Friday, October 20, 2000

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, October 20, 2000

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 20, 2000, New Braunfels, Texas Page HKRAI JZKlTiiN Friday October 20 2000 COMICS Peanuts Garfleld One Hundred Reasons To Hate Cats I DONT IM NOT SO SURE ABOUT Cathy Make that two hundred SHflmPOO THflT WflKES VOUR HfllP THROW IT OUT f CURLIN6 IRON VOU TRIED ONCE flND OUTT ICKV MOUSSE BflD 6EL GROSS DEFEAT JET ON WITH LIFE flNO 9ET THIS 3UNK OUT OF VOUR HOUSE f THEN ILL SNEflK IT INTO THE TRUNK Of CflR flNO DRIVE IT OMER TO HOUSE OUR FflmiLV NEWER RID Of WE 3UST RELOCflTE IT I VIPEOTAPEP MV ENTIRE I PIP UNUSUAL UA9T NIGHT HERE 5HE IS SLASHING TIRES SHES WAVING Tumbleweeds GET OFF MY BONNET BY THE WAY YOU LOOK FAMILIAR AM LOWAWATHA INDIANDOMS ACE PUBLIC EYE A CAREER THERE IS A PRIVATE EYE GLUT t 000 Torr K Ryan Dwtrlbuted by North American Symitcalt Inc The Wizard of Id For Better or Worse IS SO ATTRACTIVE HAVENT I NOTICED HIM ON CAMPUS ITS I HAVE THIS SENSATION ALL ME I SMS NCTT SUPPOSED SIT ON THE i DONT EVEN KNOW ITHIS BUT CJU TALKIM6 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Fresh Pr Sportscenter 329914 ER A 1776914 Geniuses Baseball Magnum Night Court klewsradk Murphy Murphy Golden Golden Your New House 780136 Wild Discovery 974468 Friends Lover Animal Wallons 134914 Texas Ranger 968952 Croc Files Pet 394466 StarskyHutch 783204 Directors A life Series Business Drew Carey Fresh Pr Entertain Suddenly Reporters Pretender 1662372 Football Last Word Law Order 201204 Intimate Portrait 489020 Wild Discovery 216136 JAG 0 S 845662 You Lie Animals Martial Law n 679662 520 Bedauled J40205778 STARZ Inside the NFL i 663020 Even Providence N 3933 Dateline A12681 Law Order 9117 Cher Live in Concert 278001 Early Edition A 622371 Fugitive 15049 CSI Crime Sen 91469 Sabrina Grosse Popular N 119865 Mujeres En 23989 LaberintosPsn 17407 UPlck RugratsA NewsLehrer 44575 Nash Bridges N 23943 Suddenly UPlck UPlck Wall St Police Videos N 13223 Freakyllnks N 99643 News 8 9819391 News Tonight Show Hollywood Late Night N 9957773 700 Club S 977448 Boss Boss News Friends A Cero 85310 FactsLife Hillbillies Trek Voyager 73448 Lente Loco Building Big 40759 Vpi Chivy Chase 19C96117 Two Guys Trouble Norm 3643 Madlgan N S 33469 Up Close Baseball NFL Films N 856643 NFL Films N 876407 Late Show N 14851020 Rickl Lake N A 76223 Noticias Noticiero AllFamily Jeffersons ArtistsWest 43846 Simpsons Seinfeld A FraslerA Caroline Spin City Change News News A 1647001 QueNosPasa 74865 I Love Lucy Laveme Charlie Rose A 94643 Edition Nlghtline Singh WNUFHMbftt 9 tsi 2372 Entertain Dr Laura N 5045678 Suddenly Heat of Night 134469 Sportscenler 879594 NFL 143681 SW Sports NHL Hockey Dallas Stars at Chicago Blackhawks Live 502285 Hi PMHto MOSSX Cinema Biography 403575 PoirOtlE 412223 Unsolved Myst 127961 Ew Woiws Drum C96i M On the Inside 418407 Nash Bridges A 828653 SleiHh Hunters 856759 TBA 862285 Sports Law i Order 402846 Once and Again 577402 News Explore Storm Warning 407391 Animals Animals WildSet Animal RoHerjani87i933 Motor Madness 868469 Justice Files 417778 Strip Poker Martina Stealth Hunters 848730 Martial Law A 861556 3 pitcher Famous lioyWofld Heartbeat p StargaU 4652407 Outer Limits A i 54985223 Heartbeat Paid Prog Paid Prog Brown Curtis Jenny Jones A16402 TeSlgoAmando 14044 FactsLife Brady Instructional 605228 MallOCkS 427681 Caroline Series Sportscenter 503808 by Jury 94 270575 Sports Last Word Extra 703044 Cinema Biography 573551 Polrot SJ136150 LPGA High Designing On the Inside 173335 Mysteries Party News Explore Animals Animals Bull Riding 493339 m WildSet Animal 943518 Chris Rock Bedtime 302407 Beggars and Choosers A 11590681 So Weird Zorrol RudeAwak 89634643 Mickey Red Shoe 312518 Friday October Through endeavors that require your wonderful imagination and resourcefulness you will enjoy greater success than usual in the year ahead Be both inventive and bold LIBRA Sept 23Oct 23 Positive thinking works wonders for you today Elevate your expectations and anticipate the best from them because with the right mind set conditions in general look quite beneficial AstroGraph predictions make great Christmas stocking staffers for all signs of the Zodiac Mail for each to AstroGraph this newspaper Box 1758 Murray Hill Station New York NY 10158 Be sure to state the Zodiac signs you desire SCORPIO Oct 24Nov 22 Substantial achievements are possible today even if you meet with opposition in the early stages Get past them because challenges wont be as tough to overcome as they first appear SAGITTARIUS Nov 23Dec 21 Liberate your spirit of adventure today and go for something that turned out to be quite lucky for a friends of yours It looks like U could be equally so for you as well CAPRICORN Dec 22Jaii 19 So long as you restrict your commercial involvements today to people or firms you know and trust all will turn out well Conducting business with strangers could be hazardous AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 19 Because of the friendly cooperative spirit you exhibit today people you encounter will respond to you in kind and through this a very fortunate union may be formed PISCES Feb 20March 20 It behooves you to offer your services to others today because not only will your efforts go appreciated and rewarded youll gain u new kind of respect thats worth more than gold ARIES March 21April 19 This could turn out to be a very fun day for you socially but much is likely to depend upon the company you keep Steer clear of those whose ideology differs from yours TAURUS April 20May 20 Make a concerted effort today to finish what you begin even if it inconveniences you especially if your project pertains to making money Itll turn out to be quite lucky you did GEMINI May 21June 20 If your plans meet with some type of resistance today it doesnt mean you should scrap them altogether Make the adjustments needed and everything will turn out fine CANCER June 21July 22 Be realistic regarding your financial goals today and keep your plans concerning them under your hat Theres someone lurking in the wings ready to pounce on your gains LEO July 23Aug 22 Instead of waiting on others today lake the initiative yourself to advance a special interest Focus on your goal move forward and big strides can be made VIRGO Aug 23Sept 22 Something opportune could develop for you today from a source thats been hidden from you Lady Luck will have a hand in it and so will and old friend Copyright 2000 Newspaper Enterprise Assn