Friday, September 1, 2000

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, September 1, 2000

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 1, 2000, New Braunfels, Texas Page 6A HERALDZEITUNO Friday September 1 2000 OPINIONS FORUM LETTERS HERALDZEITUNG New Braunfels Zeitung was founded 1852 New Bratintcls Herald was founded 1890 The two papers merged in and printed in both German and English until 1958 Doug Toney Editor and Publisher Margaret Edmonson Managing Editor Michael Gary News Editor EDITORIAL Local schools boasting about ratings Quality schools lead many families to New Braunfels and Comal County as they seek to escape urban schools in the big city Recently the Texas Education Agency recognized what many in our city and county already know The TEA rated Comal Elementary School as exemplary and a number of other Comal and New Braunfels campuses as exemplary Just this week Comal school dis trict officials learned their appeal of Smithson Valley High Schools acceptable rating was successful and the west Comal high school now is deemed a recognized campus by the state To be exemplary a school must have 90 percent or more of the total students and student groups pass all sections of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills dropout rate of 1 percent or less for all students and each student group and an attendance rate of 94 per cent or better Recognized campuses must have 80 percent or more of the total students and student groups passing all sections of the TAAS dropout rate of percent or less for all students and each student group and an attendance rate of 94 percent or better SVHS joins Canyon Middle Spring Branch Middle Bulverde Elementary Mountain Valley Elementary Rahe Primary Canyon Intermediate and Mountain Valley Intermediate as Comal school dis tricts recognized campuses New Braunfels school district saw rec ognized ratings go to Lone Star Primary Carl Schurz Elementary Seele Elementary and Memorial Intermediate With the school year just beginning these ratings are a strong boost for students parents teachers and administrators They also give our school districts something to strive for While the ratings certainly are cause for celebration they also should inspire these and other campuses to continue to aim for higher student achievement We are fortunate to have good schools here Lets strive for even better TODAY IN HISTORY BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Friday Sept I the 245th day of 2000 There are 121 days left in the year Todays Highlight in History On Sept 1 1939 World War II began as Nazi Germany invaded Poland On this date In 1807 former Vice President Aaron Burr was found innocent of treason In 1897 the first section of Bostons new subway system was opened In 1905 Alberta and Saskatchewan became the eighth and ninth provinces of Canada In 1923 the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Yokohama were devas tated by an earthquake that claimed some lives AIRLINES LETTERS To THE EDITOR Lawsuit wont bring back trooper Dear Editor I would first of all like to express my con dolences to the Verter family I had the privi lege of meeting Trooper Verter in March of this year My daughters and 1 were having our car serviced at Texaco Xpress Lube and Trooper Verter and another trooper brought their cruiser in for service He made an impression on us because of his size and because he was one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet I was very disheartened to read that Mrs Verter had filed a lawsuit against Mr Hale the alleged killer of her husband Mr Hale likely will spend the rest of his life in jail or prison He already is an elderly man and if he is not given the death penalty he will be given a sentence of life in prison The only family mentioned was his very elderly and ill mother who is in a nursing home I am wondering where the million dollars is going to come from should this lawsuit continue I am not siding with the Hale family on this matter What happened makes me sick and breaks my heart But I ask you will that much money make anybody any happier Maybe for a little while but it wont bring back a man who was a husband father son nephew not to mention friend to so many people Rest in peace Trooper Verter Roberta J Leland New Braunfels Schertz was better Before Kerry Sweatt Dear Editor Allow me to respond to Dale and Dorothy Fomby who think Sweatt was a great city manager Aug 17 issue of the Herald Mourn not the departure of our city man ager And dont behave so naive as to accept the firing propaganda The more likely scenario Sweatt was anxious to bail out of the mess he has created but if he simply resigned and had gone quietly away he would not be eligible for the plus severance package So his buddies on the council cooperated by firing him and in the process gave him a very hefty going away present at our expense With his quickgrowthatanycost phi losophy and thorough manipulation of an inept city council Mr Sweatt presided over the ruination of a fine community I challenge anyone to show how Schertz can be considered a better community in any respect than it was BKS Before Kerry Unless you can somehow rationalize that bigger equates better I promise you will come up empty In truth the quality of life in Schertz is nowhere WRITE EM near as good as it was BKS Let us recap what Sweatt and the council he controlled for so many years have given us burgeoning taxes and utility rates historically high city debt traffic saturated streets crumbling infrastructure inadequate drainage overcrowded schools and astronomical school floodprone subdivisions water rationing and overextended police and fire