Saturday, August 26, 2000

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, August 26, 2000

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 26, 2000, New Braunfels, Texas Saturday August HERALDZEITUNO Page 7A COMICS Peanuts 6UE55 WHAT CHUCK WE IT WAS 50 PARK COUIPNTSEE ATHIN6 WE FOUNP OUR WAV HOME BY CHOMPIN6 UIINT6R6REEN CANPV AMP MAKIN6 5PARK5 PRETTY BROU6MT YOUR 5TW 706 SEE YOU IN THE I Cathy FABULOUS WOMAN SEEKS I FflBULOUS mAK SOU WU5T LOME WOMEN BUT NOT 8E WITH LOME CHILDREN BUT NOT HflVIE LOME DOfrS BUT NOT WITH ONE MOU MUST 8E fl OVNArVHC SElfSTflRTeR WHO WfllTS FOR NO TflNEOUSW HflVJE VOUR WHOLE LIFE ON HOLD WHILE WfllTINfr TO MEET ME t fllSO VOU SHOULD IfflPECCflBLE TflSTE BUT I NO FURNITURE TOVOEUb V OR DISHES MET Garfield ITS SO SAP THAT VOU PONT KNOW HOW TO SHARE SAP FOR VOO MAMBE Tumbleweeds LUCK THE INTELLECTUAL SNOB t C WO Tom K Ryn Onlrftolrt by Nodf A SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE The Wizard of Id For Better or Worse VVETHINKTHE VPPLY SERGEAN IS WIPES ON ur BUTLERTELL US UKE ft GftefCT I TORMOUT HoMEiy Jffi Annie LIKE HES pizerrY aoot AT IT TOO THOSE PEOPLE aot OUT OF UN Shermans Lagoon s sue GOT WKoKft fi NEW HERALDZEITUNG MDOO CUfiATOM lYNDKATli INC WWW Marmaduke A PREFIX TO UNPO OR REVERSE l ftSSITIV see UNITEP NATIONS Marmaduke doesnt understand the term weather Rubes iii Television log HorOSCOpe by Bemice Bebe Osol SATURDAY PRIME 26 5pm 8pm f9pm Eight Is Enough 92997 Animal Bloopers 80442 Twenty One A 66775 Olympic Trials Scheduled swimming 86539 Hi IM P KMOL Golf Amateur 96341 KENS KRRT KWEX NICK KLRN KABB News 3881 NBC News Early Edition H 764152 PGA Golf 213626 Jeopardy Xena Warrior 89510 Bienvenldos 87152 Rugrats 0 Rugrats A Mexico Julia 1336 Masterchel Courage 1634572 CBS News Cleopatra Jack 4268 Nolidas Notlclero Cartoons Golf NFL Celebrity Shootout 165341 News 9713 KenanKel Grilling Seinfeld n 3rd Rock Extra N 145626 Fortune Fresh Pr Free Willy 2 The Adventure Home 23591 Pretender 19751 Providence A 208171 The Face on the Ml Carton C9S A 295607 Big Brother N A 61125 Miss Teen USA Live A a 26539 91 Billy Crystal 78065 Relic Hunter A 20355 SabadoGiganle 128404 Skeeler flugrals A Strange Strange Austin City Limits 33930 Lawrence Welk 35201 Drew Carey CODS26607 COPS42133 MOStWanted 13607 TBS Jeiemloh Johnson Will Gear 22001201 KSAT Little League World Series Championship 449065 WGN Beastmaster A 371572 Nightman S 598152 ESPN TNT OwrtKurd FXSP Football AMC Backstory LIFE Farm Life Insd 613775 DISC News 5539 Senior PGA Golf 374713 Fresh Pr NASCAR Paid 9591 Strange Baha Men Lucy and Desi 663959 12am 65046 Sid 36220 KeepFaith Cafe Video News Saturday Night Live 7789881 Paid Prog Foster 667336 News Friends A Cheers A Cheers A PensacolaWing 23442 Outer Limits A 74249 Nollclas Notlclero AllFamily Special Presentation 638662 High Noon 00 Western 6909152 News S 3964959 OtroRflllO 590828 Jeffersons Red Dwarf Mad TV AS 96930 Guthy Paid Prog Final Conflict 4531398 PoltergeistLeg 45396 WonderYr HappyDay Bewitched Laverne Hard Rock Live 25997 WWFJakked 19065 College Football Pigskin Classic Bngham Young vs Florida Slate Live SB 715794 News Edition Fresh Pr Fam Mat Mat Major League Baseball Chicago While Sox at Seattle Mariners 492046 Auto Racing NASCAR Winston Cup 500 Live S131065 See This Big 12 The Seven Year Itch 55 191317 Investigative 143510 Science Myst Desert Mumm 158442 Huntress 577668 Cover MeFBI 126978 Love Chronicles 452930 John Travolta AndieMacOort 784978 Sportscenter 260620 Sesslons54th 89756 WCW World Jerry Springer 5220713 Musica News 1 Wt8 Fofee 86 151733 Baseball Tonight 636065 X Games N 752176 College Football Live 700442 Q1576336 Sports Fun In AtapulfO Biography 654201 Touch of Frost Conclusions 674065 t QoodFeilJS C90 Drama Robert Oe Niro Ray Liotta i 940152 Storm Warning 467862 Wild Discovery 669133 Narrow Escapes 678881 Justice Files N H For love or Money C93 A S 213978 Beyond Chance 277201 Any Day Now A 287688 New Detectives 668404 t Caught Up M Bokeem Woodbine Op 10 2 Strip Poker War Next Call ol the Wild 669864 Champions Champions Call of the Wild 439323 Champions Champions 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what gives you the greatest pleasure LIBRA Sept 23Oct 23 Owing to something new thats stirring its to your advantage today to contact and strengthen relationships There may be something in it for you by getting in touch with old pals SCORPIO Oct 24Nov 22 Greater benefits than usual can be derived today from handling tasks and assignments effectively What you accomplish at this time will have longevity attached to it SAGITTARIUS Nov 23Dec 21 Get together today for a meeting of the minds with that person with whom you need to discuss an important matter Even serious situations can be negotiated at this time CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 The talent you need to transform old things or systems into something more useful and functional is within you today Renovate that which needs updating AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 19 Bonds beiween you and your loved ones can be strengthened today simply by taking the initiative to buoy up these associations An opportunity to do so will present itself PISCES Feb 20March 20 Its a favorable time to finalize to your satisfaction any matter thats important to your heart Just keep your priorities in order and handle the most critical ones first ARIES March 21April 19 Even if it puts you a bit under pressure today if possible do not delegate any important assignments to others Youre the best candidate for handling these matters TAURUS April 20May 20 Substantial returns for endeavors youve launched which thus far has failed to bear fruit may be on their way to you today Keep the faith Things are about to pay off GEMINI May 21 June 20 Your enthusiasm is catchy today and will act as a catalyst for getting others off their duffs and doing something meaningful Take the lead and theyll follow CANCER June 21July 22 Even though this is the weekend there could be something in the works today from which you can turn a profit Be on your toes Your material aspects look encouraging LEO July 23Aug 22 Ironically you could be the one who ends up deriving the greatest benefits from a gesture to help another that youll make today Rewards for good deeds are likely Inc