 92 85 41 33 27 48 10 17 38 32 25 20 YTD DIvYld PE Last JohnJn JnprNtw KLATnc Lucent McDnlds Merck MlrmdFb Microslt MMM Motorola s NasdIOOTr NexlelCs NokiaCp NortelNw Oracle PMCSra Palm Peoplesoft PepsiCo Pfew PnmRes ProclG Qualcom RelianlEn SBC Com SiebelSyss SPDR SunMicros TXUCora Texlnd Texlnsl Tycolntl Verisign Verilas VerizonCm WalMart Webvan WellsFrgo WmsCom WortdCom Yahoo NY Nasd Nasd NY NY NY Nasd Nasd NY NY Amex Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd Nasd Nasd NY NY NY NY Nasd NY NY Nasd Amex Nasd NY NY NY NY Nasd Nasd NY NY Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd 27 I 31 19 25 I 39 26 39 70 29 47 23 24 32 18 93 33 13 13 24 36 13 36 n 20 15 Prime Rale Discount Rate Last PvsWeek Federal Funds Rale Treasuries 3monlh 6monlh Svear 10vaar 30year Last Pvs Day Britain Canada France Germany Italy Japan Mexico British pound expressed In All others show dollar In foreign Name Fidelity Invest Magelln Vanguard Idx Fds 500 SP American Funds A ICMp LV American Funds A WshAp LV Fidelity Invest Grata LC Fidelity Invest Contra XC American Funds A GwthAp XC Janus Fund LG PIMCO Funds IB American Funds A EupacAp IL American Funds A NPerAp GL Amer Century Inv Ultra LG Janus WridW GL Vanguard Fds Wndsll XV Fidelity Invest GioCo XG Vanguard Insti Fds Inslldx SP Fidelity Invest BluCh LG Vanguard Fds Welltn BL Fidelity Invest Eqlnc El Fidelity Invest Purlin BL Putnam Funds A GrlnAp LV Janus Twen LG Vanguard Fds Prmcpr XV American Funds A FdlnvAp XV Putnam Funds A VoyAp LG American Funds A IncoAp MP Vanguard Fds HlthCre HB Fidaftty Spartan Eqldx SP Total Total PctMlnlnlt Obi SMIns NAV 4wk 12mo 5year Load Invt NL NL NL 250 250 250 NL 250 250 NL NL NL NL NL NL 500 250 500 250 NL NL NL NL NL NL NL 3L QL Global IL International LC LargeCap LG LargeCap LV UrnsCap MT SB ShortTerm SP SS StogieState XC MultiCap XG MultiCap XV MuftCap ValTotal Return Chnfl NAV with dividends Rank How tund performed oiiv era with same objective A Is In top E in bottom Min Inlt Invt Minimum needed to Invest In NA Not NE P Data NS Fund not In Source rated any of this was the way she looked when she was Monday Minton opened his case with a pre sentation by a Caldwell County sheriffs deputy who investigated the home the alleged victim shared with Joseph Reisers exwife after their The defense has alleged that the girl suffers the emo tional scars left by her first whom she has not seen since Joseph Heiser gained custody of The photos shown to the jury showed a trashedout trailer house with hundreds of empty soft drink trash and spoiled and rotted food strewn Yevette Heiser took the stand then and described her first meeting with the alleged Joe invited me over for dinner one night and he introduced me to his daugh Yevette Heiser It was a great I thought she was the perfect In the fall of Joe and Yevette decided to get mar They married in Febru ary and both quit their jobs to home school their Joe Heiser then ran his computer consulting busi ness out of their We were really very It was like a yearlong vaca Yevette Heiser told the I didnt ever consider myself a It was as though Id been there forev As idyllic a picture as she the defendant said there were small reasons for concern about the even She had minor prob lems at and her par ents had issues with her at Yevette Heis er said her relationship with her adopted daughter was a good We did a lot of things Id say it was a lov nurturing relationship both ways her to me to and Joe as Yevette Heisers testimony continues today as defense attorneys explore the weeks and months that led up to the day the Heiser children were removed from their 1A roadblock on the A rolling roadblock is where police use their cars across all lanes of a cor ralling a fleeing vehicle behind them and gradually slowing it The suspect allegedly slammed his vehicle into the car Mireles was just about a mile north of the Dedicated foster parents give kids tools to succeed DEAR ABBY We are an actress and a basketball play er writing to you tot ask your help in lighting of inspiration for the children currently living in foster May is National Foster Care Awareness and we would like former foster children to join us in sharing their personal We both grew up in the foster care Being a foster child can be a painful and isolating leaving many children with out direction and purpose in their We acknowledge that many foster children have experienced shame and felt unattached with no real sense of belonging to a family or we know firsthand that as painful as it is for children to live without their foster care also can be the best thing for a child in harms It was for We were blessed to receive support and commitment from dedicated foster parents and mentors who believed we could fulfill our greatest And both of as well as thousands of other foster have gone on to lead successful and pro ductive We believe that the skills and life lessons learned by former foster children can serve to light the way for those now in foster They can inspire current foster families and social workers by reminding them of the enormous difference their dedication and encourage other caring indi FarmtoMarket Road 306 We believe this guy delib erately rammed a patrol McEchern The northbound interstate was closed for more than two hours while the accident was Traffic backed up to Loop DEAR ABBY viduals to become foster par By sharing our personal we can bring a world of promise to children in fos ter care and provide them with clear examples of how they can live their lives to the and in doing enrich the lives of It is a lega cy that all of us who have been in foster care must leave for our children and the VICTORIA ROW ELL AND ALONZO NATIONAL SPOKESPERSONS FOR FOSTER CARE DEAR VICTORIAAND ALONZO You are living proof with consistent and with car ing foster parents with an abundance of foster children can suc For them to strong role models are essential because children absorb what they see around That is why I am joining you in ask ing other successful for mer foster children to take pen in hand and share their Your personal experi ences can bolster and enlighten current foster inspire new ones and improve the foster care Please address your let ters to Casey Family Ser 1 Corporate CT The tollfree number is 1888 799KIDS The e mail address is dearab Theyre wait ing to hear from We are scouting for vakintecm to Qualified ftttfents wifl be compensated For mow Call Archives Anonymous will appear in Wednesdays 1A good photographs and lay the judges The HeraldZeitung was honored Saturday with sec ond place in its circulation category for community ser vice through its reporting on the May city elec The paper provided a very detailed coverage of a set of election the judges Residents of this com munity clearly had the oppor tunity to be informed when they went to the and the proposition was defeat The HeraldZeitung also received second place in Till death do us a look at death row by Fred Elevens Southwest Texas State University pro fessor who worked in the newsroom in the summer of honorable mention in sports A blessed a profile of former New Braunfels High School long jumper Albert by Ron Maloney and honorable mention in map of Trooper Randall Vetters funeral pro by Chris iarket i 1 WALNUTS II tm tM m m Men fit All DayTuesday No Early Shows MonThurs April May 3rd 651 Business IH 35 Matinee Daily 830 6254400 Driven 0 Where Art Thou DM I Ine Forsaken I ID REQUIRED Iftffl I Digital No early shows MonFri Tickets Available on Line j t fglft Perfect gift Enemy at the Gates ID aedUiaiD Town and Country B to RfQUIIJED OneNfohtAtMcCoolsl IDREQUJRfD 1 Along Came A Spider IP REQUIRED ID REQUIRED Adventures of 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