Wednesday, August 30, 2000

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, August 30, 2000

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the moratorium Monday night assistant district attorney Nathan Rheinlander and County Engineer Tom Hornseth presented the counts resolution and a proposed proclamation Hornseth told council about and ecological problems in west em Coma County7 The two big issues are impervi ous cover aquifer recharge and storm water Hornseth told the city council As you know a lot of the drainage problems you have in Ness Braunfels are a result of development in the Rheinlander told the city council about initiatives in other counties and ness powers Texas Water Code and Senate Bill 1 are giving coun ties A ness das is Rhein lander said The code gives counties power to take measures to protect a sus tainable svater supply in priority ssater management areas he said More than twothirds of Comal Counts sits atop the Trinity or Glen Rose aquifers both of sshich are endangered by drought and devel opnient pressure There are a variety of problems were looking to address here What we need is a little bit of Rheinlander said The moratorium became neces sary because of a rash of high density proposals threatening to engulf the count planning pipeline Rheinlander noted City council heard from one of them Joe Yeytias 21 Housing Corp wants to build a 510unit gat ed community percent of it would be open green space on 170 acres The homes would be manufactured residences made in a GermanSwissAustrian style for families with incomes of from Yeytia said It would be built in the New Braunfels near Texas 46 and FarmtoMarket Road eytia said the county moratori um discriminates against his project and the people who could live in it a strongly disputed by Watson 1 think youre using the dis crimination word in the wrong Watson said 1 dont think you understand the magnitude of the drought or our But 1 do Yeytia said 1 live and work in Comal County This moratorium is unfair and dis criminatory It does not address your issues The bottom line is this council needs to send a message to Comal County This is not right it doesnt make moral emironmental political or financial Unmoved by Yeytia s argument or a threat of legal action Watson motioned that the citscouncil vote to approve what Judge Scheel sent to Her motion died for lack of a second City Attorney Floyd Akers said city support of the county morato rium moot because the county has final word on what gets platted or developed in unincorporated areas Speaking as a lawyer if some one sues theyll sue the county and not Akers said A second motion bs Ness Braun fels mayor Stones Williams sec onded by Watson to throw the moratorium to the city planning and zoning commission ssas defeat ed 52 Tuesday morning Scheel bris tled against the discrimination charge and said the counts was prepared to defend itself In respect to Mr Yestias state ment of discrimination commis sioners court has never discrimi nated nor svill we in the future against any race or income group Executrix vows to withhold inheritance from her sister DEAR ABBY My is con cerned about potential problems with her older sister In January they lost their father Their moth er is still alive Her sister is executrix of the estate She has told my wife to her face that she hates her She accuses me of being a liar thief and scam artist I have never done anthing to her I have always been courte She informed my wife that she would do everything in her power to see to it that she my wife gets nothing from their parents soever Can my sisterinlaw cut my wife out of her rightful inher itance My motherinlaw is aware of the bad blood between them but chooses to ignore it What can my wife do to protect herself when the awful time comes to confront her sister According to the will anyone contesting it would get nothing The two sisters have never got ten along and this will really make them enemies We both read your column and trust you implicitly What do you think MARRIED TO THE LESS LOVED SISTER DEAR MARRIED Your wife might suggest to her mother that she name an impartial person to be executor of her estate in order to prevent a DEAR ABBY problem now or in the nature However if she is aware of the antipathy her firstborn has for her younger sister and ignores it shes condoning it and thats a shame If thats not agreeable your wifes fears might be eased were she to consult a lawyer who is knowledgeable about wills and trusts in the state in which her parents lived When someone who has a will dies that will is filed with the court for probate The purpose of the probate a court supervised administration process is to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are car ried out For instance if the will says the estate is to be divided thats how it must be As executrix your sisterinlaw might be entitled to a fee but if its out of line there might be legal remedies Its sad that theres so much ill will between die sisters but whatever enmity the elder has for the younger shes legally obligat ed to follow the terms of the will Be prepared for any eventuality but hold a good thought WOW A 31 YEAR TRADITION A Tradition Since 1970 REGISTRATION 36 3Adult Wednesday 6 Thursday LIMITED ENROLLMENT IN EACH CLASS DllKTOl lack Slim Member Dwce Mwers of Amena Professionally Certified To Teach B FA Ballet Theatre TCU founiAy Utiutvut it gJualktadutf it Dlilt Jeam OFFERS Proper Dance Techniques Terminology Fun Atmosphere Disciplined i Loving Dance Instructors Individualized Instruction 5123926790 Marcos realize that we do not have zon ing authority and cannot dictate the of homes that are built nor we try Our concern is to maintain ade quaie recharge space for the aquifers are very critical to the sunixal and the land values of our Scheel said For his part Williams said what die county is tning to do is impor tant hut he acknowledged there are legal issues 1 agree with the county that something has to be arket TlfflM Good Fri Aug 25th Than Aug 31st 651 Business Loop IH 35 N Matinee Daily 83Ch 6254400 movie m The Replacements The Cell Coyote 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