depart ments just to name a few Since Mr Sweatt left I have heard some people remark about what a nice man he is The word nice doesnt do him justice He is an absolutely charming little guy But his leaving is a positive because it signals an opportunity for a changing of the guard at city hall and perhaps a new attitude Hopefully the council will take charge of the city and stop wasting tax money on fast growth incentives that only benefit a few special interests Growth is inevitable espe cially in a community like Schertz Therefore it is totally unnecessary to subsi dize it at taxpayer expense just to make it happen sooner than it would occur naturally and in a more orderly and costeffective manner Leon Davis Schertz CONGRESSMEN Lamar Smith RSan Antonio Room 2231 Rayburn House Office Building Washington 20515 202 2254236 1100 NE Loop 410 Suite 640 San Antonio TX 78209 Giro D Rodriguez DSan Antonio Room 323 Cannon House Office Building Washington 20515 Military Suite 115 San Antonio TX 78214 STATE SENATOR Jeff Wentworth RSan Antonio 1250 NE Loop 410 Suite 720 San Antonio TX 78209 210 8267800 2121B Knickerbocker Road San Angelo TX 76904 Judith Zaffirini DLaredo Box 627 Laredo TX 780420627 956 7222293 12702 Toepperwein Road San Antonio TX 78233 Choosing the lesser of two evils and the purpose of life A vast majority of us appear to believe that the purpose of life is for an omnipo tent bureaucracy to take care of us This is obvious from the tenor of our political campaigns If a politician declared he wasnt responsible for our familys welfare we would boo him off the stage To persist in such an unpopular doctrine would get him stoned to death We want Big Brother in Washington to watch over us from viable tissue mass to ashes Did we create this monstrosity or did it create us It hardly matters though the sorry state of education and the obvious manipulation by a totalitarian style propa ganda machine called the even by conservatives suggests they did it to The founders amply warned of this danger and of the need for eternal vigi lance to keep the government from gob bling everything up Politicians natural desire to control and our desire to be free but from responsibility have filled the nation with whiners expecting ever more EDGAR VALOERRAMA entitlements and benefits The politicians know the road to power is paved with promises of security and benefits and do they promise Earlier generations knew that politicians promis es were but atmospheric vibrations Nevertheless we weigh and solemnly ponder each candidates contrived plan for saving Social Security or whatever This is the exact opposite of liberty Security translates as slavery and we become slaves to dependency Absolute security equals total dependence on gov ernment equals total control equals slav ery We believe that the government is supposed to make us happy instead of standing by while we pursue happiness as per original intent Its not cried the preteen of years gone by Today adults cry it If we live for fairness and equality then we accept Marxs empty promise To each accord ing to his needs and from each according to his Never mind that the promoters of earthly paradises unfailingly become their countrys slave masters and produce shoddy consumer goods to boot Generation after generation falls for it and the ruling elite continues to increase its hold on us by repeatedly updating and recycling the Communist Manifesto If we still believe in freedom and that without it life is worthless we cant be conned by false promises of freedom from lifes responsibilities and risks Freedom is for living a life of adven ture and risk triumph and failure happi ness and joy counterbalanced by pain and suffering How bleak the life begun in government run daycare centers spent discharging government mandated duties sunsetting in nursing homes and jumping off from government licensed hospices all dependent on gov ernment funding rules regulations inspections directives and require Think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your coun try If God had wanted a perfect world He would have populated it with perfectly programmed robots as behavioral psy chologists believe we are How boring this lack of novelty would be for the Supreme Being Free will neatly solves the problem We dont know if everything is written or if the future is undetermined but if free will exists and we can use it then we can create the new and unexpected Most of our lives are spent repeating our family and societys programmed game patterns but we sometimes have peak experiences in which we transcend our conditioning Denying free will means everything but quantum effects came out of the Big Bang with a fixed program and we might as well relax into the waiting arms of Big Believing in free will gives us a tiny chance to act freely and willingly in line with the Greater Good or become destructive geniuses like Hitler Either will introduce novelty into the space time continuum Do we want to be unconscious robots programmed for the perfect society or do we want to live and be aware Are we willing to risk to win and to lose to suf fer happiness and despair agony and ecstasy in a free but dangerous world Before the fall was the spaceless time less God consciousness The fall is Awareness entering into the world of opposites The spiritual man finds free dom within himself whatever his exterior conditions but we live in the and here there is no perfection Choosing the lesser of two evils means choosing evil but it beats waiting for King Arthur to run for president with Sir Galahad as his veep and Sir Lancelot for defense Edgar Valderrama is u New Braunfels resident and a HeraldZeitung